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About URL Rewriting Tool

Suppose you have written a very nice article but the URL of your article is ambiguous and not clear due to which your article and content might not get the reach you have wanted over the web. To help in such kinds of situations there are various types of tools that are developed that provide solutions to this kind of problem.

One of such tools is URL Rewriting tool which helps in making your URL link different and unique. This tool works in every situation. It helps in making your website’s URL clear and unique which helps you in attracting more and more traffic to your website. The URL Rewriting tool will help you in converting long and ambiguous URLs into short yet attractive ones.

So, no need to use long and dynamic articles which take away the opportunity for your content to go viral, as you can use this tool which makes everything right at the right time. In this article, we will tell you about the URL Rewriting tool, how this tool works, it's used and why we need this. At last, we will also tell you about who can use this tool.     

What is a URL Rewriting tool?

URL Rewriting is a tool that has a speciality in converting lengthy and dynamic URLs into short and static URLs. This tool is used by many website owners to get the user's attention. This is a perfect SEO tool that enables the best URL for the websites 

Creating wonderful content for your website and making it optimal for search engine optimization requires a lot of time and energy and even the tiny details about your website matter which even including the URL of your website or article as all of these things have a very important and crucial role in a website’s traffic as well as their rankings.

Using URL Rewriting tool can help you in converting the website URLs which helps you in increasing the visitor's engagement and traffic to your website. With the help of this tool, you can also manage to make your website visible on the top of the search engine result page as a result of a higher ranking by Google.

Why do we need a URL Rewriting tool?

Now the question must be arising in your mind why do we need this tool if we are using all other SEO strategies to make our domain look perfect and reachable to all? But, making a website go viral requires a lot of effort and attention to detail. 

If your website’s URL is very long this will create a negative impact on the other users as this will be the first thing they will see before actually entering your website. This can make them not even look into your content once. But if your URL is short and different it will attract more and more visitors and they will be happy to read your content then.

This tool helps in managing and improving the performance of a website and its content. Also, this tool is very handy and easy to use which makes it the perfect tool for SEO. You can easily create unique and different URLs using this tool within a few seconds.

Importance of URL Rewriting tool

Provides unique URL

As already said, this tool helps in making URLs unique and different. This tool is designed in such a way that directs the interest of the users toward the website and increases its reach worldwide. If you use this tool regularly then it will create a very good impression on the other users.

This tool will help your business to grow and at the same time help you in promoting and engaging a wider range of customers worldwide. This tool provides the best and unique URLs that will always work in your favour.

Edge over competition

This tool helps in providing an edge over our competitors. With the help of this tool, you can easily eliminate your competition and in return, you will get huge attention from visitors and this will lead to an increase in revenue for your organisation.

If you are running an e-commerce business where there is a lot of competition, this tool will help you in making your web pages visible to more and more people which will lead to gaining more traffic on your website and increasing your customer base.

Affordable tool 

This tool is available free of cost on many websites and even if any website charges anything for using this tool then it offers at a very cheaper and affordable price. You will be surprised after seeing the results of this tool. This tool makes a very efficient and effective way of increasing website traffic and becoming famous.

URL Rewriting tool is developed in such a way that makes it very easy to use and understand and creates the best results within a fraction of seconds. This tool offers its services at a very affordable price and even free of cost on some websites.

Increases reach online

This tool will increase the reach of your website online. It will enable you to widen your recognition across the web which will lead to driving load and loads of traffic to your website. Your content will get noticed by a lot of people online. 

This tool is very crucial if you want to take your website to the next level. To excel in the competitive market in the competitive environment, it is necessary that you should know how you can use various SEO techniques. Using the URL Rewriting tool is one of them that can improve the performance of your website.

How to use the URL Rewriting tool?

As we have talked about what is a URL Rewriting tool and why we need this tool. Now let us discuss how this tool exactly works. This tool is very simple and easy to use. You can become an expert within a short time of using this tool. To know about the whole process of this tool please follow the below instructions given below.

