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As a site owner, it is tough to pinpoint the information search spider extracts from a web page. Javascript,  certain images, links, and lots of text might not be visible to the search engine. It is important to examine your webpage to know what data the spiders see while crawling your webpage. You can do this analysis by using any web spider tool which mimics the working of google spider generating information like any other Google spider simulator. 

Development in search engine algorithms is growing at a faster rate over the years. With advanced SEO tools, they gather information about webpages within a limited time. This information carries significant value for the websites. SEO experts constantly look forward to developing better spider tools and google crawler stimulators. Yet, many people are unaware of the advantage of this tool and often wonder what information is collected from web pages.

A spider simulator tool is worthwhile in several aspects. In this article, all of its factors will be heightened in detail. We shall be discussing its features, benefits, and its end users along with the steps to proceed with this tool. 

What is Search Engine Spider Simulator?

Search Engine Spider Simulator is an SEO tool that gives you a quick preview of what a bot views on your webpage. It emulates the working of search engines while they crawl your website and inform you what your webpage looks like when searched by users. 

With the use of the Search Engine Spider Simulator, you can view even the unapproachable page elements of your site. This saves you from spending your time guessing what your landing pages look like to the bots or spiders when they crawl on them. 

These page reviews allow you to re-examine your page once more and do the needed adjustment based on how you want it to be seen by spiders. It not only gives you an idea of how your page looks like to the bots but also lets you see the hyperlinks that will be crawled by search engines when it visits your webpage. 

Features of Search Engine Spider Simulator 

• Meta contents

Meta contents include Meta titles, Meta Descriptions, and Meta Keywords, with the help of which you can let search engines know what precisely you're delivering to your audience by incorporating keyword-rich URLs. With the help of the Search Engine Spider Simulator, you can instantly find out what keywords are used for your site, recent meta description, and recent meta title. 

• H1 to H4 Headlines

Search Engine Spider Simulator helps to find out how many tags have been used for the website. The headings in a webpage range from H1 up to H4. Search engines use these heading tags to analyze the topography of a webpage and scan what's on the page and identify the page theme. Page headers are usually the first thing spotted by any reader to figure out the content therefore it is important that you present it well. 

• Indexable URL’s/Links

Many of the links and contents displayed on a webpage are invisible to the search engine such as javascript-generated content, image-displayed content, flash-based content, etc. By mimicking search engines this tool displays your webpage contents exactly how they would be seen on search engines. 

It will also show you the hyperlinks that will be crawled by search engines on visiting a certain webpage. It allows you to have access to all the indexable links present. 

• Readable Text Content

The way search engines see your website might differ from your angle. They can read multiple file formats and contents but might not be able to read HTML and CSS code. With the help of this tool, you can see all the readable contents of the page crawled by the search engine. 

• Source Code

Search Engine Spider Simulator crawls websites to get to the content that is most relevant to the input that is searched for by the user. As a website owner, it is important to work on your site from the viewpoint of Google's bots. This tool provides you will all the source code of the website that the search engine spider crawls. 

Steps to use Search Engine Spider Simulator 

You can follow the below-mentioned steps to get started with this tool. 

  1. • First open the website you'll run your check on.
  2. • Copy-paste the URL in the box provided. 
  3. • click on the submit button.
  4. • After submitting your input the system will run its tests and within seconds provide you with the information on the errors of your website from a search engine perspective. 
  5. • This tool will give you a detailed report on the submitted URL consisting of the meta contents, H1 to H4 tags, indexable links, readable text contents, and source code.
  6. • Once done you can click on the "Try New URL button" if you want to check another URL, it will take you back to the 1st page. 

Benefits of Search Engine Spider Simulator 

• Imitates Google search engine 

It shows how the search engine spider sees a website page. It imitates the working of Google search engine spider and gives you an idea of how your website page is read and displays results in the eyes of search engine spiders. Some of the displayed information that you will find when using this tool include; your tags, meta description, meta titles, and inbound and outbound links. 

• User-friendly 

Using the Search Engine Spider Simulator is very easy. By simply entering the URL you can get in-depth information about the display of the website page by google crawlers. You just have to enter the links of the specific URL and then you can view everything you want. It is very effective and reduces both effort and time.

