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About Free Link Analyzer Tool

There are a number of SEO tools in the market. On the internet, you will get a number of SEO tools similar to each other. Just imagine you went to the market and you like one dress and you bought it. But the same dress if you get it by paying less price it would be better, isn't it? And if you get a gift from your close one then you will feel on top of the cloud, right?

Similarly, there are a number of SEO tools all over the internet but some are the best free online tool like the link analyzer tool. The link analyzer tool is one of the useful tools if you want to track all links of your website then you must go with the link analyzer tool. There is an internal and external link to your website so you can analyze both by using this tool.

In this article, we, are going to discuss a small SEO tool, how it works, what its importance of it, how we can get effective results, what are the advantages of this tool and so on. Let’s about this tool in detail, which makes you mind why we need to use this. 

Link Analyzer - A small SEO tool

It is a small SEO tool to analyze the link on your website. As a user or a webmaster if you want to rebuild and analyze your links then you must go with this small SEO tool because this simple process of reviewing and analyzing makes you feel easier. 

Link Analyzer SEO tool analyzes the link on one URL at a time. Everyone wants a detailed and accurate report isn't it? So if you want to depth link audit and review or you want to check in detail individual web pages or links one by one then you are at the right place. Yes of course you can use the link analyzer tool by a small SEO tool. 

How to use the Link Analyzer SEO tool?

If you want to check in detail our link one by one, then go to the browser tab and enter the URL of the web page that you want to review and analyzed.  External and internal links can be checked by the stool so you can also check the box to know which link you are going to analyze. 

How does it work actually?

Link analyzer tool checker by small SEO tool is helpful for owners and webmasters, especially for professionals in analyzing the links on a website. This is one of the major tools when you get to know about your internal and external links.

what you have supposed to do is just write the URL of your website in the given box and then click on the button and the analyze links. This link analyzer tool gives you a depth report on your request in just a few seconds. The result gets you immediately about the links. 

What actually will you get in the report?

After the report, you can see details of the internal and external links in the result itself.

There are four things that you get while the website link checker will show you in the report as follows; 

ü  How many links are there on your web pages?

ü  How many internal links are there on your web pages?

ü  How many external links are on a web page?

ü  A number of no follow and do follow the links on the web pages.

Why it is called a helpful tool?

This link analyzer tool is a really helpful tool that gives you a detail about the link which is helpful for your website or blogs. Which links are external and internal both added to your website that help you to analyze what should be there on your website and what should not? 

By using the Link Analyzer SEO tool, you can easily identify the not working link that you can easily remove instantly. If you want to improve the quality of web pages then you must try this tool to avoid such dead links on your web pages.

The small SEO tool is beneficial to the webmaster and especially for business purposes to improve search engine optimization of their website. It gives you immense pleasure to get a good page ranking for your website. 

Why it is an important tool? 

Yeah!! there are a number of SEO tools that might be you get attracted but according to importance, there is one of the most beneficial and useful tools for professionals. It is a most useful tool for many website owners and webmasters because it provides information about the inbound and outbound links of a particular website.

After that result, you get an idea about the importance of the link of your website that you can compare between inbound and outbound links and competitor's websites too. Google uses different parameters for search engine optimization to get the rank of your website. So we cannot say what is the exact parameter to get the rank of search engine optimization on your website.

That is why it is always good to know which web pages are good and which are not. because it will definitely help you to get rank higher on search engine optimization. This small SEO tool can help you to identify your web page link which is good or bad one links. 

If you try this tool, you will get a better idea of how to improve page ranking if there is good content, accessibility, and cleanliness. just if you want to keep in mind to stay focused and achieve your goal go ahead to get the rank of your web pages. 

What are the advantages of this small SEO tool?

The link analyzer tool can analyze the internal and external links even follow and non-following links of your website. Definitely, we can say that by using this tool you can boost the confidence of the website owner webmaster, and SEO professional in the market. So there is healthy competition will increase among the companies.

The small SEO tool gives you reliable results and is used to analyze both internal acts and external links on a particular website. As a result, you will get a table of both internal and external links to your website. Even if there’s a hidden or spam be also analyzed by this tool.

What do you have to focus on?

You will get the result of your links. These results also give you an idea about which links are creating traffic or backlinks that might be helpful to grow and feel a smooth experience avoiding such useless links. By using this tool, you can focus on your web pages according to the importance and the improvements to get a higher page ranking in SEO like Google. 

Getting the top rank which depends on the quantity and the quality of external and internal links. It is essential to check based on requirements, to the prepared base on the website, to create different techniques, etc. are used by competitors in the reliable market.  If you want to reliable backlink analysis report for your analyzer, then this link analyzer tool will be helpful to you all over the time.

How to use this tool in an effective manner? 

It is the most critical aspect of optimization search engine optimization to analyze in detail. You need to go and check the total links that are linked to your website including external and internal too. By using this tool, you will get a proper analysis of your links that will let you know the benefits when it comes to SEO.

Final Thoughts

There are a number of SEO tools all over the internet but this is the best free online tool you can find data on the internet ever. This tool can provide you with all the information that you want to check about the links on your website. There is no professional skill required to use the Link Analyzer SEO tool. You don't need to register anywhere or download to use Link Analyzer SEO tool.

Meanwhile, what are you waiting for??? Just go and use the Link Analyzer SEO tool as much as you can for the improvement of your website. By using this tool as a user you will realize that your process of work will become so smooth and your website would get highlighted by this search engine optimization tool.

The Link Analyzer Tool FAQs

Ques.: Link Analyzer Tool is it free?

Ans.: Yes, absolutely, it is a free online tool.

Ques.: Why are we supposed to use this tool?

Ans.: It is easy to use and if you want to improve your website then you must go with this tool.

Ques.: Can we get a detailed report about the links?

Ans.: Yes, absolutely you can get detailed reports of both internal and external links.

Ques.: What do we have to focus on while using the Link Analyzer SEO tool?

Ans.: You have to focus on which links are really useful and which are not by using the Link Analyzer SEO tool. (Backlinks and Spam links)

Ques.: Why it is demanded tool?

Ans.: In the market, there is a number of users who used this tool because this is one of the best and easiest tools ever.

Ques.: Is it useful for whom?

Ans.: It is useful for all users but it is mostly used by webmasters, web owners, and professional ones.