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About Free Word Counter

Whether you are a blogger, writer, or just another internet rambler you must be familiar with the word counter tools. To deliver your message to the right audience and in the right manner you need to have a word counting tool and you must be used to it. Many times we have to post our opinion within the word limit. 

For example, Twitter allows you to post only with 280 characters whereas Facebook allows you to write within 63,206 characters. It means you can not write more than that in a single post. So, it becomes important for us to write accurately and correctly and for that, we have to continuously monitor our word count while we are writing something.

Sometimes we have to write an article in very less yet attractive words providing useful information at the same time. To ensure we are not exceeding the word limit we need to check the total word count. Also, do not make it boring we need to stick to the topic and avoid any kind of overwriting.

And to do this we can not manually count the words, as it will consume a lot of our time. In this case word counter is our savior. With the help of a word counter, you can easily count the words written by you in an article, post, paragraph, essay, or anything. It can make the whole process very quick and easy.

What is a Word Counter

Word Counter is a tool that helps you to count your words characters, sentences, paragraphs, and pages in real-time, along with checking your spelling and grammatical mistakes. You can use it in any language. It can be used for languages like English, Hindi, French, Spanish, German, Hebrew, etc

It will also help in detecting any kind of plagiarism in the content written. You can also use Word counter to track your text length against common web standards Facebook allows an average post display length of 63,206 characters, Twitter allows a count of 140 characters, etc. 

Difference between Word Count and Character Count

The word counter counts the number of words in a sentence, paragraph, or article whereas the character counter counts the number of characters in a sentence, paragraph, or article. The character counter includes all the special characters, symbols, numbers, and also spaces in the text.

Generally, a character counter is more than a word count as it includes all the characters in the text. But we rarely use or see character counter as for us word counter is much more important and crucial.

Why should we use the online Word Counter Tool?

Using an online word counter tool makes it very easy to use and count your words instantly within a few seconds. You don’t have to waste your time and energy counting the words manually. Listed below are some of the reasons which give you various reasons to use the online word counter tool.

Accurate Counter

Writing a long article and then placing it on an online word counter app or tool to count the words will make the whole process very easy and smooth. The online word counter tool will provide easy and accurate character and word counter.

Simplest Interface

If you are worried that you will not understand the word counter tool. Let me tell you that the word counter tool has a very simple, smooth, and easy-to-understand interface that will help you in counting words in the easiest way possible.

Prevent over-using of words

The online word counter shows you the top 10 keywords that are being used by you in a paragraph, sentence or article. This allows you to know which keywords you are using the most and at what percentage. This can help you in preventing over-using of the same words in an article.

Different counting options

With the help of an online word counter, you can not only count the number of words but also characters, spaces, lines, longest sentences, etc. This will provide you with more insights into your writing skills. 

Fast speed

With the help of an online word counter tool, you can easily count the words in a fraction of seconds while if you count it manually it will take a lot of time and energy and the chances of wrong counting will be very high. This is not in the case of an online word counting tool as it ensures high accuracy with good speed.

Who can use the Word Counter tool 

We have already discussed what is word counter tool, its importance, and how it is different from a character counter. Now it is equally important to know who are the end customers of this tool. It means who can use this word counter tool to make their work easy and smooth.


Being a student, you are required to make projects and assignments with an estimated word count or page limit. If you do not write up to the given you might lose some of your marks in the assignment given by your teacher. So, besides searching for good content for your assignment your focus should equally be given to the word count also. 

With the help of the word counter tool, you can quickly check the word count of your assignment and accordingly adjust the length of the project. The word counter tool is also very useful for teachers to check their student's assignment length. They can also use this tool while writing a thesis or a case study.

Social Media Users

People who frequently post on social media websites like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Koo, etc know that these platforms do not provide much word space for their users. In such cases, these people have to convey their ideas, opinions, message, or information completely to the targeted audience and in very less words. 

