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Knowing the skill to access your analytics if you're running your marketing campaign through a Twitter handle is very much essential to growing your business. Twitter is one of the world's most used social media platforms, with over 500 million tweets posted daily – 6,000 a second! For a better understanding of your business's right doing and areas of improvement tracking your analytics can help.

Twitter Graph Checked provides you with plenty of options from tracking the success of your campaigns to engaging with customers and leads. Some might wish to track the tweets about their brand or competition among many other options. This tool is created to help you in discovering advancements in businesses, make civil use of their social database, and analyze their marketing strategies. 

In the below article we shall be learning more about Twitter Graph Checker, its top features, and how can it benefit your campaign according to its different users.

What is Twitter Graph Checker?

Twitter Analytics is an online tool that tracks the operations of your Twitter account. It can disclose insights that will help you navigate through your social media strategy. It tells you about your followers and the correct time to post your tweets.

With the use of the Twitter Graph Checker tool, you can have access to the stats and insights to compute your Twitter execution. You can boost your Twitter performance using this tool. Your impact, and that of your competitors.

Some of the insights include Engagement rate, Type of engagement, Followers' interests, Overview of monthly performance, Best posting time to maximize impressions, Hashtag comparisons, and likewise many more.

Features of Twitter Graph Checker

• Conversion tracking

This feature allows you to know when a follower engages with one of your ads on Twitter on a device, say for example their mobile, but then uses their other device like a laptop to convert or buy your product. In such a case conversion tracking will correctly mention this to your Twitter ad. 

It essentially allows you to scale your retrieval on ad spending by tracking the activities of people once they view or engage with your ads on Twitter.

• Profile visits

The analytic dashboard at the top of your Twitter profile displays the count of visitors to your profile. This number is evaluated every 28 days and is revised daily. It also shows a comparison of the recent data with the previous one by a mini graph. This feature helps you in surveying the increase and decrease of your profile visitors so you can modify your tweets accordingly.  

• Tweet Impressions

The number of your tweets and impression are listed under the tweets section of your profile. You can also view performance based on individual tweets as well as an overview of the cumulative impression of a period. You can also use the cumulative overview to compare monthly activity.

• Tweet engagements and engagement rate

The tweets section of the profile not only shows you the impression but also the engagement of your tweets, the number of interactions received by your tweet, plus the engagement rate which is essentially engagement per impression. In case of a poor engagement rate of your tweets, you can re-analyze your subject matter and format.

• Top Tweets

Your leading tweets and top media, by impression, are monthly displayed in your analytics dashboard. Just by clicking on the option "view tweet activity" you'll be shown the certain engagement broken down in detail expands, profile click, link click, and many more. Observing all your prime Tweets per month laid out in the very place lets you aggregate the understandings and notice what they have in common. 

• Follower growth

The change your following over a month can be tracked from the follower section of your dashboard. The gain or loss of new, old followers can be tracked on daily bases. Gain and loss of followers can is determined by the subject of your tweet and how you put it down. Great companies often follow the mantra of good interaction with their followers, this helps in building their loyalty. Building a more engaged and loyal follower base leads to the growth of the company.

• Video Activity Dashboard (VAD)

A deep dive into your video activity dashboard is very essential as it's one of the attractions for the viewers. This dashboard shows you the view rate, retention rate, and completion rate for all your videos on Twitter individually. Depending on the view rate on you'd video you can choose to adjust the date range and export the data as a .cvs file. You can also filter by promoted views on videos. 

Benefits of Twitter Graph Checker

• Learn your audience's interests

By using Twitter Graph Checker you can find beneficial audience insights tHat will tell you the subject or thing that is most responded to by your followers, which could be posts, photos, videos, GIFs or polls. Without analyzing the data you cannot be precise about the interest of your followers.

• Learn the best time to post

As a member of the marketing campaign, one would want to know the perfect time to post on Twitter so that they can get maximum attention on their post or tweet. With Twitter analytics, you can tell when your Tweets are getting the most engagement. You can find out the pattern for the time of the day that works best for the interaction with your audiences. 

• Create contents that work

One of the considerable benefits of tapping into your Twitter Analytics is that you’ll ultimately start to create content that works. Constructing data-driven conclusions about your data will help you craft content your audience enjoys more, and your engagements and conversion levels will reflect the progress. 

Your engagement data reveals the content you should focus on thereby reducing time spent guessing what performs best and redirecting the energy to bettering the areas which show good results.

• See if your ads are working

If you’re putting your money where your tweets are, then you’re going to want to know if it’s paying off.

Whether you’re running Twitter Ad Campaigns or assisting a few tweets in Promote Mode, correlating the results with organic posts will aid you to understand how much thump you’re getting for your buck. Cost-per-result metrics and conversion trackers also help with that.

• Replicate success

Knowing what's working and what's not working using Twitter's analytic dashboard is necessary for your improvement. Your topmost responded tweets by your followers will tell you if you've been doing right, so always look for similarities. Meanwhile, the poor response to particular tweets shows you the area you need to improve. You can obtain these findings when preparing your next tweet, developing a brand’s social media guidebook, or creating a campaign strategy.