  • To know the process of URL Rewriting, first, you have to copy the URL of your website. then go to https://www.websiteseotools.org/url-rewriting-tool
  • To turn your long dynamic URL into a shorter one you need to enter your URL in the space provided.
  • Now, after entering your URL you can click on the submit button to get the results.
  • After clicking on the submit button, the system will look and provide you with results within a few seconds.
  • You will be provided with a short and static URL for your website. 
  • This tool will help you in promoting your website and reaching a wider range of audiences worldwide.
  • With the help of this tool, the reach of your website will increase and it will benefit you to grow.

Who can use the URL Rewriting tool? 

We have already discussed what a URL Rewriting tool is, its uses, its importance and how this tool can be used to get maximum traffic on a site. Now we should discuss for whom this tool can be useful. It means who are the end customers of this tool. 

URL Rewriting tool for Content Creators

URL Rewriting tool is very helpful for content creators like bloggers. With the help of this tool, they can make their content unique and useful at the same time. People who are in the field of blogging know various SEO techniques that are used to increase a website’s traffic.

URL Rewriting tool is a very good technique for search engine optimization. With the help of this tool, you can easily rewrite your URL. This tool has a quality in increasing visitor engagement also which can benefit you and your business to grow in no time.

URL Rewriting tool for Online Part-Time Workers

This tool becomes handy for people who are doing online part-time work like freelancing from various websites. This kind of tool helps in saving time and energy for the users. It also saves the cost of the users and is a very efficient way of making money.

If you use this tool, then you will surely get more attention from big clients which will help you in generating more money. For this, they can use the URL Rewriting tool. This tool has various other advantages that can help the user in getting their content liked on social media and by the client.

URL Rewriting tool for Online Businesses

If you are running an online business of jewellery, clothing, electronics, home and kitchen decor, etc. it is most important to use such kinds of tools. Big e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snap deal, etc make very efficient use of the URL Rewriting tool that drives user force to their website and ultimately go for shopping. 

If you are using this tool, you will be generating more revenue in your business than before. This tool will help you in attracting more and more customers to your site for online shopping and will also provide an edge over your competitors.

URL Rewriting tool for Students/Teachers

If you are a tech guru and love to share your thoughts online through your website then you can make use of URL Rewriting tool that helps in rewriting the URL of your site in the most effective and efficient way. This way you will easily get noticed by others.

This tool is also very helpful for teachers. They can use this tool and can reach the maximum number of people online to share their knowledge and information. 

Static and Dynamic websites

There are generally two types of websites on the internet. One is ‘Static’ and the other one is ‘Dynamic’. Now we will discuss thoroughly what is static and dynamic websites and where we should use the URL Rewriting tool

Statice website

Static websites are those websites that are not much used or operated by the website owner. Generally, small businesses have such kinds of websites. They just want to have their presence on an online platform but do not intend to sell their products online or attract people to see their products online. 

They don’t operate their business online as they are happy with their physical presence and they fear that if they run their business the name of the company might get stolen by others.

Advantages of a Static website

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of maintaining static websites. Let us discuss them one by one.

Affordable to operate

Static websites are cheaper and affordable to use. They offer a very simple and diversified platform that has no or minimum charges attached to it. Opening this website can cost you some amount of money but after this, you can easily handle this website without paying anything to anyone.

Easy to develop

Thie process of operating this website is very easy to use and understandable. This website is designed in such a manner that it makes it very easy to use. These websites might cost high at the initial stage but after some time it is very cost-effective and efficient. This website does not require many complications as only basic details and information is provided by the owner of the website.

Cost efficient to host

Static websites are very cost-effective and efficient to host on an online platform. Unlike dynamic websites which are not so cost-effective, these websites offer good quality to the users to update their website information and keep them updated whenever they want. As these websites are used by small businesses and not much information is updated by them, this offers a very good platform from them.


