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About Long to Short Link Converter

People often tend to trust shorter URLs with more trust compared to longer ones. Lengthy URLs with many unique characters are disliked due to their unpleasant appearance. Undoubtedly, after opening the short URL are redirected to the long URL, but no one other than those who are learning about the domain name goes through the full address in the bar. With the help of our URL shortened tool, you can give a shorter version to that long link to your website, which can be placed for promotional purposes anywhere on the internet. 

The links often crash if you are aiming to deliver them via an instant messaging service due to several chat engines that yet have a character limit and do not deliver suspicious messages because of so many characters in a terrible sequence. Our Long to Short Link Converter tool can let you give those long URLs a shorter structure for you to share on various social media platforms for marketing goals. Usually, social sites hold the authentic snapshot of the site behind the URL, consequently making it better clickable and trustable.

You can use our Long to Short Link Converter tool to generate as many short links as you want. In the article below you will get to know more about the features and benefits of this tool and the steps to proceed with it. 

What is a Long to Short Link Converter?

A Long-to-Short Link Converter, also recognized as a link shortener, looks like a simple tool, but it is a service that can bring about an astonishing result in your marketing efforts. Long to Short Link Converter tool functions by converting any long URL into its shorter and more readable version. When a user taps the shortened version, they’re directly forwarded to the destination URL.

Suppose a short URL is a more elucidate and distinguished nickname for your long webpage address you can utilize this tool so that people maintain a fair idea about where your link will direct before they click on it. If you’re giving content to the online kingdom, you need a URL shortener.

Features of Long to Short Link Converter tool

In addition to that fundamental facility, here are the features you should look for in a Long to Short Link Converter:

Analytics and click tracking

When you share someone else's post with your audience and you won't have much knowledge about the number of people—and who—click through; all that information will be in that person's Google Analytics account. However, if you employ a Long to Short Link Converter, you'll have a different short URL, so you will as well be able to catch how many clicks the link receives, where they're arriving from, and the devices used. 

 Customization of URLs

The best URL shorteners allow you to customize your shortened URLs. This means you can make your URLs more relevant, or use different links in multiple ads or social media posts to compare click-through rates. Many basic or free plans for a short link generator only let you change the last part of the URL, while the more business-focused services enable you to use a custom domain.

 Shorten URLs in bulk

URL Shortener tool allows you to shorten the length of URLs in bulk. Simply input the list of URLs that you need to shorten, and within an instant have them customized. You can produce short links with the use of this advanced URL shortener without any hurdles. 

 Better aesthetic appeal

A Long to Short Link Converter is handy when it comes to improving the aesthetic appeal of a URL. Short and distinct URLs tend to appear prettier when shared on social media platforms. Not just restricted to social media, but they are moreover beneficial when constructing other sorts of content such as a print ad or an infographic, and you require to put in a URL. Additionally, for mobile device users, a shorter URL will give them a satisfactory user experience.

Does Not Give you a permanent URL

Long to Short Link Converter is a favorable alternative because temporary URLs expire after a specific term, and their goal is fulfilled when you share them. While on the other hand, permanent URLs are utilized by well-known trademarks and hence are not a reasonable choice for websites that just footed into the competition.

Transforms lengthy URL To Smaller Readable Form

The long to Short Link Converter tool changes your URL’s structure, creating it to be more reliable and understandable. Most people on the internet avoid clicking on long-winded URLs because they seem spammy.

Steps to use Long to Short Link Converter 

Create a short URL by following the steps given below:

  1. On the page of our Long to Short Link Converter tool you will see an address bar that says “Enter URL”.
  2. Paste your URL in the box given. 
  3. After entering the domain in the field click on the “Generate Link” button. 
  4. Within a matter of seconds, this tool will create a shortened link for the website address you entered. 

Benefits of using Long to Short Link Converter 

 A small URL is Manageable

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about making better ranking in search engines, particularly Google. One of the lead components that Google or any other search engine assesses in the URL is the keywords. The URLs support describing the webpage content, so it throws a challenge for the user to diminish the URL and then use it. Long-winded links are troublesome to share through e-mails and on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. Tools like Long to Short Link Converter help to generate small URLs and are more manageable.

