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If you are running an online website and update it regularly and it helps in driving revenue and growth to your business but somehow your online website or your computer is not protected. In such cases, it creates a threat to your data and information. If your device or website is not protected by any tool, then any kind of malware can harm your computer, mobile device, website, software, or even your users. 

So, to protect your device and users from any kind of malware practices that can steal all the important data you need to have any malware protection installed in your system that helps in preventing all such kinds of malware, and your system can run smoothly providing safety to the website and users also. With the help of the Google Malware Checker tool, you can easily protect your data from any malware and it will ensure your full safety towards your device.

Google Malware Checker tool is a very fast, active, and easy tool to check whether a website is safe or not. In this article, we will discuss the Google Malware Checker tool, how this is used, and why it is important to use this tool. To know about the Google Malware Checker tool we have to first know what is malware.

What is a Malware?

Malware is malicious software that can damage a device internally at any time if it is not protected. Malware can cause damage and is considered dangerous software that can secretly enter a device without anyone knowing and can steal all the data from that device. This can cause a leakage of important information about a website. 

There are a few symptoms that show that a system is infected by malware like slowing down of website as compared to its usual speed, crashing down of your browser, frequent pop-ups on your screen, and spam. There are different types of malware which include adware, spyware, phishing, viruses, worms, trojan horses, ransomware, rootkits, and browser hijackers.

That’s why people use various tools that help in preventing any kind of malware and keep their system protected and maintain its speed at the same time. To know whether a system is infected by malware, you can use the Google Malware Checker tool.

Symptoms of Malware and How they reach your device?

There are various symptoms and signs that help you in recognizing that your system is infected by some kind of virus. If your system has a few viruses then it will get slow to some extent but if it is attacked by a large number of viruses then you will see that your system’s speed is not only slow but it will get hanged, pop-ups will appear, and so on. Some of the symptoms that signal that a system is infected are.

  • If a device is infected, the speed of the system will get much slower as compared to the previous time. If you are searching for something on your device, it will take a longer time to load the page which can be irritating at times and signal you that something is wrong with your device.
  • You will also see some frequent pop-ups on your screen if your system is infected by any malware. One or two times is normal if you are vising a website but if you are seeing it many times in a day. This signals that your device is affected by any malware.
  • Crashing down your browser many times. This will happen to you when your system gets infected by malware. This will not only affect your website or device but also affect the visitors to your website. Their system might also get infected by malware if it is not protected by any tool.
  • When your website or device gets infected by any malware you will receive many spam emails. All these things will signal to only one thing that your system is infected by some virus. This can also steal your data and information from your device.

When this kind of thing happens with a device usually people think that maybe they are running out of their random access memory (RAM). but when you check that there is so much space left in your RAM to be used, then it can only happen due to malware. Then it is certain that your system is infected by a virus. But a question must be there in your mind how come that virus entered your device? 

To answer this question, there are generally two kinds of malware that get downloaded to your device without your knowledge. Whenever we search for something and in the process we download some files related to the search topic, and in them, the computer finds the commands that it has to follow, that's when your system gets in contact with the virus.

Most of the common practices when your system gets infected by a virus is through your contacts on social media and Phishing websites and emails. This might have happened to you when you were using your social media and you came across some contests or activity that interests you and without thinking twice you click on that link which can cause viruses on your device.

We also sometimes receive phishing emails that are not genuine and if you click on that link you will be redirected to their website which will cause viruses on your system and your data could also be stolen in such practices. Phishing websites are made in such a way that looks exactly like other websites but with small changes in their URL. This is done to trap the users and gather information from their devices.

How Malware affects SEO?

 Whenever a website gets affected by a virus or malware it undergoes various changes. The first of them is the change in its look. Malware will completely change the appearance of a website. It will breach the server and will affect all the files on the website. It will have all the access to your files and data. The users will not be able to see their data and the website looks all new to them.

Also, there are some hidden advertisements that get downloaded once you click on them. Most internet users face this kind of virus where they search for anything like a song and when they click on the download option, something else gets downloaded which is either an EXE file or a couple of codes in a batch. 

