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About Keyword Position Checker

If you are an SEO professional then you must have always been concerned about your website’s ranking on various search engines. If you are putting targeted and quality keywords on your content then your content will ultimately find its way to the people's search engine page and your website will be a hit in no time. But there is a lot of competition over good quality keywords also. So, how can your website or content be different from other websites?

If we tell you that there is a tool with the help of which you can check the ranking of the keywords you are adding to your content. Keyword Position Checker is a tool that is a proven master in checking the ranking of the keywords used in the content. With the help of this tool, you can also check and keep a track of your competitor’s rankings all over the world.

In this article, we will talk about Keyword Position Checker in detail, its uses, and how this tool can be used to attain maximum traffic on a website. We will know why the tool is so important to make your website look different and reach a maximum number of people. At last, we will also talk about top Keywords Position Checker websites that provide the best and 100 percent accurate results to their users.

What is Keyword Position Checker

Keyword Position Checker is a tool that is used to check the position of a website or domain in the search engine for a given keyword as compared to other websites with the same keyword. For instance, if you are running an online business of handbags, then you might want to know the position of your website on search engines like Google while searching for the keyword ‘bestselling handbags”. 

Keyword Position Checker tool will tell you about your site position when someone searches for a product with a keyword. It will tell you what are the chances that people will land on your website and at what rate. If your website ranking is high Google will display your site URL on the top results. But if your site ranking is not that good then Google might show your site URL either on 2 or 3 pages or maybe even after that. 

The aim of every SEO professional is that their website URL should be among the top 3-4 in search engine result pages. And to do that they need to know where their website ranking actually stands and monitor it regularly. This tool is an effective SEO strategy to reach your goal.

Benefits of Keyword Position Checker tool

Using the Keyword Position Checker tool makes it very easy to use and makes your website look different and attracts more people to your work. You don’t have to waste your time and energy writing long paragraphs manually. Listed below are some of the reasons which give you various reasons to use the Keyword Position Checker tool.

Fastest speed

Keyword Position Checker tool is very fast and secure and you can get results from this tool within seconds. You can analyze any website deeply with the help of this tool. This tool is designed in such a way that it provides faster and more accurate information to the user in a very less time.

AI-based technology

One of the most important benefits of the Keyword Position Checker tool is that this tool is developed using AI technology. This helps in detecting even minor errors. This tool will give you the best results after searching millions of websites around the world. This tool will automatically analyze what are the top most used keywords and will give you suggestions to use them for your content.

Easy to understand 

If you are new to the field of blogging, writing, or freelancing and worried that your content might not be accepted by your clients as you don’t know how to use a Keyword Position Checker tool to improve your article. Then you should try it once. Keyword Position Checker tool is very easy to use as well as understand. This tool is user-friendly. 

Free of Cost

Keyword Position Checker tool facility is provided by many websites and that too is free of cost. Yes, you can analyze any website at any time free of cost which means you don’t have to pay anything. These websites will not charge any money from you. But if you want to same extra features from these websites then you might have to pay some amount of money to them.

Safe and secure

If you are worried that while using the Keyword Position Checker tool for your content you might lose your valuable content over the internet. This does not happen as this tool ensures 100 percent safety of the data or content that it is about to check or has checked. All files and documents will be safe and secure while using the Keyword Position Checker tool.

For whom Keyword Position Checker tool can be used

We have already discussed what is Keyword Position Checker tool, its uses, and its importance. Now we should discuss for whom this tool can be useful. It means who are the end customers of this tool. 

For Bloggers

For bloggers who create content almost regularly, it is difficult for them to think differently every day about every topic. And to create content that has unique and different features is not possible every time. Above this, they have to make sure that their content gets maximum visibility.

To increase more and more traffic for your website without paying anything to anyone they use the Keyword Position Checker tool. This tool is very handy and can increase the number of readers in their writings. This tool has a quality in increasing visitor engagement also which can benefit you and your business to grow in no time.

For Freelancers

Freelancers have a different burden of work. A freelance writer has to write articles for their customers. For this, they have to be updated, skilled, and deliver high-quality content which requires a lot of expertise and knowledge to write. Doing this only will not be sufficient if you are not making use of the backlink maker tool or any other SEO technique. 

To make your content most attractive and reachable to all you can use meta tags or keywords. And for that, you can analyze them with the help of the Keyword Position Checker tool. This tool will surely help you in getting attention on your website.

Online business

If you are running a business of apparel, footwear, electronics, furniture, etc it is most important to have an online presence of the same. Big e-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snap deal, etc make very efficient use of Keyword Position Checker that drives user force to their website and ultimately go for shopping. 

This tool ensures that your content and meta tags derive the right audience for you. Most of these websites’ earnings come from this way only. So, to beat the competition online and take your business to new heights you should use the Keyword Position Checker tool. 

Digital marketing agencies

Digital marketing agencies who know how to be best at SEO use the Keyword Position Checker tool very efficiently and frequently. With the help of this tool, they help their clients in getting more and more traffic on their websites so that they can earn higher profits and their business can grow. This tool is a boon to this industry.