Useful When Sharing the Content

As we all are aware, some social media sites like Twitter maintain a character limit that doesn’t let users post lengthy URLs. Hence, the post must be appropriate and concise. Long to Short Link Converter generates a short URL that makes a shorter web address better accurate information about the topic that you wish to share rather than having a tweet with an extremely long URL and misleading content. Besides, it is suggested to brand a URL built with a link compressor so that you recognize when it is shared.

The Shorten URL Comes with Traffic Monitors

Curious about the accomplishment of the content and how it is being adopted by the users, a conventional link compressor can even enable you to track the behavior of your social media posts and sharing actions over a precise period. 

Nonetheless, it is crucial to know if the link-shortened tool is not negatively affecting your SEO. There is no question that the more the topic will be shared, the better it is, and it would be a disgrace if a link generated with the use of a free URL shortener isn’t perceived by the algorithms utilized by search engines.

Can Be Used In Marketing Scheme

You can share the shortened link on various networks, and make it a basis of your marketing scheme. Because, maximum social sites today check out for viruses before allowing you to share the link, which strengthens more to its trustworthiness.

Shortened Links are More User-Friendly.

While posting lengthy links on social media, can look like spam or bring about suspicion in the users from clicking on something they don't know. In specific, amplifying tracking parameters (like a UTM code) to your links can arise in URLs that look lengthy and complicated. Long to Short Link Converter can convert spammy-looking links into understandable and user-friendly links.

Track your Links' Analytics. 

Various link shorteners allow you to track your links' execution and analytics, which can assist you to infer which portions of the content perform competently on distinct platforms. Normally, you’ll be able to recognize the number of people who tapped on the link in a preset portion of time and where a maximum of the clicks are arriving from. By learning this, you can know better what your audience is connecting with, and modify your marketing techniques consequently.

Include Shortened URLs in your Social Posts.  

All social media networks restrict the number of characters you can encompass in your posts. LinkedIn and Twitter carry the shortest character limits at 700 and 280 characters, respectively, so if you wish to squeeze a link or add an extra hashtag in a post of yours, the Long to Short Link Converter can allow you to remain within the limit.

Shortened Links Don’t Need Anchor Text. 

Anchor text means a term or phrase that is hyperlinked. Marketers utilize anchor text to optimize their links and confirm that it suggests the content that the link directs to. If you’re putting in an URL in a spot where you can’t put in anchor text (for example in a social media post or social media bio), you can choose to shorten the link and incorporate the keyword in the slug. 

Shortened URLs Count as Backlinks and Improve your SEO. 

Since shortened URLs are important 301 redirects, they are counted as backlinks, because they’re yet indicating to your site. Utilizing a Long to Short Link Converter service enhances your SEO because it provides you with the potential to link to your web pages and blog posts in more places. 

Looks Better

To begin with the obvious, a Long to Short Link Converter or link shortener can improve your link to look extra visually attractive. A shorter link looks competently better and more reliable compared to a lengthy one. Particularly when the links are customized.

Uses Limited Characters

In situations where there are a restricted number of characters to be used, a Long to Short Link Converter tool can help you squeeze in the URL you need to share, without troubling yourself with those additional characters. For example, on Twitter, where you include 280 characters to share your tweet, the ultimate thing you prefer is to use up those characters with a lengthy link.

Higher click-through rate

On social media platforms, folk is more aware of shortened links. They believe shorter links are more reliable, and as a result, are more likely to be clicked on in comparison to lengthier ones. Only by altering your long links to shorter ones, you can enrich the effectiveness of your social media technique.  

Who can use the Long to Short Link Converter?

Digital Business 

Your digital business requirements are getting new every day. It requires additional technologies, sites, updating, and a lot more. Therefore, it is up to you to understand the attributes and workings of every tool you are thinking to practice in the business and see if they satisfy as promising in your mind for the task.

Long to Short Link Converters are known as URL shorteners or link compressors or link shrinkers. There are numerous names for the same thing. Long-to Short Link Converters today are concentrated primarily on analytics, link tracking, link branding, and retargeting.


There are many reasons for averting short-lasting URLs, if the service that authorized you a permanent URL runs down for a day or entirely, it will have a considerable negative influence on the traffic of your site. The link will crash, and all the hard work you lay into usage for sharing that URL over the internet will vanish in a flash. For this crucial purpose, it is important to utilize our Long to Short Link Converter tool to create short links for a temporary amount of time for sharing bases.

