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Whenever you are browsing for something it sometimes happens to you that while doing that you are redirected to many other links or a chain of links takes you to another website instead of taking you to the original website. This happens because these links are redirected to the final link. 

This is done to send the user from one web location to another web location. These are also done websites change their address. The main motive for redirecting is to synchronize the website with the latest search engine optimization technique. 

Redirecting can work both in a positive and negative way which affects the users. If they are used negatively they can track the data of users and use it in a negative way. In this article, we will talk about the Redirect Checker tool, how this works and why we need to use this tool. 

What is Redirect?

A redirect is a type of practice that is undertaken y website owners and webmasters to take their website traffic to a different website than the original one requested. This is done to increase the traffic on other websites. Generally, there are many website redirects but the most commonly used website redirects are 301, 302, and Meta refresh.

Type of Redirects

As we have discussed redirect is. Now let us know about the types of Redirects in detail. 

#1. 301 Redirect

This redirect link works when a website owner wants to shift the traffic from an old URL to a new URL. This redirect link is useful for those who have changed their domain name, or address or have merged two or more domains. If this is not done the website owner will not be able to get the old users. With the redirect checker tool, you can check for 301 redirects very easily.

#2. 300 Multiple choices

In 300 redirect, it provides many options to the user that they can click on to go to the redirect link from a URL. For example, switching from one age to another, one preference to another.

#3. 307 Moved temporarily 

This is done when a website is temporarily down or under maintenance. It becomes necessary to move material from this website to a new website for some time. In this, the user will be taken from the original website to a new website until the original one gets recovered.

#4. 302 Found status

This redirect type is somewhat similar to 301. The only difference between them is that 302 can be used only for a particular time which means it can not be used permanently. Hence, the new URL can not be considered as the permanent link for that website as the linked material is not transferred to the new URL. 

#5. Meta refresh

This redirect is applied on all pages instead of the website. When a user refreshes the page after some time, they will be redirected to the redirect link. This is known as the Meta refresh redirect.

What is Redirect Chain?

Redirect Chain refers to the chain of URLs from the starting to the ending of browsing. This chai takes place when a single URL is redirected to multiple other URLs. For example, when you click on one URL, you will be redirected to the second URL and when you click on the second URL, you will be redirected to the third URL and the chain continues with multiple URLs in the line until you reach the final URL you have searched for. 

If you are a website owner, it can happen to you too without your knowledge. It means your website might have multiple URLs that can take the users to other websites, and you would have no idea about that. So, to prevent these things from happening you need to check for redirects for your website. 

There can be many side effects or disadvantages of redirect chains that can affect your website. It can create bad search engine optimization and can also lower your ranking on search engine result pages (SERP). Some of the bad effects of redirect chains are listed below.

#1. Increases loading time

Yes, if there are many redirect pages on your website it can increase the loading time for your site which negatively impacts your website and can create a bad impression on the user. With each page loading, the response time will reduce substantially, which can affect the user’s interest in your website and they might end up pressing the back button.

#2. Backlinks will not word

If there are redirect links on your website then there is no point in using Backlinks as they will not work in this case. You will lose the backlink juice for your website which is an important tool that can drive traffic to your website and increase website engagement.

#3. Damage the SEO of a website

Not all redirect links work for the betterment of a website. Some redirects can dangerously affect your website. They can damage a system and can damage the SEO of a website. They are so risky that they can even damage the user's system. As a result, users will not be happy and might not visit your website in the future.

#4. Crawling issues for search engine

Redirect chains can create crawling issues for various search engines. It can make it hard for the search engine to crawl pages through redirect chains. This can also lower any website's ranking on search engine result pages which will not be a good thing for a website and its owner.

What can the Redirect Checker tool do for you?

The redirect Checker tool can help you in many ways. This tool is used by many websites and webmasters to protect their websites from any kind of malware or unwanted downloads. This tool makes you cautious of another website when you are in the middle of browsing. To know more about the importance of the Redirect Checker tool please see our detailed explanation.

