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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator Tool

When you get a low score in an examination you would think about how would be better next time to score well, isn’t it? So you start to focus on what should be needed which get you more score than the last one. Similarly, there are various kinds of areas that should get to ranked by the search engine, and another side there are some areas that are underdeveloped so that should be later one get to rank.

There are several SEO tools for different purposes but the Robots.Txt generator is one of the finest SEO tools which is helpful for users. You just use it for our website and let leave the other work to this SEO tool, no need to worry about the areas which should be noted by Search Engines. The rest of the work will continue by using this SEO tool Robots.Txt generator.

It is a time-consuming process in which areas of your website should be highlighted and get to rank by the search engine. In this article, we are going to discuss how it works, what is purpose, and so on in detail, let’s get started.

What Is a Robots.Txt generator?

Robots.Txt generator is a crawler. It is a combination of files that consists a kind of instructions on how to crawl a website. Exclusion protocol is also known as robots.txt generator. There are some areas that you don't want to specify to crawl so that process is done by this SEO tool because such areas don't get crawled.

Some of the important points of the website need to be indexed so that crawling by this some areas that are under construction or invalid contain. So these areas this SEO tool that kind of area will examine your site which you don't want to be indexed.

What does mean Robots.Txt generator?

You can also call a ‘user-agent’ because it is complete contain. Sometimes you need to put it to allow crawl delay this allows manually and it takes a lot of time to give a command in one file. One wrong enter line can exclude your page from the indexing process.

So there is one of the best solutions to leave the stars to this SEO tool because this is your tool to take care of the file for the user we should require to be indexed or which are not to be indexed.

How are we supposed to use this Robots.Txt generator tool?

There are some chances by the crawlers won't index all the pages of your website. This kind of small-scale scale file can be indexed later when you added more pages with the help of instructions.

There is a crawl limit that is related to the crawl budget. Sometimes users spend most of their time on various links and different websites but Google only recent posts or webpages to get ranked by the Search Engine.

To avoid this kind of restriction you should use this SEO tool Robots.Txt generator. Robots.Txt generator consists of some files and these files are important to speed up the crawling process on your devices.

How to make a robot by using the Google robots file generator?

It is easy to make but people are not aware of how to use it to follow instructions. When you have landed on the page you can see the robot text generator. You need to choose carefully. if you want some changes do accordingly if you don't want then leave them as they are. Then you can see the sitemap and make sure you have one.

Then you can choose a couple of option for search engine there are a third column for the mobile version of the website and the second column is for images. At the end where you can restrict the crawlers from indexing the areas of the page of your website. you have supposed to add a slash before feeling the field with the address or web page.

Why do we have to choose this Robots.Txt generator tool?

It is important to tell which area should be focused on and get indexed or pay more attention to your website. Suppose in the case of your device, if you don’t have a robotics txt file, crawlers will still index your website, though it is a blog and with fewer webpages then it isn’t necessary to have one.

What is the main purpose of Directives in A Robots.Txt File?

Even if you are using multiple files still you can use them or can make some changes later as well. You just follow some guidelines given by it.

Crawl-delay – when you want to avoid some unnecessary things or overload on your server then you can use it. Instead of bas users an experience you can use this SEO tool to avoid such restrictions. Crawl delay is the directive used to prevent crawlers from overload experiences.

Allowing - is a directive that we can use to process of indexation of URLs. You can add as much as the URL. You can use the robots file when you don’t want to get indexed that site has some pages.

Disallowing -  is mainly focused on the refuse crawlers from visiting directories. You just need to be aware of malware because they don’t manage with the particular standard as such.

Final Thoughts:

There are a number of SEO tools all over the internet but this is the best free online tool you can find on the internet ever. There is no professional skill required to use this SEO tool. You don't need to register anywhere or download to use this SEO tool.

There are some areas that you don't want to specify to crawl so that process is done by this SEO tool because such areas don't get crawled. Some of the important points of the website need to be indexed so that crawling by this some areas that are under construction or invalid contain.

Meanwhile, what are you waiting for??? Just go and use this SEO tool as much as you can for the improvement of your website. By using this tool as a user you will realize that your process of work will become so smooth and your website would get highlighted by this search engine optimization tool.

Robots.Txt generator FAQs

Ques.: Robots.Txt generator Tool is it free?

Ans.: Yes, absolutely, it is a free online tool.

Ques.: Why are we supposed to use this tool?

Ans.: It is easy to use and if you want to improve your website then you must go with this tool.

Ques.: What do we have to focus on while using this SEO tool?

Ans.: You have to focus on which areas are really useful and which are not by using this SEO tool. Ques.: Why it is demanded tool?

Ques.: Why do we Use Robots.Txt Generator Tool?

Ans.: In the market, there is a number of users who used this tool because this is one of the best and easiest tools ever.

Ques.: How many types of Directives are in A Robots.Txt File?

Ans.: There are three types of Directives in a Robots.Txt File Crawl-delay, Allowing and Disallowing

Ques.: Is it useful for whom?

Ans.: It is useful for all users but it is mostly used by webmasters, web owners, and professional ones.