You can start by putting in your main keyword to your domain name, to provide your SEO with a starting notch. The rest all counts on the selection of your keywords as the more long-tail keywords you put into practice, the better. Yet, do not encompass more than two to three percent of keywords in the passage of your full page. It’s the ratio recommended by webmasters because numerous websites get penalized as they overstuff keywords in their content. However, it allows you to rank rapidly, but when Google discovers your black hat scheme, there’s no getaway from the penalties of search engines.


Marketers can skillfully add brand insight by developing keyword-enriched short links because often most users click through the links which seem simple to go over and create around a brand.

Certainly, shorter links are more user-friendly compared to their larger counterparts, yet more than that, the power to track link metrics is a chance no savvy marketer would want to pass up. 

Keep in mind, ideally, you’ll prefer to utilize custom-branded URLs. Branded URLs create more faith and receive great click-through rates. Besides, they deter users from assuming your links might be spam.

 Social Media Handlers 

Link shorteners give analytics to reveal who has clicked on your links, and they’re very often accessible through a centralized dashboard position. This useful data on your posts can be incorporated into your content technique to assist you in creating more of what resonates with your audience and minor of what doesn't.  

Nowadays several websites are constructed in such a way that Long to Short Link Converters are used as quickly as the user carries a certain action, such as when they tap on the share button. Nearly all social media authority tools integrate short links, and practically always these are utilized to collect statistics.


The long to Short Link Converter tool allows you to curtail long links from YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other leading sites on the Internet, simply copy-paste the lengthy URL and click the "Shorten to URL" button. Then copy the shortened link and share it on email, websites, and chat. Later compressing the URL, find out how many clicks it earned.

Your shortened URLs can be employed in documents, blogs, publications, advertisements, forums, instant messages, and other areas. Track statistics for your firm and programs by regulating the number of people who clicked on your URL with the click counter, you don't need to register.


Long to short link converters can be utilized for many important reasons such as link masking where you hide and beautify ugly or long affiliate links. Lengthy link addresses can put off viewers so it is important to maintain the short link and to indicate which URL shortener tools like the Long to Short Link Converter assist with.

Long-to-short link converter can furthermore assist to shorten a long domain to create it reasonable and eye-catching. Shortening the links likewise supports tracking. That's the reason why possessing a useful link-shortening appliance like a long-to-short link converter is essential.

You are required to examine all the features and excellence of the tools you are going to utilize, even in link shorteners you should select the right one and bring in a reasonable selection among abundant link shorteners tools out there. Finally, if you want a link shortener that is valid, easy to use, and hence a long to short link converter tool is certainly a good choice. 

Long to Short Link Converter- Related FQAs

Ques: What is a Long to Short Link Converter tool?

Ans: Long to Short Link Converter is an online URL shortener tool that works for you to shorten your long links for numerous purposes. It has a unique pack of features, aspects, and designs to fit your different requirements. It is also very simple and worthwhile to use.

Ques: How does the Long to Short Link Converter tool work?

Ans: The workings of the Long to Short Link Converter tool can be rather basic as well as intricate. However, the working of this special link converter tool is reasonably basic and convenient. All you have to do is copy-paste the actual lengthy URL in the field given and then click on the "Generate link" button and the new version of your shortened link will be displayed on the screen. Then You can click on the download link option.

Ques: What are the benefits of a short URL?

Ans: People can't memorize long web addresses, particularly if they have lots of unique symbols and characters. On the other hand, a short URL can make your link more memorable. It not only helps people to remember and share the link easily with others but also improves traffic to your content dramatically. On a further practical scale, a short URL is easier to merge into your collateral whether you want to engage with your clients online or offline.

Ques: Why do I need to shorten links?

Ans: It is a general thing that the links from the internet are often very long. They are quite long for messengers and you can't just use them on your social media platforms. Long links usually break and do not direct to the page you expect. The shorter links not only look nice but also take you to the correct page, and are very easy to remember.

Ques: Why is it necessary to use short URLs?

Ans: The link has great significance because it can find page parameters. Furthermore, marketers use UTM, which makes the URL longer in duration. It is a problematic way to deliver such a kind URL. Occasionally even messengers, blogs, and forums don't favor enormously long links. That is when short URLs are important and that's when the Long to Short Link Converter comes in handy.