Helps in avoiding malware and viruses

This tool can really help you in avoiding malware and virus so that your system does not get affected by any unwanted practice. This tool will protect your website and data like it is your own website. When we generally click on a URL, before redirecting to the original link it takes us to the one or two links in between the process which can damage our system and our website. So it's important to check URLs for redirects for unwanted behavior.

Saves from data leakage 

From this time it has become a usual practice of websites to track the behavior and interests of their users by using various indirect ways. One such way is when we click on a URL and instead of reaching onto the final page, we got stuck on any other page. This page can be very dangerous and can leak our data. Online shopping websites are one benefit of this. So to avoid this problem Redirect Checker tool can be used.

Helps in avoiding redirect loops 

These frauds have become smarter and have also taken different methods to leak the user’s data. One of them is creating redirect links in the loop. This means when we click on page 2 while being on page 1, then instead of entering to page 2 we came back to page 1 again, and this happens again and again. Checking redirects can help you in saving yourself from this kind of loop.

Helps in avoiding intermediate redirects

Sometimes there are many redirects that are connected with other redirects that create a chain of redirects. So, whenever we browse for something, our browser will end up opening multiple sites which can slow the speed of our system. But this will not happen when we reach directly to our final URL link. That is why Redirect Checker is important. 

SEO Redirect Chains

To become an SEO expert you have to include as many direct redirects possible for your site. This will increase the ranking of your domain on the search engine result page and you will earn more money. But if you do not put redirect links that are direct you might lose your ranking as the redirecting chain have a higher chance of breaking.

How to use Redirect Checker

Using the Redirect Checker tool is not very complicated. With the help of this tool, you will be able to know details about a domain and the various links to which it is redirected to. Now we will tell you how this tool works and to know this you have to follow the steps which are quite simple and these are:

  • To know about the process of Redirect Checker you need to first go to https://websiteseotools.org/www-redirect-checker.
  • Once you click on the link you will be taken to that website’s page where you can check for redirecting links for any website.
  • Now, you can copy-paste or just simply enter the URL of the website of which you want to check redirecting links.
  • After entering the URL links you can click on the button ‘Check Redirection’ to get the results.
  • Now the system will start scanning for redirecting links and will provide you with the results within seconds.
  • This tool is very helpful and will provide you with much information about a website.
  • Once the scanning is done, it will give you a report from where you will be able to see the redirecting links from that URL.
  • The report will show you all the redirecting links of a website. It will also warn you about links that are dangerous can damage your system and can even lead to leakage of your user data.

This Redirect Checker tool will help you on being informed about your website’s redirected URLs. You can check for redirected URLs using this tool very easily with zero hassle. This tool is very easy to use and provides information without wasting any time. The most important advantage of this tool is that you can use this tool free of cost which means you don’t have to pay anything for this tool.

www Redirect Checker - Related FAQs

Ques: What is the www redirect checker?

Ans: Redirect Checker is a tool that allows a person to get insights about a URL redirect. It helps in analyzing a URL and provides you the information about the redirect links that are associated with the URL.

Ques: How do I verify a URL redirect?

Ans: With the help of Redirect Checker you can verify the URL redirect of any website. You just need to enter the URL link in the space provided and the tool will let you know other details.

Ques: How do I check if a URL is safe?

Ans: To check whether a URL is safe to use or not, you can check this with the help of the Redirect Checker tool. This tool will let you know about dangerous and safe URL redirects once you enter the URL link.

Ques: What is a 307 status code?

Ans: This is done when a website is temporarily down or under maintenance. It becomes necessary to move material from this website to a new website. In this, the user will be taken from the original website to a new website until the original one gets recovered.

Ques: What does code 300 mean?

Ans: In 300 redirect, it provides many options to the user that they can click on to get the redirect link from a URL. For example, switching from one age to another, one preference to another.

Ques: What causes too many redirects?

Ans: The reason for too many redirects once you click on any link is that the website is set up in such a way that it keeps redirecting between different web addresses. For more information about this, you can read our above article.

Ques: Can clicking a link get a virus?

Ans: Yes, if you are clicking a dangerous link, your system can be affected by viruses and can damage your data. Clicking on a Phishing link or downloading an attachment can cause damage to your system and may install malware in your system.