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About Disavow File Generator

In the competitive world of the Internet, it is no doubt that standing at the top of the ranking website in search is difficult but what is more difficult is to maintain that ranking. If you have been running a website for a very long time, then there are huge chances that you have some unwanted, unnatural websites having bad reputations pointing to your website. These links can be harmful to your website resulting in decreased ranking by the Google algorithm. You can even get a manual unnatural links penalty. 

Now you might question, What are the bad links, and why should they be disavowed? With billions of websites on the Internet, every webmaster wants to get a better rank to gain maximum organic traffic. But having poor or toxic links from numerous websites results in decreased visibility of your website, and reduces traffic and your business. Here's the tool that answers your question- Disavow File Generator.

It allows web managers to inform Google not to consider certain links in particular harmful or toxic ones, and to point to your website, as a way to protect your website's SEO.

What is Disavow File Generator tool?

Introduced in October of 2012, the disavow a file generator is an online tool that allows you to ask Google not to count certain links that are directed to your site. You can simply enter the bad domains and URLs in the Disavow File Generator Tool to generate and download a disavow file which then you can submit to Google. This removes any confusion about which links are or are not your responsibility. 

However, it is advisable to disavow backlinks only if you have several spammy, top-quality, toxic links pointing to your website, which can result in manual action by Google on your website.

Features of Disavow File Generator

• Lighting-fast speed

This tool allows you to find out the backlinks with lightning-fast speed.  It’s a full suite of online marketing tools to disavow toxic links pointing to your website.

• Disavow file exporter

Once you’re satisfied with your disavow list, you can export the listed file in case you are thinking of keeping it for future reference and uploading it to Google webmaster.

• Disavow the backlink or the entire domain

This tool provides you will the option of choosing whether you only want to disavow the backlink page or the whole domain that links to your site. You can also add comments to the disavow list as it's helpful for future reference when you would want to edit or review your disavow file, avoiding confusion regarding what kind of site you were disavowing and why.

• Automatic backlink remover

Some Disavow File Generator provides you with the option of removing backlink through an automatic route. Remove the website you want to remove links from and upload it in the disavow link list. Advanced SEO Premium Tools like provide these kinds of URL lists automatically which you can remove directly from your URL list.

Benefits of using Disavow File Generator

• Protection from negative indexing

It is easy for google crawlers to identify the backlinks of your website if it's on some malicious online portal so google will red flag your website for indulging in unethical activities hence your website will have to face the consequences. This will lead to the downfall of your website ranking.

A disavow file generator prevents such a negative impact on your website. It generates a file that you can use as a webmaster to guide the crawlers. while going through the content of your website, they will ignore what you are expecting in this file.

• Preventing negative SEO

Some competitors use unethical ways to bring your website down, and that's by creating websites containing malware threats and other toxicity. They create backlinks pointing toward your website without letting your knowledge but this doesn't stay hidden from google crawlers. 

To deal with such problems you need to use a backlink checker tool. Report at Google if backlinking is done without informing you as it might pose possible threats, and damage your ranking. The Disavow file generator tool can help you in taking immediate action. Copy the links of websites that seem threatening and add them to in disavow file.

• Rank maintaining

Without the help of disavow file generator tool, you can't inform Google crawler of the exclusion or inclusion of a particular link. If you want to maintain the ranking of your website in a good position despite poor backlinks, this is the only tool to seek assist you. 

• Remedial

When the search quality or manual action of your website has been affected you can report googling specifying links you want it to ignore. Ignoring unnatural links pointing at your website can affect its reputation. This issue can be resolved by disavowing links for troubled pages. 

Steps to use Disavow File Generator tool

  1. • Open the Disavow File Generator tool.
  2. • The tool provides you will two options, enter the URL or enter the domain. You can also use the browse option to upload the file containing the URLs or domain. 
  3. • Your website will have both bad and good links, you need to find the bad ones using an online tool to perform a link audit. 
  4. • After listing the links spot the spammy links.
  5. • Upload the file consisting of the backlinks you have created. 
  6. • Once you have uploaded the file to disavow, click on Generate Disavow File button 
  7. • The tool generates a disavow file for you in text format and downloads it to your system.
  8. • Copy the file and paste it to your desired location.

Disavow File Generator tool is used by

• Webmaster or designer 

The creation of malicious backlinks is bad for companies. Disavow File Generator tool prevents its harmful effects from continuing. It helps notify google regarding certain backlinks which pose a threat to the website. This tool increases the webmaster's control over the links google uses to rank and penalize a website.

• Business owners

It often happens that due to spammy links built by SEO agencies business websites are penalized, and it suffers huge damage.  Therefore monitoring your backlinks is a crucial aspect of SEO,  as it determines your growth. This is the reason ensuring that backlinks to your website are high-quality and trustworthy will encourage Google to improve your search engine ranking, benefitting small and large businesses.


Every website owner should educate themselves on the process of disavowing backlinks because if you don't do it right you might damage your SEO. Disavow File Generator tool boosts your website ranking and also searching users will find you better in the search engines. As your SEO improves you will see more traffic to your website, providing you with the chance to gain high-quality backlinks, and enhancing your website visibility. As much as it is important to draw in quality links, it’s just as important to discard bad ones. 

Disavow File Generator tool - Related FQAs

Ques: How long does take to disavow links?

Ans: It takes usually 48 hours for Google to notice a newly uploaded Disavow File. After that, it takes multiple weeks until Google re-crawls your disavow links.

Ques: How do I submit a Disavow file to Google?

Ans: First of all, you need to create a list of links to disavow. You can submit documents only up to 2MB so if you have many backlinks make sure to spilt your folder. Then you can upload the list at the disavow file generator's dialogue box.

Ques: When should I submit a disavow file?

Ans: when you see a downfall in your ranking recently,  or you think that it might in the future, or if you are given a penalty warning by Google then it’s probably a good idea for you to consider submitting a Disavow file.

Ques: Is it possible to undo a link disavow?

Ans: If, mistakenly, you have added your valuable links in Google's Disavow File and uploaded them on Google Disavow Tool. You can undo a link disavow by modifying your Disavow File and uploading it again.

Although it can be said as certain that Google with considers the modification. Therefore it's important to do a thorough audit of each domain or URL before adding it to a Disavow File.