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About Website Links Count Checker

There are several SEO tools in this technological world. In this digital era, we come to know that everyone wants fast and furious work. A user or webmaster always want some innovative, accurate, and trends from the market which attracts the users or customers towards your information, especially towards your website. 

Suppose in case there are some internal or external links on your web pages. Some of them are useful and get indexed by Google. That simply means it’s trending or most of the users want to search on your website, isn’t it? So those links will be helpful for your website to get noticed and even for your reputation in the market. 

Website Links Count Checker is one of the best, most helpful, and easiest tools for SEO. Everyone wants to get the reputation of your website so you must go with this SEO without thinking twice. In this article we are going to discuss it in detail, let’s go!

About website links count checker

If you want to check your link on your web pages then you must use the website links count checker. Yes of course you are at the right place because Links count checker is one of the fast and easiest tools to check links on your web pages. It is a free online tool.

As a user or a webmaster when you want to check how many links are there on the web pages then you need to follow the website links count checker. You can check external links on your web pages to make sure the quality of your website. 

Meanwhile, if you want to maintain your website on the top rank then you must visit this kind of tool. By using the website links count checker, you can maintain the quality of your website. 


As a user, I strongly recommended that you have supposed to use this link count checker tool from beginning to end. If you check your website regularly that might be helpful to get to know about the links. You can observe that some links are damaged or useless to your website which can damage the repetition of your website if you are interested to exchange links. 

Manually you can segregate that kind of links and go with the analysis and review of the specific web page that might be helpful for you to get the top rank or reputation of your website.

Website Links Count Checker - A Small SEO tool

Links count checker is a small SEO tool. As a user or a webmaster when you are the owner of your website that most of the time you think about the number of links on your web pages both internal and external links. 

There are several links available on your website but some are useful some of not. In the trending market or digital era, some links are indexed by Google or will be ranked by the search engine but some links will be not. 

Here in this case link count checker can help you to get to know about the internal and the external backlinks of your web pages related to your website. Which think we have supposed to follow or not will also indicate by this tool. In other words, is like a do’s and don'ts links extractor as well as a counter that would be beneficial for SEO.

Most Helpful Tool

Links count checker is a small SEO tool that is helpful and the best tool for the owners and webmasters of the website as they get a good idea about the particular link of their pages and the importance of the links of their website. 

It is extremely helpful to get necessary information about the link which is helpful to improve the quality of web pages. Internal and external links are there on your web pages then you are in the right place to check how many are essential for your website. 

Content Matters

If you want to check how many links are followed by the user, then you must go with the website links count checker tool. You can make some changes on your web pages regarding links based on the requirement that would be helpful to make your links more appealing and get noticed. Internal and external links must be related to the content of your website proper content to help you to get rank and repetition in the market. 

How to use this tool?

It is very easy to use do you are fresher. There are some steps you have supposed to follow while using it. In your browser tab, you have to enter you are URL and then click on the check button. There is a system of an algorithm built in itself that will process the user request and gives the instant result or report. This immediate process saves you time and energy too. After the result, you can check or review the report given by this tool.

  • • Internal links
  • • External links
  • • Following links
  • • Non-following links
  • • Total links

Types of the Links

Internal links can be available on your website itself it is a common link on the website menu that's why it is called internal. 

Externals links that are associated with the other website a huge number of external links that a website has the better for search engine optimization should be want to your website not, a spam site.

Non-Following links have not been supposed to follow because of threats. You must avoid such links. For privacy and security reason you must be careful about your website.

Following links are user usually getting by the user which simply allows Google and other search engines to follow them. It is a benefit to your website because it is really helpful to you get a rank on the search engine.

Total Links indicate how many internal and external links your website has. Overall it gives you a number of both links in the report. 

Subsequently, there are some links we have supposed to go through. It is helpful to analyze the text to create more important links for your website. 

How does it work for SEO?

In the market especially for your business purpose, you need to think about your competitors too. If you want to get a reputation in the market, then you must look at the links on your website for various reasons. 

You should analyze the link for your business purpose from various websites there is some reason behind that what you made think like that. The first reason is to know where the particular links are pointing out. The second reason is to know how the existing links are built up. 

The third reason is to know how the site structure is built of website and the last reason is hiding outbound links or useless links. So these are some reasons why you made things to analyze the link of the website. 

Do links affect SEO? 

It is one of the most commonly asked questions by the website owner and the blogger. Some links are meant to make money. As a user, you need to think about which links are important for your website whether external or internal. 

Why we should choose this tool?

Sometimes poor content is replaced by other content. So it is a quite hectic task for the owners and bloggers whose links are supposed to be followed or unfollowed. According to the situation and the base of requirement you need to change some contents of your web pages from time to time. 

The validity of the link also can be checked by the system. 

As a user, there are some precautions have supposed to take while dealing with the website because the most reliable and relevant data should be there on the web pages. So there is no point to put some internal and external links that are useless and not related to the content of your website. 

Benefits of the Website Link Count Checker: 

If you want to increase your trust with the visitor to your website, then you must go with this tool. Don't think all links are good for your website for business purposes. There is some suitable link for your business which is essential to include on your web pages. You should give a priority to the links for your business because it can be helpful to boost your brand in the market. 

Final Thoughts: 

As a user or a webmaster, you must know how many links you have and what you need for your website. If you have a more quality link on your website that simply means a higher will be its rating like Google. Website link count checker is the need of today’s generation. There are many efficient tools provided by a lot of different websites. The best thing for the school is to provide accurate results or reports. As you expect, these results are very useful to you. It is necessary to check the website, especially focusing on a link count check for better performance.

Website Links Count Checker FAQs

Ques.: Is it useful for a beginner?

Ans.: Yes. As a user, you can choose though you are a beginner. 

Ques.: Does Website Links Count Checker gives you accurate result?

Ans.: Yes. Website Links Count Checker gives you accurate results with detailed reports.

Ques.: Is it helpful for the website?

Ans.: Yes. It is very useful for your website to maintain its reputation in the market regarding highlighted links of the website. 

Ques.: What are the main benefits of Website Links Count Checker?

Ans.: It is easy to use and available in online mode. It gives you an instant report of your website. 

Ques.: Dose any skills are required to use this tool? 

Ans. No. Though you are fresher and don’t know any skills still you can use this tool very well.