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Imagine if you go to the market and want to buy some books related to your study. You don't know where you will get it, at the time you check the exact location on Google Maps, isn't it? Most people or students do that. Likewise, if you want to know the IP address of your website then there is a most useful tool you can use. It is the fastest and the most reliable tool for checking the IP address of your website.

An IP address is not the same for all. It is computer related term where IP address is different from each other. As a result, your IP address has some authenticity and is highly significant to your online lifestyle. IP addresses a significant role in computer-related terms. As a user, you should know your IP address. There are several reasons why you should know your IP address.

Importance of knowing your IP address and what is the reason we created this tool what is my IP address location etc. All these terms we are going to discuss in this article in detail. Let's begin...

Importance of an IP address

Without an IP address you cannot access the web pages you have like Google, Facebook, YouTube, and the small SEO tool. Without permission or request, you wouldn't know where to send the information. And that is the reason why we should know the address because where the site sent the requested information to your computer. 

Whenever you are browsing on the internet that time you click on a URL or enter. It simply means you are requesting those pages by your browsing activity. 

What does it mean? 

IP address means internet protocol. For example, if you purchase a new TV unit for your house. With The TV unit, you will get a user manual. There are several kinds of instructions and guidelines for the user on how to activate or handle a TV unit isn't it? Likewise, while browsing on the computer there is some protocol that you have supposed to follow.

There are some regulations and guidelines on computer networks while browsing it is called a protocol. An address is a part of an IP address which simply means a unique set of numbers for each link to all your internet or browsing activity. 

What is the structure of an IP address?

There is a unique numeric identifier separated by periods and different by every device in a network. Computer, router, modem, printer, switch, pen drive, and any other devices that are of IP base network. In a networking architecture, an IP address please a vital role. No network without an IP address.

Meanwhile, it is a core part of the networking structure. By your internet service provider, you are automatically assigned your active IP address once you are online on the computer. An IP address is very important to access the internet whether on a laptop or computer. It is not assigned to people but it is assigned to the computer. 

What is the importance of an IP address in a computer network?

There are two major purposes behind IP addresses and they are as follows; 

For the interface in identification and location for a network of devices.  An IP address is a unique identifier and it also empowers computers to send and receive information to a specific computer. To connect smoothly to share information to find each other computer networks are some activities which make it possible due to IP address. 

If you want to study in detail an IP address it might be a complicated study or structure rather than another storm but we are focusing on the term itself. 

What are the different versions of IP addresses?

Generally, there are two different versions of IP addresses. The first one is internet protocol version 4 and the second one is internet protocol version 6. 

The first category of internet protocol version 4 includes numbers bit and it was designed firstly. It can be also classified into some different categories from class A to class E. 

On the other hand, there are the second version which is internet protocol version 6 includes 128 bit and is designed to take the load of the first version for the fast growth of the internet. So these are two major versions of IP addresses. 

What are the different types of IP addresses?

There are two types of IP addresses. Private IP addresses and public IP addresses are two major types. private IP addresses are closely related to the static and reusable in nature and also can be preserved by the internet engineering task force. the usually served as a permanent internet address for your website on your computer network. You can easily find out private IP addresses which begin with 10, 172.16, and 192.1.

The public IP address is dynamic in nature they might be changed based on the situation because it is a temporary purpose IP address. Public IP addresses are assigned to possess each time whenever they are connected to the world wide web.

If you want to share over various computers, then you have to borrow a pull of IP addresses while browsing on the internet. This is helpful to communicate across the world by sending and receiving request process. Both types of IP addresses are unique and different from each other including some different features too. 

How does IP address work?

Whenever you are browsing the web pages this tool will automatically collect some information instantly before you. The IP address doesn't want any user to do something for the IP address which is the best feature of this tool. Because whenever you visit web pages it is used to start collecting the data which is listed above to display. 

How to check the IP address? 

Each computer has a different and unique IP address from the other when it connects online. Your internet service provider gives you access to the internet for browsing activity. So this is a process by using the IP address of your internet activity. 

Meanwhile, these are public IP addresses. It can be changed at any time if you do something as simple as turning off or changing your router pen drive or modem. Whenever you work remotely your IP address is assigned to your computer, not to you.

Whenever you are in the hospital you will see there is a different IP address which is the front of your home. Similarly, it happens whenever you go like to a restaurant or library or anywhere.

Why location is important in IP address?

It is simply a means that you cannot bring with you your IP address every time wherever you go. If you want to travel out of town or city you can bring your laptop and see your IP address is different from whom IP address it doesn't go with you from home to out of station or city. Subsequently whenever you go outside your IP address changes based on your location or network whenever connect the network to the web. It will not remain the same.

If changing your Wi-Fi from time to time you are IP address also will change every time. Because these kinds of IP addresses are temporary and are assigned to your laptop or a computer by the service provider. So whenever you go outside you must check your IP address that would be great for your understanding regarding IP address.

What is your IP address tool? 

As a user, your internal protocol location is simply checking the IP address that is already assigned to your computer wherever you go. this tool not only provides your address but it gives you a map of where the IP address is located actually and information about the internet protocol host and its location including the hostname on, country, city, latitude, and longitude. 

Why are we supposed to check an IP address? 

There are different reasons to check IP addresses for different purposes. But here is some major reason why you should look up your IP address; 

  • Firstly, for security purposes, you can check your IP address.
  • Secondly, which bank links form want to build for that reason you can check your IP address.
  •  For all records, you can maintain them. It is important to check about right information, isn’t it? Whether it is providing the right information about you that should be rechecked by using an IP address.
  • To check your incoming and outgoing activities.
  • An IP address is also important for gaming for remote desktop application proxy detection and for technical support too.

Final Thoughts:

Overall we come to know that if you want to check your IP address then you must follow some steps which as explained above. There are two major types of IP addresses that are Public and Private. Both have different features accordingly. Your IP address cannot remain the same every time. It will be changed based on your location and network connection.

An IP address is important to check, it is like a slip or report where you get the right information about your network location and IP address too. It is the fastest and the most reliable tool for checking the IP address of your website.

What is My IP address FAQs

Ques.: Can we check our IP address anywhere?

Ans.: Yes, you can check your IP address anywhere. (all over the world)

Ques.: Can we check our IP address based on private or public?

Ans.: Yes, you can check according to your network connection.

Ques.: What kind of details we can get by checking the IP address?

Ans.: You can get the actual and detailed report based on your network and location.

Ques.: What is the full form of IP address?

Ans.: The full form of IP address is Internet Protocol.