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About Readability Checker

Have you ever tried reading some only to put it down on the table once you face its ill-written content? 

Even well-read people who come across difficulties in reading and understanding are put off, and it's just not novel but also webpages that are poorly written or have readability issues are often abandoned by visitors. 

One should not forget that search engines love well-structured and well-written copy, after all, quality is always a priority, and ranking without it is tough. No doubt poorly written text will drive your site's visitors even before they can action your page. Therefore you should be well aware of your site's readability and take necessary steps if needed to increase it.

So let's say you have come up with poor readability scores after running a check on your website. What do you do? 

You can either solve the issue manually, identifying places of mistakes and correcting each word by word, splitting sentences, switching passive construction to active ones, replacing longer terms with easy-to-understand synonymous or you can do smart work instead of this hard work by putting technology to work for you, and that is Readability Checker.

In the below article you will be given detailed information about the Readability Checker tool, its features, benefits, steps to use it, and its end users. So hold your curiosity high and keep reading.

What is Readability Checker? 

In plain saying, readability is an index that denotes the amount of effort a reader has to put to understand the content of a written text. Readability is determined by complexity, presentation, and syntactical and lexical means based on these an algorithm can calculate the readability score of your document. It gives you scores that will give you an idea of the grade level and education that will be needed for the reader to understand a specific text.

Readability Checker is an online SEO tool that offers you a rich and interactive method of examining the readability score of the text on your website. By placing the text you want to run the check on in the tool you are shown exactly how effective your text is in its readability level.

Features of Readability Checker 

• Multi-Platform Support

Unlike some tool that only functions on one kind of device, the Readability Checker can be used on PCs as well as mobile devices. You easily navigate and use this tool on any platform as per your wish.

• Safe and Secure

The data entered by the user with this tool remains perfectly safe. The servers can't read the data that is processed and analyzed and is deleted immediately once it's using it done.

• Multi-lingual

The multilingual system of this tool helps you to work on more than one language type without any trouble. If you have a multilingual site you can evaluate each version of the page's content. It supports languages like English, German, Portuguese, French, Scabies, and Russian.

• Easy to Use

Using the Readability Checker tool is simple and the user interface of this tool is friendly. This tool measures the readability of your text on different levels. Using this tool is simple yet fun since the user interface is made with impressive UI elements. 

• Additional Services

This tool not only provides you with the readability score of the text on your website but also gives you information on the total number of words, syllables per word, and characters in your text by analyzing the length of the sentence. This makes text formatting easier for users.

• Automated Readability Index

Automated Readability Index marks a number on your text approximating the grade level according to the comprehension ability of an individual. For example, if the outputs are the number 3, it means that the students in 3rd grade(8-9 years of age) can comprehend the text.

• Flesch Reading Ease formula 

The Flesch Reading Ease formula will output a number from 0 to 100 - the higher the score easier it is to read and understand the text. Flesch Reading Ease scores between 6-70 for an average document or file type. To say it simply, an average 5th grade should be able to understand text content with a score between 90-100. Scores of 60-70 for 8th and 9th-grade students, and scores 0-30 for college graduates.

• Flesch-Kincaid Grade

The Flesch-Kincaid Grade Level outputs indicate the comprehension ability of the student in an average grade. Let's say the Flesch-Kincaid Grade score of a text is 7.4, this suggests that an average student of 7th grade should be able to understand the text.

• FOG Formula

The fog scale is similar to the Flesch scale in that it compares syllables and sentence lengths. Understanding the Fog scale is easy if the score is 20 it means the text Readability is difficult, a score of 15 means it's difficult and a score of 5 tells you that the text is readable. 

• SMOG Index

The SMOG Index outputs indicate the reading and understanding level of an average student in that grade level. For example, a score of 7.4 indicates that an average student in 7th grade can understand the given text. 

• Coleman-Liau Index

Unlike other features, Coleman-Liau Index relies on characters rather than sentence length and syllable per word. The output of a grade from this formula tells you whether the text is appropriate for a particular grade. For example, 10.6 means your text is appropriate for a 10-11th grade high school student.

Benefits of Readability Checker tool

• Achieving target audience

The formulas in the Readability Checker tool help you to make the text easily understandable for your audience as per their reading level. It helps you achieve your target by giving you valuable information hence increasing the organic trafficking at your website.

• Improving SEO

Readability Checker plays a vital role in improving your SEO. Google favors user-friendly content which can be easily understood and have high quality. The bouncer rate is also affected by readability therefore it is important to focus on its improvement.

• Error-free content 

The readability Checker tool shows you the parts of your content that needs improvement or correction by highlighting the particular text. You are also provided with tooltips to help you with your editing by giving you specific suggestions. You can improve the quality of your content in real-time without spending much of your time. 

• Saves time 

To judge if the text is too hard or too easy to read the readability formulas do not need the targeted readers to read the entire text. Readability formulas help you to know if your material can be understood by the readers before time hence saving a lot of your time and money.

