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About Domain Authority Checker

When you're building a profile by using partner and donor sites and laying backlinks on them you need to make sure that it does spoil your reputation and is a good one. All sites have different rankings, this helps in identifying the quality sites to place backlinks on them. Google search engine can take action if you're found linked to some hostile sites thus lowering your position in the search engine result. 

The ranking is influenced by the purity of the domain. A system called Domain Authority (DA) is very effective in analyzing site content. There might be questions like the significance of this criterion, where it's used by search engines while ranking, how is the ranking influenced, and how you test the DA ranking. In this article, you'll find your answer as well as learn the method to improve your domain's authority. 

What is a domain authority checker?

Domain Authority is an SEO metric used to analyze a website's overall performance. It's a metric developed by Moz, which evaluates the possibility of your site's ranking in the search engine result pages(SERPs). The quality and quantity of links are the factors used to estimate the domain authority of a website. Its metric system is one of the most dependable tools for inferring the success of a website. 

Domain Authority is also known as Website Authority. It runs on a scale ranging from zero to a hundred. The higher the domain authority score the stronger and more authoritative the website is. Domain rating considers the quality and quantity of external backlinks of a website. 

Features of Domain Authority Checker

•Spam Score 

The Domain Authority Checker also provides results with spam scores. The metrics from this tool help in spotting genuinely high-quality websites and wiping out the spammy ones with suspicious linking tactics. 

•Page Authority 

Along with domain authority, you also access Page Authority. Page Authority is a metric used to predict the possibility of an individual webpage ranking chances on SEEPs. Improving the link profile is the most promising way to influence a page's authority for which getting external links from high-authority webpages makes your webpage trustworthy.

•IP address 

It displays the precise IP address of the sites and the location it's been regulated from. Through this, you can discover if an organization of websites is PBN or not. The IP address report will reveal every IP address of the backlinks to a site. Using this information you can figure out the number of backlinks arriving from a single IP address and how many are arriving from different countries.

•Bulk DA Checker 

The Domain Authority Checker allows users to test the domain authority of many domains all at once. Getting quality backlinks from reliable sites according to the relevant niche is an advantage. For a web owner or an SEO, it's needed to keep a check on the domain authority of sites for link building. The practice of a bulk Domain Authority checker tool is the best preference in such a case.

•Google Indexed Pages Checker 

Along with Domain, page authority scores, and spam scores, this tool also allows the checking of indexed pages for each domain. Indexation is a vital aspect before getting a backlink from a website as there are billions of websites some having higher domain authority scores despite being penalized by Google. 

•Download Excel Report 

After pasting the list of URLs to check the domain authority you can download the excel file of the checked URLs with just a click. This helps in keeping a record for yourself for future reference.  

•Improves SEO 

SEO is not only for determining the Google search engine ranking but it also influences your Domain Authority. Therefore it is important to keep your page fully optimized entailing title tags, image alt tags, meta description, and content. There are various SEO metrics to keep a close eye on SEO settings to outrank your competitors. 

Steps to use Domain Authority Checker

Below are some simple steps to use Domain Authority Checker tool.

  1. • Copy-paste the URL or the list of URLs in the bulk DA checker. 
  2. • Click on the "Check Authority" button.
  3. • The domain authority report will be shown along with the spam score. 
  4. • After you finish checking you can download and export the report by hitting on "Export as CVS" 
  5. • You can also try checking new URLs

Benefits of Domain Authority Checker

• Tracks SEO performance 

The overall site quality and SEO performance are very well measured by authority score. It takes into consideration the aspects like the total figure of referring domains denoting the site, follows and non-follow links denoting the sites, the number of outbound links from each referring domain, etc. 

• Having good backlinks

The vision of every marketing strategy is to generate passive traffic at their site for which having good backlinks is necessary. This also helps in increasing the ranking of the website. A quality backlink from a well-reputed domain authority is well-trusted by search engines. The higher the domain authority is the more profitable the backlink will be for your rankings. 

