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About Dummy Image Placeholder Generator

The composition of placeholder images is very crucial before the final submission of the topic in the marketplace. Although it is a burdensome method with the invention of the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool, doing so has become quite a simple and easy task. 

It provides features like dragging and dropping the files for the theme designers. It also allows you to develop a broad collection of placeholder pictures at once and an even more interesting thing about it is that the name of the generated placeholder images is the same as your reference images. 

In this article, we shall be discussing the features of the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator and how it is beneficial to people from different sectors. So let's get started with it. 

What is a Dummy Image placeholder Generator?

A Dummy Image placeholder Generator is a tool with the use of which you can generate images that can be utilized as a placeholder in web design. It is mostly used in web design to help in improving a site's visual attraction or create it more user-friendly. 

The Dummy Image Generator tool generates images that can help enhance the overall look of your website as it enables you to input the dimensions of the image you desire and then the tool itself will generate an image that will perfectly fit in the space. It makes your website look more elegant and professional. 

Features of Dummy Image Placeholder Generator 

Simplified and Intuitive Interface

Acquiring a simplified interface, the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool fervently offers an on-the-go browse choice for the users, with the use of which, one can easily upload multiple images at the exact time. 

Because this tool is constructed to confer an intuitive interface, that is why in the end it reduces the time and endeavors that are expected to fulfill the duties. You are presented with two solutions: “Browse” on the screen and "Drag & Fall". 

Available free of cost

Using the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator places no restrictions on the users. Also one of its bonus features is that this placeholder tool can assist you to make money out of your website or marketplace by enhancing its development. You can utilize this tool without having to pay a single penny. 

License-free Images

Another amazing feature of the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool is that the images generated using it are available as license-free and prevent copyright violations by confining a definite layout. 

Supports Multi Formats

The dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool is not limited to a single type of input format; it supports multiple image formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG & .GIF making it easier for the user to perform his or her task. 

Multiple Image Generation

Of the most useful features of this tool is that you can generate placeholder pictures in bulk even with the same names as cited in your reference image. It makes it easy to replace your actual images with the generated picture and then you can upload the same on a promotional marketplace to make money by selling your theme. 

 Develop dummy images with the same file names

The images generated with the use of this tool are converted without the file name being altered. So get started with it and experience the working of this remarkable tool. 

Auto Deletion Files From Server

Auto deletion mode is a feature of this tool where the system itself clears up the files regularly for ensuring the data safety of its users. The uploaded contents and files are kept in the system for only 24 hours. This helps build faith in the minds of the users. 

Steps to use Dummy Image Placeholder Generator 

To use this tool here are some simple steps to follow.

  • Firstly, open the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool.
  • In the Image, size box enters the width & size of the placeholder image you want.
  • In the "Image Format" box select the desired image format, supported formats are PNG, JPEG, WebP, JPG, and GIF.
  • From the "Design" section select the background color & text color you want for the image.
  • You are also provided with the "Custom Text" option where you can enter a text you want to appear on the text. 
  • In the image preview section, you can look at how the final image will appear. 
  • On clicking the Generate option the preview placeholder image will be displayed in the output box.
  • In the "Image link" box the link for the placeholder image will be displayed in the output box. 
  • When you're truly satisfied with the look of your image, click on the "Download Image" button to save it to your device.
  • Now your image is ready to be used as a placeholder and to be uploaded on your website. 

Benefits of Dummy Image Placeholder Generator 

There are several benefits of using a placeholder image, some of which are mentioned below. 

Saves time and efforts

Instead of expending time on finding or creating images, you can simply insert a placeholder image. This lets you concentrate on the design and layout of the webpage without being bothered about the images. The user does not have to log in, sign up or have to face any limitations to use this tool. 

It saves lots of time and effort which otherwise one might have to put in while using other online tools. You can create as many dummy images as you wish. You can transfer your images without even signing up for the software.

Test functionality

A Dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool can be used to exemplify the functionality of an application without facing the trouble to download or upload real images.

Create Visual balance

The Dummy Image Placeholder Generator Tool enables you to select the shape and size of the image placeholder, as well as the text that you wish to appear in the placeholder. Also, you can decide on the text color and the background, and put in a border if you prefer.

Improve website performance

Image placeholders generated by the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool can aid in improving your website's performance by decreasing the number of HTTP requests needed to load a webpage.


The Dummy Image Placeholder Generator is easy to use as it provides options for customizing the image colour and size. It helps you create placeholders for your image with less time. This tool can run on any device and the user does not have to install anything to use this tool. 

