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About Text to Binary Tool

Imagine sometimes you don’t have enough idea about how to deal with the description that time you just go through the brand name or price tag that gives you security about where you are exactly spending your money on the right things and you will purchase it by seeing the price tag, isn’t it?

Likewise, whenever you are stuck in the data of representation (to read) that time you need to convert the data for your comprehension. You can use the free SEO online tool and which is text to binary Converter or Translator. All the information you can convert into binary from text and you will get a result by just clicking the button.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the importance of this too, its benefits, how it works, the best features of this SEO tool, and many more. Let’s discuss in detail the Free SEO tool Text to Binary Converter.

About Text to Binary Converter:

Converting the data from text to binary means when the computer stores all the characters as digits. Binary code uses the digits which is 0 & 1 that is binary number for computer instruction. These kinds of things are used for encoding data.

Uses of Binary Digits in various subjects:

Mathematics and computer science generally use this kind of binary numbers. This kind of system portrays values using only two symbols and these are called binary numbers. Most of the time digital electronics especially circuits use especially added values. By using the binary system, you can convert and represent text or instructions.

How to convert the data from text to binary? 

When you want to convert the data from text to binary you have to follow some steps as follows;

First, get the character and get the decimal code of the character from the table of ASCII

Then convert decimal to binary bite and continue with the next character

For all the text characters you will get the binary bytes.

How to use text to binary? 

Here are also some steps as a user you have to follow.

Firstly, select the text copy and then paste the takes into the input text box.

Secondly, select the character which you want to encode type then select the output delimiter string and finally, press the button to convert you will get the result.

How to convert English to binary code? 

Firstly, you have to copy the English letter and then get the ASCII code of the English letter from the table and then convert decimal to binary bite and finally continue with the next English letter. 

These are some steps when you want English to binary code.

Even you can convert the ‘A’ character to binary and zero characters to binary because there is a table of ASCII which is quite helpful when you want to convert from text to hex. Binary conversion table which is helpful to convert all the data.


As a user when you want to convert the data from binary to text that time you must go through the ASCII text to hex, binary conversion table. This table gives you a better idea of the conversion details. Because it consists of s the ASCII characters and binary numbers too accordingly. This process will help with comprehension.

ASCII Characters and Binary numbers Table

NUL 00000000 SO 00001110 ESC 00011011 ) 00101001 8 00111000 F 01000110 T 01010100 b 01100010
SOH 00000001 SI 00001111 FS 00011100 * 00101010 9 00111001 G 01000111 U 01010101 c 01100011
STX 00000010 DLE 00010000 GS 00011101 + 00101011 : 00111010 H 01001000 V 01010110 d 01100100
ETX 00000011 DC1 00010001 RS 00011110 , 00101100 ; 00111011 I 01001001 W 01010111 e 01100101
EOT 00000100 DC2 00010010 US 00011111 - 00101101 00111100 J 01001010 X 01011000 f 01100110
ENQ 00000101 DC3 00010011 Space 00100000 . 00101110 = 00111101 K 01001011 Y 01011001 g 01100111
ACK 00000110 DC4 00010100 ! 00100001 / 00101111 00111110 L 01001100 Z 01011010 h 01101000
BEL 00000111 NAK 00010101 " 00100010 0 00110000 ? 00111111 M 01001101 [ 01011011 i 01101001
BS 00001000 SYN 00010110 # 00100011 1 00110001 @ 01000000 N 01001110 \ 01011100 j 01101010
HT 00001001 ETB 00010111 $ 00100100 2 00110010 A 01000001 O 01001111 ] 01011101 k 01101011
LF 00001010 CAN 00011000 % 00100101 3 00110011 B 01000010 P 01010000 ^ 01011110 l 01101100
VT 00001011 EM 00011001 & 00100110 4 00110100 C 01000011 Q 01010001 _ 01011111 m 01101101
FF 00001100 SUB 00011010 ' 00100111 5 00110101 D 01000100 R 01010010 ` 01100000 n 01101110
CR 00001101 ESC 00011011 ( 00101000 6 00110110 E 01000101 S 01010011 a 01100001 o 01101111
p 01110000 q 01110001 r 01110010 s 01110011 t 01110100 u 01110101 v 01110110 w 01110111
x 01111000 y 01111001 z 01111010 { 01111011 | 01111100 } 01111101 ~ 01111110 DEL 01111111

Best features of this online SEO tool Text-to-Binary:

Here are some best features of this SEO tool as follow;

Free of cost

This tool is provided by SEO and it is available online mode at free of cost. There is no registration required to use this SEO tool.

Easy to handle

It is very easy to handle because there is no such technical training required for this tool. You can use having some basic knowledge because there is no complex process.

Fast and furious

This SEO tool it's very interesting because just enter the binary digits and click the convert button and you will get the instant result. This fast and furious process makes you feel comfortable while using it.

Save time and energy

This SEO tool saves your energy and time because its fast and furious process gives the you fastest conversion with a just click.

Accurate data and compatibility

This online tool gives you 100% accurate results to the user you can double-check the result manually for accurate purposes.

These are some best features to make us think about why we should use this SEO tool for conversion to the data.

Final Thoughts:

In this article, we have discussed the Text-to-Binary converter provided by SEO. It is simple to use and easy to learn. As a user, you want to try this free SEO tool for better performance in less time. It is the fastest tool that provides you with the data from text to binary.

There are several SEO online tool provided by SEO which is free of cost. It is available online mode. Without facing an issue, you can use the binary tool. If you have, Android, iOS, Mac, or any device you can easily access it on any device when you want to use a text-to-binary converter online. 

It saves your energy and time too. Without wasting a time go and try to use this free SEO online tool Binary to text and see the result for understanding. It improves your quality of process in a short time span. Don’t wait just go and enjoy the journey of this converter. Happy learning!!!!!

Binary to Text Converter FAQs

Ques.: How to use this tool?

Ans.: You have to follow some steps manually,

select the text copy- paste the takes into the input text box- select the character which you want to encode type -select the output delimiter string -press the button to convert - you will get the result.

Ques.: How to read binary code to text? 

Ans.: For understanding use, the ASCII table to get the accurate character that would be easy to read binary code to text. 

Ques.: Can we read binary decode to text?

Ans.: You can decode the binary number by using this free online binary-to-text converter provided by the SEO tool center.

Ques.: What is a Text-to-Binary converter?

Ans.: Text-to-binary converter is also known as a Text-to-Binary translator because text information like A can convert into the binary format. 

Ques.: How does it work binary to text translator?

Ans.: First, get the character and get the decimal code of the character from the table of ASCII

Then convert decimal to binary bite and continue with the next character. For all the text characters you will get the binary bytes.

Ques.: How to Convert Text Files to Binary?

Ans.: Open the text file -Copy-Right-click inside the Binary Converter text box -click "Paste."