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About Reverse IP Domain Checker

A lot of businesses and site owners think that the IP address used by their site has no impact on their website ranking. But truth be told, it does. IP address along with the domain has great significance when it comes to your search engine rankings. 

Hence knowing about the Reverse IP Domains Check SEO tool can be worthwhile as it helps you have an upper hand over your competitors. Other websites sharing the same IP address as yours, having negative content on them can be discovered using this tool immediately.

This article aims to make you'll aware of the Reverse IP Domain Checker tool and how it can be used for beneficial causes. We shall be discussing its features, the entire process step by step, and who can use it in detail. 

What is a Reverse IP Domain Checker?

Reverse IP Domain Checker is an SEO tool that can allow you to discover all the websites hosted on the identical server via IP address or domain name easily. Reversing DNS is a way to know how many websites are sharing the exact IP address. 

All active domain name is resolved into an IP address which further resolves to a server name. So if you know the IP address of a domain, it gets easier to find out other domains that depend on it, giving you a good look at the server's other domains. 

Features of Reverse IP Domain Checker

• Oversubscribed Web Hosting

Web host providers often oversubscribe, which means selling more websites than the server can handle. Among cheaper shared hosting providers this is very normal, as their single web server is capable of hosting many small websites. Reverse IP Domain Checker allows you to discover all the sites that are sharing the same host as yours.

• Web Hosting Reputation

Negative reputation hosts can have a huge impact on your email delivery, blacklisting your site, and lower search engine ranking. But with the help of the Reverse IP Domain Checker, you can identify the other sites in your host. Further, you can use tools to investigate the sites if they are spam or phishing sites.

• Security

This tool can benefit you as it helps in discovering the IP address of the person who is attempting to access your website without authorization. It not only allows you to find if a person has been accessing your website from their work or home but also if they are from some other country than yours. 

• In-depth information

For a company to launch a new IP address it is important to check the IP address of the previous one. Sometimes it might so happen that your website might have been blocked or removed from the public network, in such cases using Reverse IP Domain Checker can help you get in-depth information about your website.

• Find PBNs for SEO

A lot of people use the same web hosting to develop several websites and then link them to their site or sell these links to other people and this is how they trick google because they do not want to use a lot of resources. Using the Reverse IP Domain Checker you can check upon the working of your competition or some you're offered links by. 

• Overcrowded web hosting

By doing a reverse IP domain checkup you can discover all the other sites which are hosted with the same IP address as yours. Having too many domains on the same server can cause a decrease in website ranking or even interludes if there are traffic spikes. 

Although you might have a speedy site on a separate server but under the same IP address as many other sites, it can be panned as spam because of the other site behind the same IP address. For this reason, doing a reverse IP domain checkup can be worthwhile whenever you have problems with your site. 

Steps to use Reverse IP Domain Checker

You can use the reverse IP domain checker by following the simple steps mentioned below:

  • • Access the webpage you wanna run your analysis on.
  • • Select and enter the site’s URL on which you want to perform a reverse IP domain check in the box provided. 
  • • After entering the URL, click on the “Check Reverse IP Domain” button present below the box.
  • • Within seconds, the reverse IP domain checker will generate and display the results. 
  • •The result includes the IP address of the domain you have entered along with the reverse domain names.
  • • Once the analysis is complete you can run the check again for another IP address by clicking on the option "Try new URL".

Benefits of Reverse IP Domain Checker

Let's take a closer look at how Reverse IP Domain Checker benefits sites in the long term.

• Prevent spoofing IP attacks

Most cyber attackers use IP spoofing attempting to win the user's trust. Reverse IP Domain Checker assists cybersecurity teams to outpace these attacks by uncovering all linked domains to the specific IP address holder. This data can be used to create reports to flag suspicious users based on the generated information of the domain. 

• Better penetration testing and threat intelligence

Reverse IP Domain Checker plays a vital role in providing information for penetration testing. It reveals the reputation of other sites on a shared host,  such as phishing sites or spam. Your site can be banned if another domain with the same IP address as yours gets flagged for spam. But with the help of this tool, you can prevent this. 

• Tracking website visitors

This tool keeps a record of the IP addresses of the site visitors in the visit logs, these records can help you get a better understanding of your website audience. For B2B lead generation tracking website visitors is advantageous and the Reverse IP Domain Checker tool is best for this work. 

