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About Plagiarism Checker

Have you ever thought whenever you have written something on a paper that seems familiar to you? Have you ever had a feeling that you have read that line somewhere? Does this count as Plagiarism? This must have happened to you many times when you were writing a paragraph and found out that you have read it somewhere.

This could be considered Plagiarism. It is not necessary that you have done this knowingly but sometimes we are unknown to this that what we have written could be counted as plagiarism. It is a tool that checks duplicacy of content through the internet.

Students are much more aware of this term. While submitting assignments or projects they have to make sure that their assignments are plagiarism free. If this happens they can lose their marks and sometimes teachers can reject their assignments too. So for this, they use the Plagiarism Checker tool to make sure their content is 100 percent original and plagiarism free.

In this article, we discuss in detail about Plagiarism checker, Its benefits, its features, and who are its end users. We will also discuss how we can use this and how this tool works. 

What is Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarism Checker is an online tool that helps in detecting duplicacy of content. It is used by writers, freelancers, students, teachers, bloggers, etc. It helps in making the content accurate and plagiarism free. It scans and compares the content and detects plagiarism.

The plagiarism checker goes through the submitted content thoroughly and provides you with good results. This tool will also provide you with some suggestive keywords to make your content look unique and different. Using this tool can be very helpful to those people who are in the field of writing.

Features of Plagiarism Checker

Support various document format

You don't have to worry about the document format as the Plagiarism Checker tool supports various document formats. It means that Plagiarism Checker will work with any of the document formatting like .doc, .docx, .txt, .tex, .rtf, .odt, and .pdf. You just have to upload the file and it will check your content as soon as it gets uploaded.

Deep and thorough check

The plagiarism Checker tool has a feature that checks the content from millions of web pages at a time. Once you upload your file, it will automatically search from various web pages on the internet to give you the best of the best results at a very faster rate.

Sharing option

Yes, it does have a sharing option also as we have in any online shopping website or app. If you want to share your plagiarism report with someone, the Plagiarism Checker tool will help you with that also. It helps a lot to students sharing their project plagiarism reports with their teachers online.

Amazing rewriting tool option

So this tool does not only check for plagiarism but also if any plagiarism is found in your content it will quickly show you some results that when accepted will turn that content in the most unique way. It will help in rewriting the article without changing any message or information of the content.

URL Plagiarism Check 

The plagiarism Checker tool does not only check plagiarism tool for documents but it also checks plagiarism for URL links for the website. You just need to copy and paste the URL link of the website on the Plagiarism checker tool and then you are good to go.

Support different languages

This tool is also compatible with many kinds of languages. It does not only support the English language but can also be used for many languages like Hindi, French, Italian, Tamil, Telugu, German, Portuguese, etc.

Percentage Factor

Plagiarism Checker provides results in percentage form. Once you have uploaded the document and clicked on the Plagiarism Checker option you will be provided with the plagiarism report in percentage form like if it shows 20% plagiarism then it means that your file contains 20% plagiarism and 80% of the content is original or plagiarism free.

Reporting option

This tool also provides reporting option which allows you to download a report of the plagiarism search you run. This means you now have some sort of evidence to send across to the relevant parties and a record to keep. Awesome!

Cloud Compatibility 

Plagiarism Checker also works in Cloud station. It means this tool can check the plagiarism in content from a file that can be located in cloud storage like Dropbox and Google Drive. This feature makes it really awesome.

Provides results in an organized pattern

This tool provides results in percentage form. To provide more clarity and less confusion this tool shows you errors or duplicate words in a list format which makes it easy for you to understand. You will get to know about the errors word by word and sentence by sentence.

Benefits of Plagiarism Checker

AI-based technology

One of the most important benefits of Plagiarism Checker is that this tool is developed using AI technology. This helps in detecting even minor traces of plagiarism. This tool can also identify paraphrased sentences or articles in the content provided. The artificial Intelligence technique helps in comparing the content with millions of other sources to provide true and accurate results.

Writing enhancement

While checking plagiarism in the content it will also provide suggestions to improve the quality of the content. This will make the content more attractive and appealing. This tool will remove plagiarism instantly, highlight grammar errors, and will provide high-quality content ready to publish through any media.

Fastest Speed

Another advantage of using Plagiarism Checker to identify duplicacy in your content is that it offers deep and fast scanning of the content. It will give you 100 percent accurate result and scans the content deeply in a systematic way. You can also download the plagiarism report and can share it with others too.

Easy to understand 

If you are new to the field of blogging, writing, or freelancing and worried that your content might not be accepted by your clients as you don’t know how to use a Plagiarism Checker to improve your article. Then you should try it once. The plagiarism checker tool is very easy to use as well as understand. This tool is user-friendly. 

Safe and secure

If you are worried that while checking plagiarism in your content you might lose your valuable content over the internet. This does not happen as this tool ensures 100 percent safety of the data or content that it is about to check or has checked. All files and documents will be safe and secure while doing Plagiarism analysis.

How to use Plagiarism Checker

Although the process of Plagiarism Checker is very simple and easy to understand. We will tell you the whole process in the very simplest way. To know the steps please read our below points.