Consistent page layout

With the use of this tool, you can make sure that your web page layout is consistent. Placeholders can assist in better understanding and interpreting how images and their layout will proceed, resize, shape, and reflow with the change in the device or browser. 

Alternative for the original image

Placeholder images can be simply borrowed as a filler till the finalized image is available to be utilized. It can be used to depict information or data that has yet not been finalized or specified. 

A dummy Image Placeholder Generator can be used by:

Web Designers

This tool is the best option for web designers to operate their web tasks. When designing a website it's beneficial to use dummy images with the mentioned size. This reduces the chances of errors as the designer no longer has to guess the image size. 

It's important to keep in mind that along with the written content the style and design of the web content are required for the website page prepared before the image.

Website Owners

A website owner can use dummy images as a placeholder when the images you want aren't ready yet while developing a website or a landing webpage. This permits you to view how your elements will appear after being formatted on your page. 

With the use of this tool, you can easily and quickly generate dummy images for your designs to make sure your project keeps moving ahead. You can create dummy images with one color or go through the stock image menu to select the color of your choice. 

Web Developers

There are several purposes as to why placeholder images are employed in web development and design. It supports creating a visual balance on the screen or webpage. They also help to separate the texts and make the webpage or screen look more visually appealing. 

Placeholder images generated from the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool can be used for representing the data that has yet not been ready to input. The placeholder acts as an alternative until the required image is finalized. 


One of the most essential things when developing images for your blog is the file size. It may take more time for a page to load if it contains numerous large images. That's when the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator comes in handy. 

With the use of this tool, a blogger can generate placeholder images with the perfect size according to your requirement. You only have to enter the width and height that you need and the rest will be done by the tool. It allows for extensive personalization where you can choose and add the text, colors, borders, and also logo for your placeholder images. This can help you produce professional-looking images for your blog without taking much from you in return. 

Final Thoughts 

The dummy Image Placeholder Generator is a very beneficial online tool that helps you in creating and put placeholders into your web pages with ease. This is a convenient tool as you can use it to add images to your pages even if you don't have the image yet. With the use of this tool, you can instantly and easily create placeholders for your images while you find the appropriate image for your webpage. 

The dummy Image Placeholder Generator tool provides you with a variety of shapes and sizes to select from so that you can discover the right image for your webpage. You can also customize your image by adding text to it to make it appear attractive as well as easy to read. Moreover, it lets you experiment with borders and colors which adds style to the placeholder and makes it stand unique on your webpage. 

Across the board, the Dummy Image Placeholder Generator acts as an easy-to-use tool with features that aid you in quickly generating placeholders for your images.

Dummy Image Placeholder Generator - Related FQAs

Ques: What is a dummy image?

Ans: When you are designing a new website, it so often happens that your text is prepared way before your images. You can put your content on a web page with a dummy image and use dummy images as placeholders till you find the perfect images for the content. This way, you won’t have to halt the design process. You can simply obtain dummy images in any size you require. 

Ques: Do image placeholders slow down the loading pace of my website?

Ans: The generated images will imitate the images you plan on having on your website when it goes live, so it’s a promising way to analyze if they do decrease the loading pace of your web page. But if you notice that the site's loading speed is slower than it should be, you can utilize the JPEG and PNG compression tools to compress the images. 

Ques: Can I select a specific image using the dummy image generator? 

Ans: No, you cannot choose a specific image but you can select an image type. If you want an image of a cat, then the stock image generator will pick one image of a cat for you. You won't be able to select from a library of cat images.

Ques: Is the dummy image generator free to use? 

Ans: Yes. You can generate and download as various dummy images as you want. These images are prepared to improve the realism of your design, but you need to make sure to switch them with the actual images before going live. 

Ques: Can I generate any size for my dummy image?

Ans: Yes, you can generate any size for your dummy image by simply entering the values of weight and height of the image in the placeholder generator tool.

Ques: Can I color the dummy image generated from the tool?

Ans: Yes, you can select any color for the placeholder that you need. All you have to do is enter the RGB code or Hex Code in the tool's background or text color region.

Ques: How many dummy images can I generate and download?

Ans: This tool does not limitate you on how many dummy images you can generate and download. You are free to generate as many images as you want.

Ques: Why is a Placeholder image used?

Ans: Placeholder images are utilized as it is simple & quick to use with custom color, image, and dimension format while preparing designs. But before printing or going live one must make sure to replace it with a true image and proper dimensions.