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About Google Cache Checker

As you already are aware that Google is a very powerful search engine that we look up to obtain any kind of information. Google crawls web pages and then caches them on its server. When a user searches for a particular term Google compares it against its caches of all the web pages from the web it has crawled. This storage site where Google reserves copies of webpages are called Google Cache. 

It is important to make sure that the newly uploaded information on your website is indexed and cached by Google because Google gives more preference to fresh content in its searches. Google Cache acts as a helping tool to check if your website occurs there and whether Google has indexed it or not. In the below article, we will look into the working of this tool in detail along with its features, benefits, steps to proceed, and how can it help people from various fields.

What is Google Cache Checker?

Google Cache Checker is a tool used to view cached webpages and find the actual date and time when the webpage was cached. Google cache is a snapshot of the page that is backed up on the servers. The information is cached when a search engine visits any website for indexing. The snapshots are used as backups to match the user's queries. Accessing cached copies is easier than websites for search engines. 

Google Cache Checker plays an important role in helping you with search engine optimization. In a situation where you wish to shift your website from one hosting server to another hosting server, your domain DNA server address will need to be updated, and this itself will take 24 to 74 hours to update. During this time if a user wishes to access your website then Google will infer the user of the cached links which are identical to the time when your website was active. That is why Google Cache Checker is important because it helps the site visitor to still have access to your website even when it is offline. 

Features of Google Cache Checker  

Bulk Google Cache

The bulk Google cache checker tool permits you to enter up to twenty URLs and check them simultaneously. This tool comes in handy in case your website encounters many competitors and you need to check all the sites competing against you. It allows you to evaluate twenty websites and also that of your competitors in one go. 

Date and time of cached page

With the use of this tool, you can get the correct date and time when your webpage was cached by Google. It tells you when was the last time your page was visited by Google to crawl your website. 

Full Version

The full version of a cached page provides you with a precise snapshot of when Google visited your website. It shows font customization, ads, banners, etc. It's the site's replica with all the design components. 

The full version is necessary to view the updates made to the sites. You can keep an eye on your competitor's websites to learn about the specific keywords outranking yours. You can also see the changes made by your competitors on their sites over time. 

Text-only version

The text-only version is what Google observes when it crawls the websites. It is not concerned with banners, graphics, and images, it only reads the text. This feature is important as often high-ranking content gets concealed behind media, making it a difficult task for Googlebot to crawl your site. That's why Google prefers text-only cache while crawling websites. 

Notifies problems

All necessary information regarding the webpages cached by Google can be found by using Google Cache Checker. This allows you to resolve any issue immediately. It also notifies you if such trouble occurs with new web pages in the future. You can then take the appropriate steps. 

Detailed cache report

Google Cache Checker produces an in-depth cache report for the website. The report displays not only the link mass or bounce rate but also the indexing rate. This information helps in better understanding the strategy one should take to improve a website.  

Generates an in-depth Cache report for your website

Free SEO tool

It is a free SEO tool that requires no download. It has an offline version as well that helps in viewing data without putting in a VPN. It can be operated on basic tasks.


Google Cache Checker conducts the same operation and displays the report in a user-friendly manner with an easily readable form. The user simply has to enter the URL and the system itself will generate a detailed report about the inputted data. 

Steps to use Google Cache Checker  

Using Google Cache Checker is very easy and simple you just have to follow the below steps and get started with it.

  1. • Open the Google Cache Checker tool.
  2. • Type or copy-paste the list of website URLs. 
  3. • Click the submit button.
  4. • The tool will generate the report within seconds and it will contain the date and time for the last cached data on Google.
  5. • If you see that the web cache version is not shown, then it means that the website has been penalized or the Google search engine is not able to track the website, you should then take quick action about it. 

Benefits of using Google Cache Checker

Check How Frequently Your Site Is Indexed

Google Cache Checker can be used to know how often you're site is been indexed, this helps in determining if your content is on par with the targeted audiences and if it's relevant according to Google. If you discover your website had been crawled recently and is updated daily then you can figure out that the page has high relevance because Google doesn't entertain outdated pages.

Diagnose Content Errors

If you're able to view the older versions of your web page you can determine what it lacked and what steps you should take to improve it. You can also implement certain changes on other web pages of yours if you find a steep climb in the ranking because of the particular action in one webpage. Using Google cache you can see what were those changes so that you can put them into action elsewhere. 

Check for Duplicate Content

It might so happen that you click on a cached link and it lands you on a completely different page than what you had expected. The explanation for this can be duplicated content. When Google finds two highly identical web pages, it may agree on not keeping them separately in the index. This can result in only one being saved in the cache. 

