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About Flag Counter

Various tools have been developed these days and are accessible for practice to boost traffic drive, quality content, and facilitate audience engagement. Nonetheless, the flag tool is presumably the least famous and least recognized one out of all the functional tools. Since it is not greatly widespread, hence, this tool is thought to be very troublesome to employ as well. But, this is not the truth. 

Getting hands-on with using the flag counter tool is quite simple. The presence of graphics or images on the website is the one element that is needed to get this tool operating on your website or web page. This is the sole requirement for the tool to work. Lack of images or graphics available, the tool will not serve your web page or website. So if you expect the tool to function, ensure you keep some images present on your website or page. 

What is a Flag Counter Tool?

The Flag Counter tool is an HTML code that can be embedded with any sort of blog or website. Contrary to other SEO tools and web development, it appears with inbuilt features instead of accessing them individually. As the name is depicting, this tool maintains a record of all the different visitors based on their countries. Whenever an individual visits your site, a number will be added to the total visitor list of that particular country. It is symbolized by their national flag. 

As a user, you can customize this tool by choosing how many country flags you want to be shown in the chart. It can be the ultimate 10, the ultimate 20, or anything else. Normally, this type of tool comes off at the bottom of a website. You might have noticed a space exhibiting flags of numerous countries on websites, it is hinted at displaying the sum traffic of the website. Apart from this, we require a Flag Counter tool for various reasons that will be discussed in the article below along with its features and end users. 

Features of Flag Counter 

 Counter Customization 

The Counter is fully customizable, users can change the number of flags displayed, flag columns, title, the color of the background, the color of the text, and border color. This Flag Counter application provides live updates as well, that is, it conveys live traffic feed. 

Advance statistics with charts

This tool displays the total number of visitors from each country next to its flag. You can check the extra information such as the flag map, the distribution of visitors on a pie chart, and total page impressions for each country by tapping on the counter option. 

Unlimited flag counters widgets

Flag Counter amasses flags around the globe every time a new visitor arrives at your website or blog post. The visitor's country flag is put into the counter tool and it provides you with the specific flag's information along with the graphs and charts. 

Shows the Visitor's Country, Browser, Visited time, and OS info. 

Optional knowledge such as the cumulative number of visits (each visitor can carry multiple visits), the total number of page impressions, the visitor's IP address, and visitor networks, such as the browser and an OS version is also provided by the Flag Counter tool.  

Track Website Traffic & Visitor Geolocation Information

This tool permits tracking visitors from a particular geographical region. Customizable alternatives for the precise look and feel. Boost traffic by rewarding loyal clients. It can be utilized on both personal and commercial websites as it's an interactive map-based application. You also have the option of using Google Maps.

Multi-Platform Functioning 

Flag Count can be assigned on any kind of site. The only requirement is that the site has to support images. The Flag Counter tool works on all web pages, social networking profiles, Envato pages, blogs etc. It gives a broad variety of visitor tracker image techniques, it can be reinforced to personal profile pages, webpage, websites, website forums, and many more. 


This flag counter tool is built in such a way that makes it easy to comprehend and therefore, is very user-friendly. It is available for free of cost and is very easy to add. Also, no external database is needed while accessing this application. 

Steps to use the Flag Counter tool

You can add a flag counter to a blog, website, or any social media by following some easy steps. 

  1. When you access the website, you will see some settings to customize based on the requirement of your website. Select the options accordingly.
  2. The first step is to select the maximum number of flags you want to be displayed from the range of 1 to 250. The top 10 or top 5 are sufficient to show on the website.
  3. In the next step, you need to select the number of columns for the flag rows.
  4. Next, you have to select a label you want to be displayed on the tip of the countertop. The label of the word “Visitors” is customizable for your requirement.
  5. There is an entire range of RGB colors for you to select the background, border, and text colors. 
  6. Specify whether you prefer to show country tags with their flag or not. Moreover, it is optional to display the cumulative number of page views containing all countries.
  7. After specifying flag size and all other qualities, click on the “Get your flag counter” button to obtain an HTML code.
  8. Copy the code obtained, make use of the webmaster to unlock the source code of the site, and paste it at an area where you seek to exhibit the flags. 
  9. Now you can understand the capacity of a flag counter tool. It provides an auto-generated HTML code friendly with every sort of site and is highly customizable precisely as per the availability of space.

Formats of Flag Counter Code

The Flag Counter tool generates 3 types of flag counter codes. They are:

  • i. HTML code which can be employed for blogs and websites. 
  • ii. BBCode for forum sites and message boards. 
  • iii. Direct Link of Flag counter.

Benefits of using the Flag Counter Tool

Know your Traffic

Knowing who visits your website through different online tools will allow you to learn the age, region, preferences, and selections of the varied customers who visit your website. The data of visitors will help you profile your customers. 

For example, the data reveals that the rate of young visitors is much more compared to the other age groups, which indicates that the young population is more enthusiastic about your content or product. Now you can enhance or improve your content or product based on your visitors, or according to your business requirements.

 Knowing the Web Visitors

A Flag Counter is a tool that is prominent among SEO managers or web developers to learn about day-to-day visitors. This tool gives you data or totals of your visitors based on their countries. The flag counter provides you with the name of the countries and the sum of visitors arriving from those countries. This data shows the country from which your website is receiving more visitors. 

Comparing yesterday's and today's data

A Flag Counter tool enables you to know whether your methods for targeting a particular country are serving or not. It is an across-the-board result of incoming traffic. You can as well compare the traffic of the previous month with the current period for measuring how many new visitors are newly enrolled with you.