Some websites contain spam content that affects their websites and can cause malware to some extent. This also leads to a lower ranking of the user’s website. They have to face the loss of lower ranking on search engine result pages. Google takes strict actions against such content and websites.

So, to protect your website you need to take some precautionary measures to prevent your website from any viruses. Before entering a website you should check whether it has some virus or not and this can be done with the help of the Google Malware Checker tool.

Importance of Google Malware Checker tool

It is very important to have the Google Malware Checker tool for your device as it protects your useful content from stealing. Now let us know how important it is to use the Google Malware Checker tool to protect our device in detail.

Secures website from hackers

If you want to save your website from hackers and protect it from any kind of virus you have to use the Google Malware Checker tool to protect your website. This website will protect your website and your useful content. If you do not use this tool you might lose some of the most important content that you can afford to lose.

Ensures your visitor's safety

This tool will not only provide protection to your website but it will also save your users from any kind of virus. Suppose you are not using any website protection tool for your site and your site gets infected by any malware. Now any visitor visits your website for the first time and due to malware his/, her device also got infected. Then it creates a very bad impression on them and he/she will never come to visit your website again.

Can be used to check other websites also

With the Google Malware Checker tool, you can check other websites’ status of malware protection. It will help you to save your website from any viruses. You should always check any website on the Google Malware Checker tool before opening it. It will take you a few seconds to check whether that website is virus free or not.

Improves ranking on search engine

If you are using the Google Malware Checker tool it can help you in increasing your running on search engine result pages. Because websites that are either hacked or contains virus have a lower ranking on search engines. This creates a bad impression on your visitors and can lower your revenue and the growth of your business.

How does the Google Malware Checker tool work?

It biomes very important to secure your website and device and this can be done with the help of the Google Malware Checker tool. You can easily get this done and check if any website is virus protected or not within a few seconds.

It is very easy and convenient to use the Google Malware Checker tool. You just need to enter down some basic information to make this tool start working. You can become an expert in using this tool if you follow some simple steps. To know the process please follow the below steps.

  • First of all, go to
  • Once you have entered the website you have to enter the website URL of which you want to check for malware in the space provided.
  • After entering the website’s URL you can click on the ‘Check Malware’ option to proceed.
  • After this, the system will generate the results within a few seconds.
  • You can see whether the website is virus free or not. This tool will tell you if it is safe to open that website or not.
  • You can check every website's malware status before opening it. It will save your data and information and protect you from such kinds of fraud.
  • You can also check your website if your website is running slow and showing any symptoms of malware.
  • This tool will provide you with a detailed report about your website where you can see the list of all affected pages of your website and it will also include the reasons that have caused viruses in your device.

Google Malware Checker tool - Related FAQs

Ques: Does Google notify you of malware?

Ans: Yes, Google will notify you of any malware that can affect your device or website. Google maintains a list of malware and phishing websites that can harm other websites. It will analyze and keep updating the websites about such practices.

Ques: How do I check if I have malware?

Ans: There are various symptoms that signal that a system contains malware like pop-ups on the screen, phishing emails, and slowing down website speed. You can check if a website contains malware using the Google Malware Checker tool.

Ques: How do I check for malware on Google?

Ans: You can check for malware using the Google Malware Checker tool. For more information, you can read the above article written by us.

Ques: Can Google Chrome detect viruses?

Ans: yes, Google Chrome can detect if a system has a virus or not. It has an inbuilt feature that scans for malware and warns the users about the same. It also tells about the applications and tools that are dangerous for a system.

Ques: How do I know if my phone has malware?

Ans: if your mobile phone has a virus then it will provide you with some signal like your phone will get overheated, instant battery drain out, phone speed getting slower than normal, frequently pop-up ads, phishing emails, etc.

Ques: How do I run a virus scan on my phone?

Ans: yes, you can check whether your phone has a virus or not within a few seconds. For this, you need to download the Google Malware Cyourhecker tool on your device and quickly run a checker that will detect any malware on your device. 

Ques: How long does Google Chrome take to check for harmful software? 

Ans: Google Chrome will detect any kind of malware or harmful software within a few minutes. It will also provide you with information that which web pages are affected by the virus and warn you to use any other harmful software if detected.