• Decrease bounce rate

It is seen that the bounce rate is low for websites having high readability scores compared to more challenging sites. If your readers struggle to comprehend your content he/she is more likely to abandon your website and never return. For this reason, improving the readability of your website is crucial.  

• Increases website ranking and visibility

The readability Checker tool helps improve the readability of your website leading to an increase in the ranking and viability of your website. This tool checks the spelling, grammar errors, and flow issues of the content also use to highlight unnecessary words or phrases making it popular among the sector of the society involved in the writing field. 

How To Use Readability Checker?

The following are the steps to use the Readability Checker tool

  1. • First of all, select the readability tool you want to check your text readability on. 
  2. • You can Copy and Paste your text into the tool or upload a document you want to perform the analysis on.
  3. • Click on Check Readability. Wait for a few seconds for the result to be shown.
  4. • Once the analysis is complete The tool will show you the readability score along with other information with the help of features like Flesch Kincaid Reading Ease, Flesch Kincaid Grade Level, Coleman Liau Index, and Automated Readability Index. 

Readability Checker tool is used by:

• Students

Student literacy is a big topic in our network these days. Integrating this tool into the learning method of students creates clarity in their thoughts and impacts their writing. This tool not just focuses on fixing students’ mistakes, but to give them a deeper understanding of their writing habits. This will ultimately lead them to also become more aware of language errors and how to avoid them.

Supporting students in the development of media literacy, and this awareness turns “writing for a grade” into “writing for an audience, with purpose.

• Teachers

Teachers need Readability Checkers as much as students do, as it helps them to prepare text according to the grade level of students. Readability formulas help in developing textbooks and other written material for the appropriate grade level of different students. 

It allows teachers to make student-friendly text that is neither too easy nor too difficult to read. It should be easy enough to comprehend and difficult enough to contribute to students’ academic development.

• Writers

As a technical writer knowing the interest and writing according to their comfort level of reading is important. That's when Readability metrics come to good use as it prioritizes the reader first. writing sentences that are like long and winding roads can leave your reader feeling a bit lost, Readability Checker tool helps make your content user-friendly by offering options for improvement.

• Bloggers

As a blogger, you would want to attract visitors to your site, therefore having readable content is needed if you want people to read your blog post. Readability also helps with search traffic as well. In this fast-moving world, people avoid putting effort into something time-consuming that's why they prefer to read easily understandable text. 

Improving readability isn’t something you should leave up to chance. Even great writers need help from software to ensure excellent readability. And Readability Checker offers the best features to improve your content resulting in increased traffic to your site.

• Business

In any business communication between the customer and seller is crucial. Marketing copy that gives complex ideas on materials might make a customer lose interest and bounce from your website. If they don't understand what you're trying to say why would they be interested in being a customer? 

Customers need to easily process information. The pressure for content to be engaging keeps mounting as businesses undergo digital transformations. The benefit of a readability score is that it assesses how easy the text is to read. Using this tool you can make sure that you're ideas are reached out to the audience in a readable and understandable format.

Final thoughts 

For a better understanding of the language and complexity level of the text, readability formulas prove to be an ideal solution. It helps in creating more effective text and learning materials. To achieve a higher readability score it is important to have an appropriate sentence count and word per sentence count while you're writing especially to attract a large group of people.  

When people visiting your site find it hard to grasp the information they tend to leave the page and move to the one that's easier to understand. People visit your site for solutions ns or to gain insight about something. Long phrases with fancy words might look impressive but will not impress your readers or Google. Having a readability test done tells you about the design of the text to make it easier for your readers to read. 

Readability Checker-related FQAs

Ques: Why is readability important? 

Ans: For your thoughts to be heard you need to make sure that the text you're using is not difficult to comprehend, while it comes to reading on the internet its easy for the readers to lose interest and move to another site, by improving your the structure of your text you can make sure your voice is heard, that is why readability is important.

Ques: What are the effects of readability on SEO?

Ans: Search engines do not usually score the readability index, as they pay attention to other aspects such as keyword density and uniqueness. Users will dedicate their time to checking text which are readable and, consequently, will stay on your web page longer. As a result, it will be ranked better, as the search engine will understand that people like what you write. 

A well-written article with a good readability score is more likely to be read by a bigger number of visitors, thus boosting bounce and exit rates that will result in better SEO.

Ques: What other information will I get when I run the readability test tool?

Ans: Besides the readability score you will be provided with average sentence length, number of syllables, percentage of long words, the average length of words, percentage of common words, and difficulty of the sentence. 

Ques: Is 40 a good readability score?

Ans: Your readability score determines the understanding level of different people. 40 is usually not considered a good score. We would say that 60-70 is much better. So make sure you analyze your text. 

Ques: Why use our readability checker?

Ans: The readability checker tool helps you to check what grade kids could easily read and understand your content. The calculator uses different readability formulas to analyze and generate an accurate reading level score to make your text readable and understandable to large groups of people.