Word Counter tool can be helpful in this. They can use this tool whenever they want. This tool is user-friendly and provides word counting in very less time. Once you try this tool, it will become very handy to you.

Bloggers/Influencers/Content Writers

Word counter tool can be very useful for the people who are in the field of blogging, Influencing and content creating, etc. They can use this tool while writing an article for someone else where the word count is equally important. Even if they are writing for their own website this tool can do magic for them.

It will provide you with various SEO keywords which you can use to make your article go popular. For example, the body of the paragraph should be of minimum 350 words and the title should be of least 50 words.

Political Leaders

Being a politician you need to be quick and proactive while giving speeches in public. You should have the quality of public speaking. Along with this, you should have a careful watch on the content of your speech and the number of words in that speech. As speaking fewer words will not create a good impression on the audience whereas speaking way too much will make them bored.

So it is important to speak right using the right amount of words. Political leaders can use word counter tools to analyze and shape their speech in a perfect way. It will also help them in reducing repetition of words as this tool will tell over-using words in a fraction of seconds. 

Other Users 

Not only students, Bloggers, social media users, or politicians can use this tool. But also in the corporate world, this tool can help a lot of people in getting their work done easily. In many workplaces, you will be expected to write something of a specified given length at times like in the case of secretaries, lawyers, etc 

 How to use Word Counter

If you have written a blog or article and you need to count the words it includes in total to get the specified word limit for your article then you need to check on the word counter Tool. You can follow the below steps to count the words on Word Counter.

  • Firstly write down a paragraph or article on a word document or google drive 
  • Then open
  • After entering the website page, you need to copy all of the matter written by you and then paste it on the space provided by the word counter tool site
  • After this click on submit button and wait for the results 
  • Within a few seconds, you will be provided with the total word count of your article along with the total character count
  • Generally, websites charge some fees to count words if your matter exceeds more than 1000 words. 
  • In this case, you can check the word count in parts. Like you can divide the whole article into two sections and check their word count one by one
  • This way you will not have to pay any extra charges and you can get your work done 

How many words are there on one Page?

If you have ever written an article, essay, assignment, or prepared a Case study then you must have been told the length or page count of that particular article should be this much. It can consist of one page, two pages, 10 pages or even more than that.

In such situations, this question must have there in your mind exactly how many words should you write on one page. Or how many words a page will have? To answer your question you have to set some formatting style which we are going to tell you then we will be able to figure out the number of words that should be there on one page.

First of all, while writing in the Microsoft word your font size should be equal to 12 pt and the default font should be Times New Roman or Cambria. This will help us to get a true estimate of the word count on a single page.

As per the estimate, a word document that includes single space only with font size 12 pt and font style Times New Roman will require 500 words to fill a page completely. Just to ensure you, we are not 100 percent sure on this that one single page will have 500 words.

We have taken an estimate. But our estimate might go wrong if you choose any other font style, font size, different margin space, double space, etc

Word Counter - Related FAQs

Ques: What is this Word Counter?

Ans: Word Counter is a tool that helps you to count your words characters, sentences, paragraphs and pages in real-time, along with checking your spelling and grammatical mistakes.

Ques: What is the purpose of Word Counter?

Ans: The purpose of Word Counter is to count the number of words in a document written by you to make writing easy and comfortable. For more detailed information you can refer to the above article.

Ques: Is word count accurate?

Ans: Most of the time they are accurate but you can not always trust them as different word counter platforms use different ways of calculating words in an article.

Ques: What is excluded from a word count?

Ans: there are many things that are not included when you use the word counter tool. It does not counts tables, graphs, diagrams, dependencies, references, any footnotes, endnotes, etc.

Ques: Do you count title in word count?

Ans: Yes, A word counter will always count the title or headings of the article as they are a part of the actual text written in an article. 

Ques: How long is a 5000-word essay?

Ans: An ideal article will have 500 words on a single page. So we can say that a 5000-word essay will have a length of 10 long pages. For more detailed information you can refer to the above article.