As this website does not involve many complications, it becomes very easy to operate and handle the website page. This kind of website provides services in a very simple and decent manner that anyone can operate at a very easy cost. You can easily post about any events and news and upload pictures of the same or inform about the future plans of the website.

Disadvantages of Static website

Includes only basic details 

Static websites only included basic information about the website. As these are very less updated and managed by the owners. Traffic to these kinds of websites is also very limited. Not huge or much information can be seen on a static website as compared to a dynamic website. 

Requires web expert to update 

Although this website is very easy to operate and manage, somehow it requires experience and expertise to operate this kind of website in a proper manner. One who does not have the basic knowledge of making and managing a website will find it difficult to create a static website. You have to be well known for the features of a website to create a static website online.

No update on content

As static websites are very less used and operated and traffic on these websites is also very limited as they do not update their content regularly. Not updating content means not updating the websites regularly and keeping the people updated about what is happening with the company and what are the future plans of the company. As a result, people have very little interest in these kinds of websites.

Not much traffic

As these websites do not create and update content regularly which is not the case of dynamic websites, they do not get much attention from the people and site ranking is also reduced on the search engine result page. Google does not promote 

Dynamic website

Dynamic websites are different from static ones. This kind of website has more advanced features and functionality that it provides to its users. This website is easy to perform and handle at the same time. This kind of website is generally owned by those who have an active online presence of their business and who derive their income from this platform.

The owner of this website provides regular updates and information about the website and business which attracts more and more people to the website content and visitors engage more as compared to the static website.

Advantages of Dynamic website

There are many advantages as well as disadvantages of maintaining dynamic websites. Let us discuss them one by one.

Offers more functions

Dynamic websites are more advanced websites that offer their users a wide range of services at a very efficient cost. One can easily update their business using this kind of website. It has more advanced functions as compared to the static website. With the help of this website, you can attract more customers to your work and increase website engagement.

Easy to update

As this website offers more functionality as compared to static websites, it becomes very easy to operate, manage and update the information at the domain. You can update any information on the website without wasting much time and energy. E-commerce systems, bulletin boards, and the ability for website masters and viewers to update are very easy tasks to perform on dynamic websites.

Interaction between website owners and end users

A dynamic website directly connects the website owners and the end users of the product or service. It bridges the gap between the website owners and their customers. This will help in providing the best services and help the website owners to get true feedback about their services and website content. Customers can directly reach out to the website owners and no middleman is involved in this.

Disadvantages of Dynamic website

Costly to operate

These websites offer a wide range of services to their users but they are not as co-efficient as compared to the static website. One can charge very high for doing business over a dynamic website. Not only creating a website expensive but doing all other activities is also not free on this website.

Expensive to host

With the help of this website, you can regularly update the website but this website is much more expensive to host as compared to the static one. As this offers various other functions and to use those services one has to pay more to the website for using their services.

Now, we have already discussed what is dynamic and static websites are, what they offer and who are the people who use these kinds of websites. We should also know which one is better and where we need a URL Rewriting tool.

In order to gain more popularity, rank websites higher and increase website engagement, static websites are a much better option as compared to dynamic websites. This is because static URLs have a better ranking than dynamic website URLs.

As static websites tend to be simple and easy, they contain more useful content and can be sprinkled with a few keywords. Static URLs are user-friendly which means easy to use and easier to index at the same time.

URL Rewriting tool - Related FAQs

Ques: What is a URL rewriting Tool?

Ans: URL Rewriting is a tool that has a speciality in converting lengthy and dynamic URLs into short and static URLs. This tool is used by many website owners to get the user's attention. 

Ques: How do you rewrite a URL?

Ans: To rewrite a URL you need to use any website that provides the facility of URL Rewriting. For more information please read our above article.

Ques: How do URL rewrites work?

Ans: To know about this please read our above article. 

Ques: Why do we use URL rewriting?

Ans: URL rewriting tool is very efficient, increases reach online and helps in increasing the reach of a website online.