How to use the Keyword Position Checker tool

As we already discussed that what is the Keyword Position Checker tool, its benefits and why should we use this tool? Now let us know how we can use this tool to get maximum traffic to our website. You don’t have to be an SEO expert to use this tool. You can simply use this tool with some basic knowledge. Please follow our below steps to know the process of using the Keyword Position Checker tool.

  • First of all, go to Once you click on that option, you will be redirected to a page where you have to copy and paste your website’s URL.
  • You can also add any other website’s URL if you want t check their ranking first
  • After doing this, you have to type the keyword on which you want to check the position of your domain on the ‘Your Keywords’ space provided.
  • Here you can enter the utmost 20 keywords at a time. If you want to check for more keywords, you can d it again. 
  • After entering keywords, you need to click on the ‘Check Position’ option and the website will quickly run a keyword position checker for you.
  • Within a few seconds, you will get the results in a most simplified way. This will help you analyze where you are lacking and where you need to improve to reach your objective.

How does the Keyword Position Checker tool work

Keyword Position Checker tool is very easy to use and easier and more simple to understand. This tool is designed in such a way that will make it easy to understand a website’s position on the search engine result page. 

For example, if the tool shows a ‘1’ position, then it means that your website ranks in the number 1 position on Google for the selected country. If it shows ‘90’ in the results, it means your website position is 90th on the basis of the selected keyword and country. 

This tool will also provide you with some suggestions or strategies with the help of which you can raise your website position on the search engine result page. If you adopt those suggestions you will get your ranking improved and ultimately increase traffic to your website.

How can you raise your website Position?

We have talked about how the Keyword Position Checker tool works and how can we make the best out of it. But this information is not enough if we do not know how can we raise our website ranking on search engines. To know this you can opt for some strategies that we have discussed below to upgrade your website’s position.

Focus on user experience

If you want to get organic traffic which means your website is doing well without having to pay anything, then you have to work hard on your website to deliver maximum satisfaction to your users. Doing work only on SEO alone will not work, if a user is visiting your website then he/she must feel that your website delivers good content as SEO and user experience go hand in hand.

Mobile friendly

You can reach maximum users if your website is mobile-friendly. If your website can only be opened from a laptop or computer it will gain users’ attention but in limited quantity but if it can be opened from mobile also then you can have users almost double than an only laptop or computer users. For making your website mobile friendly your page searching speed and server speed should also be up to the mark. This will also increase customer satisfaction. 

Catchy and engaging headings

Sometimes it happens that users only read the heading of the blog or article instead of ready the whole article point by point. So you should make sure that the headings of your article should be proper and attractive with no grammar mistakes. Your headings will help Google to identify the content of your article. This will help you in increasing the search appearance of your article or website.

 Using high-quality backlinks

With the help of good quality backlinks, you can create a large number of traffic for your website. The more backlinks you have pointing back to your site, the better your site will perform. If you are creating good and high-quality content but you are not using any backlinks or any other SEO technique then your effort of creating good quality content might go in vain because it will not bring you that amount of visitors to your website.

Use keyword search

To make your content go viral and reachable to all it is important that you use good and attractive keywords in your article you can use a maximum of 20 keywords on one single page. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to the content that you are writing. You can also search for good quality and most used keywords related to your content and then put them on your website.

Publish quality content

You should always work on your content and try to improve it. There is always room to learn. Never think that with experience you have become perfect in writing and do not need any kind of improvisation. Ensure that you are delivering high and good quality content to your users to derive maximum growth. For this, you can also check other related websites who has a better ranking than yours and try to implement things from them.

10 Best Keyword Position Checker tools

Here are the top 10 Keyword Position Checker tools that have given the best results to their users. These are top-rated websites famous for their fast and accurate service.

  • SE Ranking
  • Semrush
  • AccuRanker
  • Ahref’s
  • Advanced Web Ranking
  • Moz
  • WooRank
  • Serpstat
  • Seobility
  • Authority Labs
  • SEOptimer

Keyword Position Checker - Related FAQs

Ques: How do I find my keyword ranking?

Ans: to find your website ranking you can use the Keyword Position Checker tool. This tool will provide you with all the related information about your website ranking and how it is performing so far.

Ques: what is a Keyword Position Checker tool?

Ans: Keyword Position Checker is a tool that is used to check the position of a website or domain in the search engine for a given keyword as compared to other websites with the same keyword. 

Ques: What is a good keyword ranking?

Ans: Search engines have almost 10 matching results per page. If your ranking is good and high then your website’s URL will appear at the top of the first page. If your raking is low it will not appear on the first page.

Ques: How can I improve my keyword position?

Ans: to improve your keyword position you can use good quality backlinks, and catchy headings, update your content regularly, and use attractive keywords. For more detailed information you can refer to the above article.

Ques: How can I increase SEO traffic?

Ans: You can increase your SEO traffic by providing high-quality content which leads to good user satisfaction. You can also use various SEO techniques to get ahead of others.

Ques: Which keywords are most popular?

Ans: There are various keywords that are popular. Some of them are YouTube, Facebook, WhatsApp web, Google, Instagram, etc. For more detailed information you can refer to the above article.