Calculating the number of traffic for the early day indicates a large effect on the reputation of your website. This tool assists in presenting the precise number of visitors who arrived at your website and went through the content.  

Accurate and detailed report 

When you click on the Flag Counter tool, a detailed report about the ratio of every country will be depicted on a pie chart. You can also control the number of visitors daily. The chart will display a comparison with yesterday's traffic, an average of 30 days, and the greatest record of the current year.

It is so accurate with real-time information that you can further review the country of the new visitors to your website. Along with this, the freshest country newly began accessing your website will also be shown in the results.

Who can use the Flag Counter tool?

Website Owner

As a website owner or marketing director, you must be curious about who is visiting your site and from which country. For regulating traffic, you require a tool that operates with great precision in data administration. Website traffic monitoring helps in making numerous strategies for the future. If you need real-time knowledge, it is crucial to embed this tool with your website.

The Flag Counter tool counts the attendance of each visitor based on the country. It is competent in specifying the server of end-users & categorizing the users accordingly. Once it is ingrained with your website, there is no requirement to enforce any software or online appliance. It will regulate the entire traffic automatically. 


The Flag Counter is quite striking to visitors and beautifies your blog or website. So each time a fresh visitor from a distinct country stops by your site, a flag is calculated to your counter. As the amount of visitors rises, so the flag total will also rise. Flag Counter is like a real-time web analytics appliance, suppose you access your site in a browser tab and survey the recent online visitors you simply classify them using their country flag whenever a recent visitor arrives at your blog post or website.

This tool shows their country's flag and you simply have to tap the country flag to fetch information, but when you begin with the Flag Counter widget analytics page you will see the details tab and collect the total number of visitors along with their country flag and you will also able to see the current update, as well as the visitor's history with diagram and chart. 

SEO Experts 

Traffic arriving from various countries lends you an understanding of where to target with your modern strategies. The SEO experts require a tool that gives real-time traffic details. This tool is competent in classifying the countries from top-most to lower-most order. It suggests that the country detracting the greatest traffic percentage will be your foremost priority to focus on. Whether it is a website of commodities or services, you have to customize it based on the interest of a specific country.

Besides, you can also scheme forthcoming marketing strategies for your website from the information collected by this tool. While targeting visitors from distinct countries, you require to alter the SEO strategies consequently. In brief, a flag counter tool can assist you in formulating the framework of all upcoming operations. If you are already targeting a nation with a major focus, this tool can advise you about the achievement or downfall of the numeric figures of traffic.

 Online Business 

It is very crucial to impact the visitors to your website to earn their confidence. Apart from amplifying striking banners & themes, the flag counter is also a hugely persuasive aspect. If an individual notices a large number of web traffic, it implies the credibility of your website.

While working in an online business, the website is the sole means of interaction between the customer and the merchant. If you are the merchant, it is not feasible to communicate with every potential customer. In this case, only such types of tools can support improving the reputation.

Marketing Experts

Marketing experts desire real-time data for targeting visitors to a specific location. If the traffic from a country is rising, the flag counter displays it in its top 10 or top 20 charts. In this aspect, you will earn a chance to target a fresh customer base. Whether it is employed or an organic marketing technique, you invariably need something dependable before targeting the customers.

Every country's flag signifies the cumulative number of IP addresses. If they are intensely heightening without stimulating any extraordinary effort, reckon the result of standardized marketing strategies


Flag counter is a simple tool that only needs images to operate with. And this is the sole compulsion that involves a flag counter tool. The remaining is an easy procedure, hence, employing a flag-counting tool is preferably easy and simple. Flag Counter is an understandable tool that will allow you to see where your visitors are arriving from. You can also customize the size, colors, and additional stuff to match your website's design. There are no coding skills needed to make use of this tool.  

With the help of this tool, it is manageable to keep a watch on how many people from different countries or regions around the planet have visited your website. This is an exceptional strategy for bragging about who has been stopping by your website so far. And if you're interested in what they've been working out while on your site, tap on any flag to discover further information about them. Flag Counter is a considerable and easy-to-use tool that you can add to and strengthen your website in just moments.

Flag Counter - Related FQAs

Ques: Is Flag Counter Accurate?

Ans: Flag Counter tool is extremely accurate because the algorithm inspects the country flag and sums up it very accurately at any time. So the user need not bother about the third-party websites or count from the site. 

Ques: What Does This Tool Do?

Ans: Flag Counter tool collects the flag whenever an individual from a distinct country pays a visit to your site. The increased flag count on the website will occur in a fascinating image and it can reflect knowledge about the website's accomplishments. So, this tool can estimate the flags on the website, for you to determine the audience.

Ques: What information does the tool provide?

Ans: The flag counter tool shows data about visitor records on the website. Moreover, it enables you to determine if your advertising and marketing are operating in a precise area. The users can also obtain evidence about the day-to-day visitor count. The most promising thing about this tool is that it gives you real-time information, so you are regularly updated about the performance of your website. 

Ques: Will my visits to my website be counted in my Flag Counter?

Ans: You can decide to change the setting in your browser which will deter your visits from being counted. Or else, by default, a new user will be automatically counted once per day. You can further select for a repeat visitor to be estimated every 8 hours, every 3 days, or once a time in a week.

Ques: How is the Flag Counter tool beneficial?

Ans: Flag Counter tool is a free counter for visitors to your site. It will allow you to trail visitor details and website traffic. Flag counter, with just a single HTML code category, is fast-paced, accurate, satisfying, and free of charge. It lets you regulate the details of visitors and traffic to the website.

Ques: Which sites can Flag Counter be used on?

Ans: You can add a Flag Counter tool on practically any website. All that is needed is that the website must support images. And the rest will be handled by the tool itself.