  • First of all, you need to write an article or a paragraph on which you want to perform the plagiarism checker tool.
  • After this, go to By reaching the webpage you can simply copy-paste the content on the space provided or you can also upload the file under the option ‘Upload Your File’.
  • Once you upload the file and click on the ‘Check Plagiarism’ button, the system will start the process 
  • Now the system will evaluate the text from millions of internet sources and within a few minutes, you will be provided with results in percentage form.
  • If it shows 0% plagiarism it means that your content is 100% original and plagiarism free.
  • If it shows 30% plagiarism, it means that your content is 30% duplicate and 70% original. This tool will also show you some suggested keywords which can reduce the plagiarism percentage in the content.
  • You can use those suggested keywords which will make your content unique and different.
  • After this, you can download the report or share it with anyone using sharing option.

Plagiarism Checker can be used by 

We have already discussed what is Plagiarism Checker tool, its uses, and its importance. Now we should discuss for whom this tool can be useful. It means who are the end customers of this tool. 

For Bloggers

For bloggers who create content almost regularly, it is difficult for them to think differently every day about every topic. And to create content that has unique and different features is not possible every time. It is also important for them to write in a way that can increase traffic to their article or essay to keep their business running.

To avoid any kind of duplicity in the content Plagiarism Checker tool can be used by them. This tool is very handy and can increase their reader's interest in their writings. This tool has a quality in increasing visitor engagement also which can benefit you and your business to grow in no time.

For Students

Being a student, you are required to make projects and assignments with good and quality content. If you do not write up to the expectations you might lose some of your marks in the assignment given by your teacher.and if your teacher finds out that you have copy pasted the assignment from the internet, you will surely gonna lose your marks. 

With the help of the Plagiarism Checker tool, you can quickly check your content plagiarism report and with the help of some suggestions, you can make your content unique and different from the previous one.

For Teachers

Nowadays teachers teach from presentations instead of teaching their students from books which is a traditional way of teaching. To make presentations they search for a language that is easy to understand. Plagiarism Checker tool helps in providing plagiarism-free content and your students will not feel that they have seen the presentation somewhere else.

This tool can also be helpful if you are writing a novel, a thesis, or undergoing a case study that requires a lot of writing. It will save a lot of your time and energy and give you the best results within less time.

For Freelancers

Freelancers have a different burden of work. A freelance writer has to write articles for their customers. For this, they have to be updated, skilled, and deliver high-quality content which requires a lot of expertise and knowledge to write. This becomes even more difficult when you have a lot of projects in your hand with deadlines. 

Losing a customer is the last thing they would want to do and doing this much word is quite impossible. For this, they can use the Plagiarism Checker tool. This will also be helpful when they have to write repetitive articles with almost the same topic as it will find plagiarism in the content and help them to remove the same.

Other Users

Not only students, Bloggers, but teachers can also use this tool. But also in the corporate world, this tool can help a lot of people in getting their work done easily. In many workplaces, you will be expected to write something useful and unique. At that time you can use the Plagiarism Checker tool to create better content and have a good impression on your seniors. 

Consequences of Plagiarism Checker

Consequences for Students

Some institutions take plagiarism very seriously and if they find out that a student has copied the assignment from the internet then it can lead to zero marks in the assignment as well as a suspension for that particular student. This can lead to a dark future for the students. 

Even in cases where there is only a small percentage of plagiarism is involved, it can give a bad impression of the student on the teacher and the institute. This will create an embarrassing situation for the students and can lead to expulsion or suspension.

Consequences for Journalists

Journalists are expected to have plagiarism-free content in their news which is quite difficult for them to maintain. If the readers found out that the report has plagiarised content then this can ruin their whole career at once.

It can reduce their career by a large margin. The companies in which they are working can also take strict legal action against them which will again increase their burden.

Consequence for Professionals

Any kind of plagiarism is also not acceptable in the field of blogging, freelancing, writing, or anything that involves writing. If you are producing good quality content which is unique and plagiarism free then you are good to go. 

But if your client finds out any kind of duplicacy or plagiarism in your work you can lose all your projects and then have the option to give a bad rating which can be seen by other companies and can lead to hampering your growth prospects.

Plagiarism Checker - Related FAQs

Ques: Are Plagiarism Checkers 100 percent accurate?

Ans: Most of the time they give accurate results as they gather data from millions of other sources. But at times they can give wrong or different results. So, we can not completely rely on just one website's results.

Ques: What level of plagiarism is acceptable?

Ans: To answer this question, there are different levels of acceptability based on the fields. Generally, less than 15% of plagiarism is acceptable in Journalism and less than 25% of plagiarism is considered acceptable for students.

Ques: Is it illegal to use a Plagiarism Checker?

Ans: No, it is not illegal to use a Plagiarism Checker to check your content. For more detailed information you can refer to the above article.

Ques: How do I check my Plagiarism?

Ans: You can check your content for Plagiarism using various websites. For more detailed information you can refer to the above article.

Ques: Is 30% plagiarism too much?

Ans: in general terms, more than 25% of plagiarism is not considered as good. So, 30% plagiarism is too much plagiarism which can be removed or reduced using an article rewriting tool.