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All webmasters and website owners must know the metrics used by search engines for ranking a website in search results. This is because when they know the factors that can increase the ranking they can work on those parameters so that their ranking can be improved and generate better results than normal.

Mozrank is one such parameter. This tool is very handy and tells you how your website or any other website is performing on the search engine result page. People who are SEO experts are well aware of this tool and use it very frequently to get a clear and accurate picture of a website.

This tool tells a site’s optimization efforts to improve positions and post traffic which is very useful for website owners. Although there are many factors on which search engines depend on ranking the site, one such factor is Mozrank and with the help of the Mozrank Checker tool, you can quickly check the ranking of a website on a search engine.

However, search engines do not exactly disclose the parameters it depends on while giving ranking. But using this tool can certainly help you in improving your ranking. In today’s article, we will discuss the Mozrank Checker tool, how this work, and what is its importance. We will tell you the benefits of using this tool in the right way.

What is a Mozrank Checker?

Mozrank Checker is a tool that analyzes the links of websites and ranks them based on their performance on the basis of the unique algorithm used by this tool. Big marketing agencies work hard to rank higher their client’s websites on search engines. This tool is used by many people like freelancers, bloggers, webmasters, SEO experts, marketing agencies, promotional experts, etc. 

Mozrank Checker is a very good tool for analyzing the overall performance of a website. As website links are a very important factor for Google, it gives more ranking to that website that has more useful and good links to its website. Not only this but also the website needs to be trustworthy and seems genuine to Google in order to rank higher.

Google ranks any website based on almost 200 factors. Mozrank Checker calculates its score between 1 - 10 on a scale. When a website ranks 10 points, it means that Mozrank has given it the highest ranking, and when a website is given 1 point, it means that website has the lowest ranking on Mozrank Checker.

How to use the Mozrank Checker tool?

Using the Mozrank Checker tool is not very complicated. With the help of this tool, you will be able to know how a website is performing and can analyze your website deeply. Now we will tell you how this tool works and to know this you have to follow the steps which are quite simple and these are:

  • To get started with the Mozrank Checker tool you first need to go to
  • After clicking on any link you will reach its page where you can use the Mozrank Checker tool.
  • To continue further, you can copy-paste, or simply enter your website URL in the space provided for Mozrank Checker.
  • After entering the link, you need to click on the option ‘Check Mozrank’ to get the result.
  • Once, you click on the submit button, the system will give you the result based on over 200 metrics.

With the help of this tool, you can quickly analyze a website and can perform corrective measures in case any improvement is required. As a result, your website can get higher visitors to your page and you can enjoy the leverage of increased traffic and revenue.

How does the Mozrank Checker tool work?

Now we have understood what the Mozrank Checker tool is and how we can use this tool. Now let us know how this tool works. This tool works differently compared to other ranking tools that provide ranking to a website. When you will check for your website ranking, this tool will start scanning your system and accordingly provide your score based on your site’s performance.

This tool will tell the authenticity of a website. It will check the quality and relevance of the links of a website. This tool will provide a higher score to that website that has good quality, relevant and authentic links to a website. This tool undertakes various parameters while giving ranking to a website.

One can be page hits on a website, other can be traffic generated by the website. All these parameters provide a greater and fair running parameter to the Mozrank Checker tool. Mozrank Checker tool will combine all these scores and then give a collective score to a website. 

Websites that have huge traffic generally have high Mozrank Checker scores while the websites having less traffic will have low Mozrank Checker scores. As already discussed, the Mozrank Checker tool provides ranking on a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being the worst score and 10 being the excellent score.

How to improve your Mozrank Checker score?

We now know how we can check our or any other website’s rank through the Mozrank Checker score system and how this system works, we will not tell you some tips with the help of which you can increase your Mozrank Checker score and ultimately your ranking on search engine. To know about such tips please follow our below steps.

Use diversified online platforms

Using various online social media platforms can enhance your presence online and create a space in the visitor's browsing. Creating good content is a good thing but to make it reach the maximum number of people you need to make use of all the online platforms. Every webmasters and SEO expert have their presence online through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. 

Posting content on these sites can make your content reach the maximum number of people and you will get a diversified variety of people reading your content. For this, you can create new accounts on these social media platforms with your domain name. This will make people believe that your site is authentic and good. Whenever they read your post and visit your website, your website traffic will increase.

Use good and valuable links

For increasing your rank on the Mozrank Checker tool it is important that you are using good quality and valuable links on your website. Then only you will be able to pull up your website’s performance and side by side your ranking will also be improved. Using good likes on your website can attract more visitors on your website and your website can become a hit among them.

For this, you can join a link exchange program that is not illegal. These links will help you generate more visitors to your site. You can join link programs that are in a similar interest to your business and you can then exchange links with them. This will help you grow your business as well as others' business also.

Posting comments on other sites

One of the smartest ways of improving your ranking on the search engine result page (SERP) is by posting comments on other sites. You can find websites or blogs or articles that have content on topics that are similar to your content. These websites should allow external comments that can be posted on their blogs.

Now you can post comments on their blogs and make sure to leave your site URL in the comment section. When people read their blog or article and read your comment, there is a high probability that they will open your website through the link mentioned in the comment. This way you can reach out to more new visitors each time people open your link and your site’s ranking will also improve.

Mozrank Checker - Related FAQs

Ques: What is Moz rank checker?

Ans: Mozrank Checker is a tool that analyzes the links of websites and ranks them based on their performance on the basis of a unique algorithm used by this tool. Big marketing agencies work hard to rank their client’s websites on search engines.

Ques: How do I know my page rank?

Ans: With the help of the Mozrank Checker tool you can quickly check your page and website rank on the search engine result page. For more information, you can read the above article written by us.

Ques: What's Mozrank?

Ans: Mozrank is the rank given to the links of a website. The rank is given using the tool Mozrank checker which gives ranking based on the quality of the links used in a website

Ques: Is Mozrank Checker a useful tool?

Ans: yes, Mozrank Checker is a very useful tool that can help in improving a website's ranking and increase website engagement through increased traffic.