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For any business, feedback is very crucial whether it is positive or negative. As positive feedback will encourage you, while negative ones help you confront your mistakes, and have more chances of improving.

If you are launching or starting an online business, your website plays a very significant role. It might so happen that you will like your site design but others might not like it. For this reason, one must get their website reviewed. 

Website Reviewer is an online tool that checks your site in more than 50 fields and gives you a clear picture of the problems your website has in certain areas. This particular tool allows you to run a quick perform website audit and search engine optimization audit. It is a beneficial device for those concerned with SEO and net layout. 

In this article, we shall be looking into detailed knowledge about Website Reviewer, its features, benefits, and its end users.

What is a Website Reviewer?

With the constantly evolving digital landscape, it's crucial to keep a check on your website's performance on a regular base. The SEO tactics or a website design that you’ve been using for a year or two could be outdated and not working as optimally as they used to. In this suitable Website Reviewer comes into play.

Website Reviewer is an application that checks your website's performance considering several parameters.

Features of Website Reviewer.

• Page Investigation 

This tool allows you to conduct page investigation, you can perform a thorough examination of your website page by page. The tool allows you to conduct both simple as well as complex SEO analyses. This tool helps monitor the progress of your website. The content, functionality, keywords, and availability will all be considered in the analysis. You can monitor your pages without having anything to install. 

• Provides Synopsis

A website reviewer tool manages a website crawl, which can be used for your site optimization helping you to easily identify the technical errors on your site. You can also check if your website consists of duplicated content. It helps you to improve your website so that it functions as well as it did, in fact, better.

• Exports the page analysis result

The SEO tool allows you to export the result of the pages that have been examined. It allows you to get as many website reviews as you want. It lets you dig deeper into your site analysis keep track of the progress of your website's rankings and increase its visibility on the internet and keep an eye on your goal. 

• Enable Email Notification

This tool permits email notifications in Search console preferences so that you are updated regarding an important issue on your website through email.

• Checks website’s bounce rate

The bounce rate gives you a number on your analytics reports that shows the percentage of people who leave your website without visiting the second page. It is therefore better to have the bounce rate as low as possible, since more the time a user spends on your website the greater the chances of your site's visibility on the Internet.

Benefits of Website Reviewer tool

• Improves Visibility

Website Reviewer gives information to the user giving an in-depth insight into the website. It allows them to engage with the product and find more accurate balanced information. Thus improving the visibility of the website and its ranking. 

• Identifies SEO issues

The advantage of using this tool is that it tells you whether you have some SEO issues. It includes improper keyword usage or non-compliance with HTML standards. 

• Check Performance Report

The performance report is perhaps the most important thing for a website owner because it gives a lot of information on how your website is performing on Google Search. It also lets you use different filtering options to see your ranking position, the visits you receive from each keyword, the device used and country of the user and a lot more.

• Links to the website

This tool shows the links google has recorded about your website which is its further usefulness. This data is useful as it shows you the links that are spammy or another website that links to your website without your knowledge.

• Driving traffic at your website 

For better branding of your business, you need to have more traffic to your website. More the traffic more the opportunities you have to convert users. 

For this website Reviewer plays a vital role when you want to get more targeted traffic to your website.

• Increasing conversions rate

Sometimes it so might happen that although you have a good traffic rate but end up with a poor conversion rate at your website. In such a case, this tool will help you by optimizing your website for improved conversions.

Process of using Website Reviewer tool

The steps to use Website Reviewer is simple. However, we will discuss the procedure in detail yet in easy terms.

  1. • Copy the URL address of the website you want to perform the review analysis.
  2. • Paste it on the 'enter URL' box of our Website Reviewer and submit.
  3. • Within some seconds the report about your website will be displayed. 
  4. • The report analysis consists of different parameters on which your website has been examined.
  5. • It gives a brief yet on-point explanation for each page.
  6. • Along with the error it also gives you the option on how to fix it.
  7. • Finally after reviewing the website you can download the report as per your wish. 

Website Reviewer tool is used by:

• Business owners

As a business person, your website plays a crucial role in advertising your brand, and products. This tool helps you make necessary changes to your website and come across any errors, you should be aware of them before launching your website. When it comes to assessing the details of your site, a Website Reviewer is a very effective tool.

As a businessman, it's obvious you would want to make money for which you will have to pay close attention to small and large details regarding your website. You'll have to tweak it until you're satisfied. And until you're sure the customer will be satisfied. 

• Web Designer

Web designers use a variety of tools and software to create websites for clients and companies among which Website Reviewer is very important. This tool not only points down the problem but also provides you with a solution. As creative as the process of web designing can be, it can also be a dreadfully repetitive one. 

Final Thoughts

To say it simply, no one is perfect, and this also applies to websites. When you are developing a website or if you have hired a designer or website developed to create a website for you, there are high chances that the main focus will be put on the aesthetic part of the website ignoring its structure and SEO. 

Website Reviewer tool helps you to have a clear picture of the working of your website by giving you a detailed report. It is suitable for all types of websites such as e-commerce, information portals, blogs, corporate blogs, etc. If you want to make sure your web is running optimized do yourself a favor and have your website reviewed.

Website Reviewer-related FAQs

Ques: How does a Website Reviewer can help me improve my website?

And: You can review the most important aspects of your website using Website Reviewer. This tool provides you with useful, concrete recommendations and suggestions which you can use to improve your website. When you submit your website URL, you will be reported your website performance depending on different criteria of your site. It will offer you recommendations if necessary action is required.

Ques: why should I analyze my website at all?

And: Today, there are more than a million websites on the internet, therefore creating more competition, especially for free organic traffic. Companies, bloggers, and website admins who aim at increasing the audience of their websites must meet the demands and requirements as their list keeps growing. 

Ques: Does the website reviewer provides detailed information on search engine optimization?

And: No. The website reviewer provides you information on the visibility of your page on search engines like Google. It gives you an overview of how your site is displayed in the search results. 

Ques: How work will the report be given by the website reviewer?

Ans: Use “How to fix” content from our search engine optimization checkup for fixing the errors. If you want u can also ignore the issues which you think aren’t relevant to you.