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Sending and receiving emails is one of the most common modes of communicating online which can be done for many purposes including corporate and personal use. A large number of people depends on emails to share information, idea, details, and thoughts maintaining the privacy of the same becomes very important. 

All email users want their email to be safe and not intervened by anyone. To make their email secure they always go for popular email provider service providers that ensure 100 percent safety for their email. But is it right to always depend on the service providers for your email privacy? No, you have to make sure that your email is safe and protected.

In processes like data extraction also, the privacy of emails matters a lot. Marketers and developers extract the data when they operate on a large scale. But to make the process safe, they have t make sure that their email is protected. Currently, there are three major platforms of service providers that are used by people known as Google, Outlook, and AOL.

These platforms encrypt the message before delivering them to the final user. This makes the message safe and secure. These platforms have taken all the precautionary measures so that the users can place their trust in them. People use these platforms for many purposes like business, education, casual purpose, etc.

 Today we are going to talk about a tool that checks whether an email is sacred or not. We will talk about the Email Privacy tool in detail, its uses, and its importance. We will also discuss the process of using this tool which is very simple and easy to understand. 

What is the Email Privacy?

Email Privacy is a tool that is efficient in checking the emails on a webpage and protects the website owners from any kind of email privacy issues. This tool ensures the safety of the emails by providing information about the incoming and outgoing on any site and also scans for any kind of bug or spam mail in the folder. 

This tool is easy to use and offers its services in the best way possible. When you are using this tool then you don’t have to worry about the privacy of your email. There are times when getting emails from your service provider to change your emails but you have to completely ignore it as those emails can be sent by hackers to hack your email by getting your email password changed.

In such a situation you should always notify your email service provider and inform them about the mail that you have received. This will help you in keeping your data and information saved from any kind of hacking. You have to be very careful while dealing with such situations.

How to use the Email Privacy tool?

Email privacy is very important for many people. They want to ensure that their messages and information are always safe and reach the end user without any hassle. To ensure that your email is safe you can use the Email Privacy tool. To know about the process of using this tool you can follow the steps given below.

  •  To get started with this, you first need to open the website that offers an Email Privacy tool facility to its users.
  • Once you open the website you will see a box, in this box you have to enter the URL of which you want to check the email privacy.
  • When you input the URL, you can click on the ‘Submit’ option. When you click on this the system will start running and in a few minutes, you will be able to view the result.
  •  In the resulting report, you can easily view whether a URL is protected or not. If it is not protected you can take precautionary measures to save your email.
  • You can even change your email service provider and shift to a better and more reliable service provider where your data can be saved and protected.

Ways to ensure your email privacy

There are various ways with which you can protect your email and ensure the full safety of your message. These tips can be very helpful for people who use email as their regular mode of communication with their clients, friends, or business partners. Emails are a better way of protecting one’s privacy and at the same time communicating or sharing business or personal messages and information. 

Change passwords from time to time

One of the most important and common factors of keeping an email protected is by changing passwords from time to time. An ideal time should be 3 months, where the user should change their current password within a time span of 3 months. This will make sure the privacy of the email is maintained and the user will also feel confident about their email. 

You should always remember your password and not write it anywhere. Always remember to change your password from time to time and do not use the same password for all your accounts, always use different passwords from different accounts to make all accounts safe and secure.

Using strong password

Well, one should always change the password from time to time and along with this, they should also use strong passwords so that it becomes very hard for someone to crack that password. An ideal password should include upper case letters, lower case letters, numbers, and special characters, and should range between 8 to 16 characters. 

For protecting your passwords do not use your name or any other names based on your friends, family, pet, or school in your password. Hackers will always try to hack your email with these kinds of passwords. Always use a difficult password and remember it.

Be cautious while using public WiFi and PCS

If you are traveling somewhere and you are in urgent need of wifi or a public personal computer. For this you use public wifi or a public personal computer, you should always take precautionary measures to protect your email like signing out from the devices once your work is done and clearing the browsing history from history settings. 

If you don’t take these steps your email traces can be tracked by hackers which can be misused. Also while in the office always lock your desktop screen so that no one can use your device without knowing you. To lock your screen you can simply press the windows button and the ‘L’ key, this will automatically lock your screen.

Always protect your email address

Setting up an email account is easy but taking all the required steps to ensure its safety is the most important thing to do. To protect your email you should always keep your email address safe with you. You should not write your email address openly or share it with anyone as this can cause big trouble for you. You should never share your email address on social media, blogs,s or any post. 

If you do this, you will end up receiving an end number of emails every day which can also include emails from hackers. When you click on that email your all information will go to that hacker and he can easily steal all your information and important messages. You should also be aware of phishing emails that are targeted to hack the system of an email user.

Always encrypt sensitive emails

You should always encrypt sensitive emails for which you think that the information is very important and requires every possible protection. These are sensitive emails that are treated differently from normal emails. Losing these emails can cause a huge problem for the sender as well as the receiver of that email.

For this, you should always encrypt the message and inform the recipient that the message or email has been encrypted by you and tell them the encryption you have used. Also, do not send the encryption code via email or message as these can be easily tracked.

Always use personal and business emails with separate accounts

To keep your email safe and protected it is advisable to always maintain different accounts for your business and personal use. Never use your personal email for your business purposes and never use your professional email for your personal use. This can give the hackers an opportunity to hack both of your personal accounts.

Also, always try to use email as your formal mode of communication only. This way you can always protect your email from any kind of fraudulent activities. Along with this ensure to use two-step verification for your email to make your email extra protected. 

Email Privacy - Related FAQs

Ques: What is the Email Privacy?

Ans: Email Privacy is a tool that checks the emails on a webpage and protects the websites from any kind of email privacy issues. This tool ensures the safety of the emails by providing information about the incoming and outgoing on any site and also scans for spam mail in the folder. 

Ques: How do I put privacy on an email?

Ans: To ensure that your email is secure you have to take precautionary measures like using strong passwords, changing passwords frequently, encrypting sensitive emails, do not share your email address with everyone, keep your personal and professional email accounts separate. 

Ques: Are emails private and confidential?

Ans: Emails always seem private and confidential but they can be read or hacked by someone in transit before it reaches the recipient. So, it is advisable to always protect your email to ensure the safety of your information and messages. 

Ques: Can someone read my emails without me knowing?

Ans: Yes, if your email is not protected or maintained properly it can be hacked by hackers without you knowing. They can then misuse your information. You should always be careful while using public WiFi and Public Personal Computers (PPC) to keep your email safe and protected.

Ques: Which free email is best for privacy?

Ans: There are various email service providers which are considered best for privacy. Some of them include Zoho Mail, Proton Mail, GMX Mail, Trustifi, Mailfence, etc. To know more about this you can read the above article. 

Ques: Can someone hack your email with just your email address?

Ans: Yes, if a hacker knows your email address they can use a variety of techniques to hack your email. One of these technologies involves phishing emails where the hacker cans enter your phishing email and then hack your email by cracking your password.

Ques: What email gets hacked the most?

Ans: emails that are not protected, have very easy passwords, messages are not encrypted, etc have huge chances of getting their email hacked by the hackers. To know more about this you can read the above article.