• Easy to use

Reverse IP Domain Checker is an effective and easy-to-use tool that helps you to find out the IP address of any site. Just by copy-pasting the URL or by simply entering a domain name, you can check the IP address of any website you wish. 

• SEO Analysis

SEO is considered the most significant aspect of operating a website. To be visible and get organic traffic to your website it is very much needed. SEO has become a priority with the growth of social media. It is, therefore, crucial to protect your website from any kind of viruses and threats. The prime purpose of optimization is to make sure that your website is found through organic search results.

Reverse IP Domain Checker can be used by:

• Cyber Security Specialist

Cybercrime includes acts like abusing someone's online real estate such as IP address, system, network, domain, etc. to fill the perpetrator's pockets. Therefore, cybersecurity researchers and companies priorities the protection of their customers from hostile URLs, servers, and domains by blocking their access. This tool helps in revealing the attacker's domain name and this information can be used to safeguard against cybercrime. 

• Companies

With the help of the Reverse IP Domain Checker, companies, and marketing teams can point out details about the IP addresses that often visit their site. Using these insights marketing teams can create a personalized website experience with more skilled leads. This tool digs information about website traffic, personalizes websites for companies, and identifies email and social campaigns. 

• Email Servers 

If an email server sends you an email without having a reverse DNA record chances are that it's probably spam. Such emails are mostly rejected by the servers. Email servers use Reverse IP Domain Checker to confirm if the server sending emails is a spammer or not. 

• WebMasters 

Reverse IP Domain Checker is a very helpful SEO tool for a webmaster as it allows you to keep an eye on your competitors' strategies and accordingly manage your online business. Using this tool you can figure out if you're competing with the like web host and if the other website shares the same IP address. It also enriches your online existence and is a great way to get a new IP address.

• Web developers

This tool is a suitable choice for web developers as it gives them an upper hand by providing insights about their competitors. It is user-friendly and includes no complicated steps. It conducts an in-depth inspection of your website's IP address and URL. 

• Website Owners

When website owners use a dynamic IP address like the majority of websites do then it's difficult to know who else uses the same IP address, what are they sharing through the IP address of the same site you need to use Reverse IP Domain Checker. This tool will disclose the domain names of all other websites sharing the same IP address as yours. But for this, you need to conduct a reverse IP domain checkup.

Final Thoughts

Reverse IP Domain Checker can be used for several reasons such as website ranking, the quantity of traffic or whether the site owner has a cybercrime history. If you want to find out whether a website has a certain domain, check the domains of a competitor's site, availability of a URL, etc this is the best tool to prefer. This tool can also be utilized as an SEO audit tool by scanning the page authority, various backlinks and domain authority.

Every website wants to do well in terms of sales against its competitors. But you might be unaware that your competitors are operating on the same hosting service as yours, having different networks. It is therefore wise to keep an eye on your hosting service provider. Watch over the connection and speed, and note your competitor's strategies. This knowledge is important to survive in this growing internet world. 

Reverse IP Domain Checker - Related FQAs

Ques: How is the reserve IP Domain analyzing tool work?

Ans: This tool helps to find websites having the same IP address as yours. It scans your website, recognizes your IP address then analysis other domains using the exact IP address and shows all the domains which are configured to your server/IP address.

Ques: What is a reverse IP domain check?

Ans: This tool conducts searches for other sites by taking a domain name or IP address pointing to a web server, that is hosted on that same web server. Data is collected from search engine results, which further helps in taking action if they are promoting malicious content on them.

Ques: How To Use The Reverse Domain Lookup Tool?

Ans: To run a reverse IP search access the Reverse IP Domain Checker in your search browser and then click on the ‘Reverse IP lookup’ icon or simply copy/paste the URL in the box provided and submit. It will display a list of all the domains sharing the same IP address. Then you can click on any domain name, and it will open its site.

Ques: What is the importance of the Reverse IP Domain Checker tool?

Ans: This tool helps to discover ownership between domain names, performs analysis on malicious IP addresses, monitors domains on IP addresses of competitors, and discovers domains on the same server.

Ques: How to find the owner of an IP Address?

Ans: To find an owner of an IP address, you'll need to use the Reverse IP Domain Checkup tool to query an IP address. Along with the domain names, it will also provide you with the details of the network, organization, and contact information.

Ques: Can an IP address be traced to a physical address? 

Ans: There is no means to locate an exact physical geographical address with an IP address accessible to an end-user. You can contact the local authorities who are in control of the IP address to report abuse by a person behind an IP address.