• Identify Trending Topics

Twitter Analytics offers you the trending topics at the moment and the volume of engagement each topic receives. Find a trending topic that best resonates with your niche and post updates based on that topic. You can also use this information to further promote your content and enrich your engagement.

Steps to use Twitter Graph Checker

Each Twitter profile comes with independent access to the native Twitter analytics tool. Below are steps using which you can access the analytics dashboard for your page.

  1. • On the left-hand panel of your Twitter dashboard click on the "more" option.
  2. • A list of additional options such as privacy and settings, and more will be displayed.
  3. • Select the “Analytics” option. This will immediately take you to your native Twitter analytics dashboard.
  4. • Here you can get an overview of the performance of your profile and a monthly summary of your activity along with other metrics related to Tweets, Tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and followers.
  5. • On scrolling down you'll see the monthly analysis of your performance. 
  6. • You'll be able to see your top Tweet, top mention, top follower, and top media Tweet along with the summary of the number of Tweets, Tweet impressions, profile visits, mentions, and new followers.
  7. • Next click on the "view tweet activities" option right under the "top tweet" section. 
  8. • A comparison graph of your tweet impression changes will be shown. You can also set the period you wish to analyze.

Twitter Graph Checker is used by

• Business Marketing team

There are several advantages of using Twitter Graph Checker in the upgrowth of a business by gaining valuable customer insights. Using Twitter analytics can help you study the latest trends and topics that your audience attends to so you know how to reach them more effectively. 

Being the world's largest conversational platform, Twitter is a consumer insights engine. People's opinions on certain trend or topics, their needs, and viewpoints can be surveyed on Twitter and these insights can help brands to act accordingly, like launching new products or improvising the existing services. It’s also a great place to engage with consumers authentically, humanizing your brand.

• Students

The benefit of social media across the academic landscape is on the rise. According to a survey, the use of this social media platform is more by young adults than old or aged people. With the potential of Twitter in education and the wide range of studies carried out within the domain, there is a strong necessity to analyze the state of academic study within the domain. 

The use and knowledge of Twitter as a tool are beneficial for education and learning by various entities that include students, educationalists, and institutions. Twitter, has been recognized as one of the desired and enjoyable tools by students. 

• Journalism and media 

The spread of news and misinformation on social webs has been a topic of discussion. With the use of this tool, journalists can more freely express their viewpoints, a common microblogging practice. 

The journalists functioning for national newspapers, national television, news divisions, and cable news networks provide the public with transparent news and information about the current scenario of the nation, making people more aware of the ongoings. 

• Practitioners

The advanced tweet activity analytics help practitioners in understanding the performance of Twitter posts. You can aggregate a tweet into the singular tweet level to observe each Tweet’s metrics.

Knowing which tweets top the interest level of your audience helps in strategizing your next plan which will resonate well with your audience. These insights will help you inform and optimize your program.

Final Thoughts

Twitter Graph Checker is a very useful tool to understand your data and identify beneficial patterns within the data. Twitter Graph analytics allows us to explore the complex inter-relationship among various entities like people, companies, commerce, etc, deeply. The impression is very important and can help improve your brand. 

Twitter is a useful resource for all marketers and the data generated on Twitter will help you understand the result that your Twitter activity is carrying. You'll be able to draw insights that'll provide you with what you need to enrich your online marketing campaigns.

With the use of Twitter analytic tools, you can make sure that you're never out of the loop.

Once you’ve aligned objectives and determined which metrics are crucial for your business, you can start tracking. Don’t let the supposedly large percentage of data fright you—with adequate preparation, the right tools, and some practices, you’ll be able to tackle Twitter.

Twitter Graph Checker - Related FQAs

Ques: What can I track with Twitter analytics?

Ans: With the help of Twitter analytics you can have an overview of the monthly activity of your top stats and that includes your top tweet by several impressions top mention by engagements, to followers, and top media Tweet. It also includes a summary of your monthly activity. 

Ques: Why does posting at the right time matter?

Ans: With time, more fresh tweets would replace the previous tweets on the top of the feed.

Therefore it is important to publish your tweet when most of your audience is online or schedule it at the right time.

Ques: Is Twitter good for marketing?

Ans: No doubt it is. Twitter is one of the many widely used social media platforms for marketing. It harbors millions of active users who depend on the platform for news and the latest updates.

Ques: Is Twitter Graph Checker good?

Ans: Twitter Analytics provides you with information regarding your follower gain/loss, retweets, impression, engagement rate, and many more. 

This tool is available to all Twitter users, both for personal and business purposes.

Ques: What are Twitter Impressions?

Ans: The number of times a tweet appears on a user's timeline is called a Twitter Impression. A tweet's impressions are not limited to users who follow you, but this number also doesn't filter based on who has interacted with the tweet.