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When you visit any website or video, what grabs your attention? Right Color? The engaging images and appropriate color immediately draw attention. The viewer's senses are visually stimulated. Do you recall the cozy sensation of the color red or how wonderful the color green makes you feel?

 A color picker is useful because it may help you determine how color affects your feelings and actions. The color picker tool makes it easier for us to achieve the perfect hue when it's all we're after.

Your photo or website can benefit visually from the use of the ideal online color picker tool. It aids in enhancing your viewpoints and assisting you in selecting the ideal hue for your intended audience.

The various sorts of color theories will be explained in this blog.

 What is a Color Theory?

You must be conversant with the principles of color theory in order to choose the appropriate color. Although it is related to the human senses, color theory is not a scientific theory. When examining various color combinations, color theory is ideal for identifying the most appealing visual variety or shade.

The color wheel is quite helpful in comprehending color theory. The wheel's arranged colors make it possible for graphic and web designers to choose the ideal palette to increase brand recognition and elicit the desired reaction or perception from visitors.

What is a Color Picker?

Have you ever been working on a project when you wanted to utilize specific color? If so, where did you find that shade?

You must utilize the same color if you want to maintain consistency between brands, which each use a certain palette of hues. Finding a color, however, might be challenging for some people. Therefore, Color Picker is here to save you from trouble.

With the aid of a tool called Color Picker, users can select a specific color from a reference image or web page. Normally, we have to look through the colors to find them, but when utilizing the Color Picker tool, the situation is quite different. To select the desired color, you must upload a source image to the Color Picker tool. The color information will appear right away in the online Color Picker tool. Either duplicate it or distribute it.

What is the Purpose of Color Picker?

To choose and modify color values, utilize a color picker. Instead of typing in alphanumeric text values, users select colors in graphic design and picture editing by using an interface that displays a color's visual representation in quasi-perceptually appropriate hue, saturation, and lightness dimensions (HSL). Numerous interfaces make an effort to explain the relationships between colors because color appearance depends on the comparison of nearby hues (see color vision).

How Color Picker Tool Works?

A color picker is used by designers all over the world because of its simplicity and usability. It completes the most excellent duties in a matter of seconds. Additionally, it is simple to use and does not require any design skills.

Let's imagine you want to replicate an image's colors because you like them. The color picker allows you to submit an image or its URL. The pointer must be moved to the desired color before being clicked. It will immediately show all the color information, including the HTML, HSV, and RGB codes.

Today, a variety of color pickers with editing capabilities are available online for unlimited usage.

What are the various types of Color pickers?

Let's explore the several color pickers that are practical and simple to use. 

HTML Color Picker

Color Pickers display the color data in a variety of codes. One of them contains HTML code that uses the colors red, green, and blue to display color.

For reference, RR255, GG255, and BB255 are represented by the six-digit code FFFFFF. The first two digits are therefore for red, the next two are for green, and the final two are for blue.

With an HTML color picker, users may see the HTML code for any color. In order to use the code and construct our website with the ideal colors, we occasionally require the HTML color picker.

Although websites mainly use HTML color codes, the great majority of graphic tools use RGB. Use HTML codes if you wish to recommend appropriate colors to a possible client. You may display and offer names for a wide range of colors with HTML Color Picker.

HEX Color Picker

Hexadecimal, also known as HEX, is a six-digit code that represents colors. The code is alphanumeric and looks like #BB3B35. Using a HEX Color Picker, quickly get the HEX code of a particular color.

These resources are frequently used in web design. Utilizing a range of web color picker programs will make it straightforward to discover the HEX codes. The HEX color picker is used by the majority of application and software designers to locate the ideal color picker for their projects.

Simply upload an image and select the area of the image that contains the desired color. When you click, the red, blue, and green hues are represented by the HEX code.

RGB Color Picker

Around 16 million hues can be recognized by the Red, Green, and Blue (RGB) Color Picker. Almost any color may be remembered using RGB Color Picker.

 If you're trying to find the RGB code for the videos, use an RGB color picker. In order to obtain the color's code, upload an image or paste the URL into the color picker tool.

When choosing colors and developing color schemes, online color picker tools are useful. They are useful, especially when working on a digital image, or website, or when one needs to know the color code of a specific shade on the screen, and can be found within graphics software or online.

If you're looking for an open-source tool to complete the work, you should be familiar with PowerPoint's ColorPicker.

ColorPicker, which was written in C#, allows it easy to generate, modify, and experiment with unique colors for the web.

You must upload an image or URL to the HTML online Color Picker in order to learn the HTML color code. The color code will appear as your cursor moves over the image.

How can you find the Color Code of any Element with Color Picker?

Color Picker cannot be moved and its installation cannot be directed. You'll see a pop-up window stating that ColorPicker is installed. Click the Let's Go button to get started. Although the application comes with a tray icon, choosing a color does not require it.

Do you have any questions regarding how to utilize it? Control + Pause/Break is the hotkey you must press to activate it. Don't be misled by the interface's statement that the program's hotkey is LeftCtrl + Cancel. Ctrl + Break is what it means.

Following the keyboard shortcut hit, a box will show up directly below your mouse pointer. All across the screen, move it. The color under the cursor will be previewed in the first half of the box. The color code is presented on the other half. The software will transfer the color code value to the clipboard when you click on the screen. Use it with image editing software or paste it into a text editor to find out what it is. Isn't that easy?

What can you do with Color Picker?


  • Ø  Photos
  • Ø  Icons
  • Ø  templates


  • Ø  Quick resizing
  • Ø  Preset Sizes
  • Ø  Google Fonts
  • Ø  Font Uploads


  • Ø  Image Adjustments
  • Ø  Photo Adjustments

Who can use Color Picker?

  • Bloggers
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Content creators
  • Graphic designers
  • Web developers
  • Fashion designers
  • Corporate people
  • Architects


Q. Differentiate between fill with color and color picker?

Ans. The foreground color changes when you choose a color using the Color Picker tool. You must choose the "Fill with color" tool in order to use the new color.

Q. How can you match colors?

Ans. Similar in brightness and color, complementary colors always go nicely together. Green and pink, purple and yellow, and blue and orange are some common complementing pairings.

Q. How to use Color Picker extensions?

Ans. Color Picker: Move the color markers about the palette by clicking and dragging the mouse. The boxes below the palette display the available color options together with their corresponding Hex code values. Additionally, the color picker will display the colors in several forms (i.e., HEX, RGB, HSV, HSL, CMYK).

Q. Can you pick a color of any object in paint?

Ans. Any color in an image can be matched using the Color Picker Tool. Step 2: Using the color picker tool, select a color from the image. The color option that is currently selected by default will reflect the chosen color. Additionally, the paint bucket tool will choose the chosen color automatically.