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About HTML Compressor

Knowing how to use the correct image formats and optimization of images for your website is crucial if you're running a website. However, while image compression is a renowned practice, it is dishearting that the value of HTML compression often tends to be overlooked, despite its beneficial features.

In this article, we shall be discussing the features, benefits of HTML Compressor, steps to get started with it, and its end users from professional and non-professional fields.

What is an HTML Compressor?

HTML Compressor is an online HTML optimizer SEO tool using which you can boost up your website page and decrease the HTML file size by eliminating tabs, Replacing double spaces with single spaces, line breaks, and extra spaces. Using uncompressed files can result in lowering your website ranking as it will lose a lot of bandwidth. 

Therefore, you should compress files having high bandwidth for which HTML Compressor can come in handy. It will prevent waste of your money by reducing server bills. It is one of the promising and simplest ways to optimize a site.

HTML compression helps in saving space in your HTML files and makes them much smaller.

Features of HTML Compressor 

• Supports Multi-language

The multi-lingual feature of this tool helps you to work on more than one language type without causing any trouble. It reduces the client-side part of your PHP writings while conserving the server-side code unchanged, to produce pre-optimized results from your applications.

• Error reporting and warnings reports

The benefit of the error and warning reports feature of this tool is worthwhile. It allows you to detect problems before using your code in production. Thus making your content error-free.

• Easy to use Web Interface

HTML Compressor is a user-friendly application where you can simply copy and paste your code, or upload any file from your PC to get the compressed version. You can also fine-tune the compression according to your need.

• Advanced controls

Advanced controls option to choose the compression level of your doc, SSI directives, enable or disable the optimization of JavaScript, inline events, comment removal, CSS, and many more.

• Versatile compressor

HTML Compressor is the most versatile compressor that allows you to compress your HTML code, as well as CSS and inline JavaScript. It is the only tool competent for compressing JavaScript code mixed with PHP and additional languages. 

• Built with security

HTML Compressor tool is SSL encrypted. It prevents causal downloads as the compressed files are locked to your IP address, and is automatically erased on hourly bases. This makes it accessible as well as builds a sense of security in the minds of users.

Benefits of HTML Compressor 

• Improves website speed

When a site uses a considerable amount of HTML code, every time a new visitor appears on your site, an HTTPS suggestion is prepared by their browser for certain pages, which are sent back to the browser after locating. The more the HTML code bigger the page, which leads to delays for the end users in receiving the completed page. 

However, by using the HTML Compressor tool you can compress the page before it leaves your server; and when it reaches the user's browser it will decompress, improving overall speed.

• Reduced bandwidth use

You can decrease the amount of HTML traffic progressing from your web server to end users by compression. The smaller your HTML files, the less data you’re delivering and the less you’re using up on monthly basis. As some web hosts offer packages with penalties for crossing over the set limits for data transfer while some uses on-demand pricing.

• Quicker transfers

HTML Compressor not only lets you shift files anywhere on your local device more efficiently but it also allows you to transmit huge documents and data quickly over the web.

• Improves file integrity

When you don't compress files it often gets corrupted once brought to the Internet. Zipped files help to conserve the integrity of your files ensuring uncorrupted data.

• Email/webpage accessibility

Uploading bigger files to a webpage or sending them through email after compression is easier than the original uncompressed one. The size of the attachment is restricted in most social email systems. Hence with the use of HTML Compressor, you can send multiple files altogether, rather than one by one.

Steps to proceed 

Using HTML Compressor you can optimize HTML code or files using two procedures depending on your need. 

A).Method-1: HTML Code Compressor

• Click on "Copy & Paste HTML Code Tab."

• In the box provided paste your HTML code.

• Click on the submit option.

B).Method-2: HTML File Compressor

• Select the "Upload Html Files" option.

• Select an HTML file you want to compress from your device. 

• You can also add multiple HTML files by clicking on the "Add another HTML file" option. 

• After clicking on the compress files button you will be displayed the result. 

• You can also download the result with the option provided.

HTML Compressor can be used by

• Web Developers

HTML Compressor can be very useful to web developers for compressing lots of JS and CSS files to speed up loading and conveniently make them ready for production. Compression is a fast and easy means to enhance page speed performance while still providing a high-quality experience to your users. 

• Site Owners

Compressing CSS, JS, and HTML files are beneficial for site owners as well as site visitors. Compressed files reduce the amount of data transfer needed, therefore the files will reach faster in the user's browser. Site optimization can be easily achieved with the help of HTML Compressor as its results are enriched.

• Email Marketer

An Email Marketer aims to develop absorbing content for their audience. Improper rending email spoils the experience of subscribers. Also ain't going to wait for the email to load for more than a minute. 

Compressing email code also helps your subscribers who use mobile data speed up load time.

• Bloggers

For a blogger improving the loading speed of his blog is vital as it plays an important role in the search engine result, also Google gives more preference to faster loading sites. This HTML Compressor can come in handy as improves the blog's loading time.

Although most Blogspot templates’ code is not optimized, so bloggers can reduce the size of the files by compressing HTML, Javascript files, and CSS, using an online compressor tool. 

Final thoughts

HTML compressor can be of great help in search engine optimization because it can boost and increases the loading speed of your web pages.

To have a good page rank in search engines like Google, one must not forget that page speed plays a very important role.

Using this tool can bring favorable outcomes with a reduced HTML file size. It is a promising way to HTML compression of your site or service primarily if higher bandwidth is required. HTML compressor is one of the best SEO tools that can help upgrade your website.

HTML Compressor - Related FQAs

Ques: Why Compress an HTML File?

Ans: HTML compression is valuable for improving website speed and reducing bandwidth use. 

When it comes to website optimization, the smaller the bandwidth, the better for HTML files. For improving the page loading times and limiting overall bandwidth use compression plays a crucial role.

Ques: How can HTML Compressor help you?

Ans: This tool helps in boosting the speed of a website by compressing HTML file size as it removes additional white spaces, comments, double lines, and more. 

Ques: What is Html Compressor?

Ans: HTML Compressor is a tool that helps to reduce Html code to a smaller size. It focuses on improving coding efficiency when it comes to website development. HTML Compressor tool benefits you in compressing the HTML tags while doing website support.

Ques: What does compression remove?

Ans: In the compression process new line characters, whitespace characters, block delimiters, comments, and many more characters that add space to the file is removed. 

Ques: How does HTML Compress Tool help for SEO?

Ans: This tool helps in increasing the loading speed of the web and this factor improves the ranking in search engines. It discards unnecessary code, spaces, and line breaks, and improves website pages to load instantly. It is very easy to use and gives worthwhile results.