Google caching numerous web pages under the same link can warn you about duplicated content on your website. Duplicated content not only builds a disorganized cache situation but is also bad for SEO. You can use Google Cache Checker to examine the two web pages and figure out a way to discriminate them. 

Verify Your Canonical Tags

It so might happen that the duplicated content on your site is put thereon purpose but you've added rel=canonical tags to inform google which version you expect it to crawl. Test the Google cache version of a webpage you don't wish to be crawled. You should be directed to a cache of the canonical page. 

Making Sure Your Marketing Efforts Have Been Crawled

If you’ve ramped up your SEO or content creation efforts, and you need to check if Google is indexing those changes then a quick view at the cached version of a webpage can explain to you whether it has been crawled or not. Sometimes the changes you have made might not appear on the cached page they may still be in the process of indexing. But if you're worried you can visit the Google Search Console's URL Inspector to clear your doubt. 

Stay On-Par with your Competitor 

While you are enjoying your status at the peak of the SERP result for a critical keyword your competitors might work on taking over your position and you'll be wondering what did they do exactly to get to that level. You can use Google Cache to find out the changes your competitors have made on their sites. By comparing their cached pages with the recent version you can figure out the newly made changes on the page. 

Retrieve a Recent Version of Your Site

Having a backup keeps you on the safe side. You should have a backup for your website as well in case something goes wrong. Although the Google Cache version of your website won't restore a full backup, but it will allow you to recognize what your pages looked like before things went wrong. You can use the knowledge to recover old content or code that has been lost. 

Improves SEO

Running a daily test on Google Cache provides you with the knowledge of how often Google has visited your and your competitor's sites. It is beneficial while conducting any SEO operation to boost the performance of your website. 

Google Cache Checker  can be used by:

Website owner 

Google Cache Checker is very worthwhile to a website owner as its cache analyzer will let you know about all your site's data and link that is cached by Google. Thus, all the links that have been indexed by Google can also be termed cached URLs. With the help of this tool, one can save both time and effort as the procedure is easy with instant result generation. 

SEO expert

SEO specialists can utilize Google Cache Checker to deliver reports having a detailed analysis of a particular website. Human inspection is prone to errors but with the use of this tool you don't need to scan the web pages manually and can get an in-depth function of it and its Google cache status about each URL according to the time it was last altered or adjusted. It provides you with real-time data for every cache. You will be notified about any issues that your website is facing. 

Web Developer 

For a web developer knowing about this tool can be a great profit. Google Cache Checked displays the last date and time when your website was doing well and when its ranking started decreasing. It shows all your website links and data that are cached by Google. The indexed links can also be considered cached URLs. You can also check your competitor's status and the changes implemented by them. 

Final Thoughts

Google Cache Checker although a very beneficial tool is unknown by many website owners. It is not hard to learn how to use this tool for checking your website's cache. Google Cache Checker tool helps produce a quality SEO cache report for your site. 

SEO professional is putting their trust in this tool to be a fundamental part of the SEO tools arsenal. This tool will aid you in discovering whether your webpage is being acknowledged by Google or not and whether your targeted audience can reach your content or not. To benefit from this tool get started with it for free and construct an effective SEO strategy for your site. 

Google Cache Checker-related FQAs

Ques: Why I should use the Google Cache Checker Tool?

And: Google Cache Checker is a famous online SEO tool that provides you access to a website that has recently been punished, you can have access to it only via the Google Cache tool because it's the only option to access it. 

Ques: Are Google cached pages safe?

Ans: Yes. Google cached pages are safe as it prioritizes the concern of its users above all. It ain't more or less safe than any other non-cached version of the webpage. 

Ques: What is the significance of Google Cache Checker?

Ans: Google Cache Checker allows you to transfer data from your site to another when your website hosting package has got outdated. It takes around 24 to 74 hrs to update your DNS domain sever assess during this time the users can access your site as the Google search engine will direct them to the cached web links notifying them of the last date and time it was active. Thus, it is a very crucial tool for visitors to have an access to offline sites. 

Ques: Does google cache web pages?

Ans: Yes, as long as everything is properly done for Google to crawl and index every webpage. Pages are cached for around 90 days after Google has crawled them. 

Ques: What is the intention of caching?

Ans: Caching generates a copy of all the data on a site or a webpage. This is useful at the time the website or webpage is missing or is down the user can yet have an access to the information from the cached page. 

Ques: How is Google Cache Checker useful?

Ans: With the use of this tool, you can view the regularity of Google visiting your site as well as your major competitor's sites. It provides you with the text-only version, the full display version, and also the source version. An SEO can take advantage of this information to know whether a competitor is utilizing any modern SEO strategies. It can also learn the reasons for a competitor's site's fine ranking.