• Increase Traffic

Having more traffic increases your odds of having more people who visit your site from a link. But if your site is having a link with nil traffic that it won't help you much when it comes to ranking. Domain Authority Checker analysis your entire website and shows you a detailed report which can help you know about links bringing in no traffic and figuring out ways you can increase traffic to your site.

• Referring Domains

A widely linked site should be authoritative but since it's easy to manipulate links it isn't straightforward. It's practically not possible to consider quality over quantity. So you should watch out for the quality of the referring domains and check if it's the kind of links that you would want for your website. 

• Keywords Ranking

Keyword ranking is quite important for a site as it aids in the increase of SERP ranking leading to higher chances of getting more visitors to your site hence increasing the traffic. So if your site ranks well for keywords that it's expected to rank for, then it's a good sign. 

• Knowing your competitors

Domain Authority Checker is a tool that can help you evaluate the performance of your website against your competitors. The algorithm works on metrics like data from backlinks, search traffic, referring domains, etc to determine the authority score. It's an advantageous metric to learn about your site's health as well as about your competitors. 

Domain Authority Checker can be used by:

•SEO expert

It might be a question of curiosity to think why some competitors score higher on certain keywords. This could be because it has a higher domain authority. Google's algorithm work is quite tricky therefore SEO specialists constantly look for a structured yet simplified way to work towards better rankings and Moz's Domain Authority helps in doing so. 

•Web owner

For a web owner, it is necessary to know about the insights of the website and how well it is doing in search engines. Domain Authority helps in finding this information for a web owner. The score is expressed on a zero to hundred-point scale. The entire SEO structure of your website affects the score but mainly the strength of the link profile determines the score. 

•Bussiness owner

The Domain Authority Score helps a business owner build their brand name and create a website that will be most preferred by the customers and clients. The higher the domain authority score better its ranking and visibility rate. A lower score tells you about the areas that need improvement. 


For a website to achieve a good rank in SERPs it is crucial to have quality content along with good backlinks in the blog post of the site. Your blog will only rank high if its domain authority is high as it leads to an increase in the domain score. Domain Authority Checker is very useful for bloggers as it helps them monitor the backlinks at their website and also improves their ranking. 

Final Thoughts

Domain Authority Checker can be used to compare your website position with similar websites in your business. You can use it to learn if your marketing strategies are working or not. This tool helps you determine how your competitors are stacking up so you can strategize your brand position to win. It guides you to better domain authority sites in your niche so you can know where to look for quality backlinks. 

You can always choose to improve your domain authority by simply focusing on improving the factors that influence It. Quality backlinks and quality content are one of the factors. Links from other websites act like votes, more the votes your website receives higher will be its DA. It is also important to work on providing high-quality, distinctive, and relevant content as it aids I'm increasing the DA score of your website.  

Domain Authority Checker - Related FQAs

Ques: What is a good Domain authority score?

Ans: In simple words, the higher the "domain authority" of your website, the better. Domain authority is a relative metric therefore one should not judge DA scores in absolute terms. If your domain authority is higher than other sites in the same niche then you can consider it good. 

Ques: How to improve Domain Authority?

Ans: To improve Domain Authority you should get backlinks from unique websites or referring domains by doing so you can improve the Domain Authority Score of your website. 

Ques: what is Domain Authority?

Ans: Domain Authority is an SEO tool that estimates how well your website will perform in search engines. The score ranges from zero to a hundred suggesting how well your website is performing.  

Ques: How to increase Domain Authority Score?

Ans: Build relevant and quality links to your website, delete both bad inbound and outbound links, work on the SEO of your website, and build a user-friendly social profile. These are a few tips you can use to improve your domain authority score.  

Ques: Why do we need a domain authority checker?

Ans: Domain Authority refers to your website strength. In plain saying, it is an indicator used to estimate how well a website will rank for a given query. Domain Authority Checker tool is used to learn and identify the quality outreach targets.