• Know the missing links

Using this tool gives you the advantage, as it gives you clues telling you the reason behind missing links by a search engine bot. It lets you report the missing links In case any link goes missing it allows you to report about it.

• Correcting Errors

In case of syntax error in the source code, then the google spiders or search engine spiders are incapable of properly reading them. To correct this situation you can take the advantage of Search Engine Spider Simulator.

• Locating keywords

This search engine spider simulator allows you to identify the location of your keywords. It’s important to know the location because to the web crawlers it might not be displayed or might be displayed in it's the right place. 

•  Recognising Hyperlinks

Spiders can only read and analyze text on web pages, so they are incapable of recognizing other formats.

To know if the inserted hyperlink leads you to the right place this tool gives is the best option. 

Search Engine Spider Simulator is used by

• Digital Marketers

Many successful digital marketing campaigns implement this tool to ensure that their website is well optimized according to the search engine algorithm. The search engine optimization experts carry out a test to make sure that all appropriate content is under the coverage of the crawler. 

Some contents may have a relevant piece of information that might be not visible to the search engine and this can lead to a downfall in sales. This tool will not fix the errors but will inform you regarding the regions where improvements are essential.

• Web Developer 

For better optimization of the website, a web developer needs to run it according to the algorithm of a search engine. Even after enforcing techniques properly if the site is unable to achieve the desired ranking then there must have been some error in the development part. 

Search Engine Spider Simulator is a tool that will detect errors in the website and give you detailed information about the probable reason behind the poor crawling. 

• Website owner

With simple clicks, a website owner can survey the perspective of his website using a spider simulator. If there is a downfall in traffic they can examine the website and find the source of the problem occurring. It is very crucial to learn to point out the flaws of business when needed to inform fags concerned authorities. 

A well-learned website owner can benefit from this tool as it will let him stay ahead of his competitors and build good relationships with proficient marketers according to the needs and requirements. 


Search Engine Spider Simulator is a powerful SEO tool that cannot be missed by web owners or professional web designers if they want to improve their search engine ranking. This tool allows you to check your web pages exactly how it is seen by the bots and you can rectify the errors, and make changes for your SEO benefits, comprising traffic and conversion. 

To make sure that your webpage is displayed as you have designed it spider simulator is the best option to go for. Grab another chance to improve your online visibility and make necessary changes to customize your website according to the crawlers and get started with it. 

Search Engine Spider Simulator - Related FQAs

Ques: How is the webpage examined by the search engine crawler?

Ans: Search engines examine webpages in an entirely different pattern compared to what the users think. They only read specific file formats and contents. Search engines like Google are incapable of reading the JavaScript code and CSS, also most of the time they cannot identify the visual contents that include pictures, graphic content, videos etc.

Ques: How does a search engine spider work?

Ans: A search engine spider, or a web crawler, is an Internet bot that crawls sites and reserves the data for the search engine to index. Google uses this stored information to answer the commands of the users whenever they search for something. 

Ques: What do you mean by a spider and crawler in search engines?

Ans: A spider or a web crawler is a sort of bot that is operated by several search engines like Google, Bing, etc. Their prime goal is to index all the content from the websites on the internet. For the websites get attention and hence can come up in the result of the search engine.

Ques: What is a Search Engine Spider Simulator?

Ans: Search Engine Spider Simulator is an SEO tool that explains how a spider or web crawler sees your web content while crawling. It shows your website content just as it would appear to the web crawler. 

Ques: What is the importance of Spider Simulator for on-site SEO?

Ans: A spider simulation allows SEO to know about the construction of the search engine results pages of a website.  It provides you with insight into the website, plus its strengths and weaknesses. If you just look at the simulation results, you won't able to understand much of it in depth, except if you know about search engine optimization beforehand.

Ques: Why should I use the Search Engine Spider Simulator?

Ans: Digital marketing is incomplete without the spider simulator. With the use of this tool, you'll be able to emulate a web crawler similarly to the actual one. Without a wise tool, it's hard to point out the errors of your website from the SEO point of view. In such a case this tool can come in handy.