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About Code Difference Comparison Tool

Have you ever thought about why we compare anything? The answer is simple, by comparing things we judge their similarities and differences based on which our decisions are formed. The same reason goes for code comparison. By comparing different codes we learn about their qualities and details reaching an accurate decision. 

But what is code comparison? Code comparison is a comparison of two or more source codes and it has 2 purposes: acknowledging the formation of codes and discovering their similarities and differences. 

Comparing identical files between two versions is a stressful task as there can be lot many slight modifications in them that are beyond the observation capacity of any human. Doing it manually can be exhausting as it is time-consuming and there is no guarantee of it being 100% successful. To solve this problem we have a tool called Code Difference Comparison. 

What is Code Difference Comparison Tool?

Code Difference Comparison is a tool that is designed to compare and merge varying folders and files. This tool integrates with all well-known source control systems like Perforce, Git, TFS, Mercurial, and SVN. Code compare is shipped as a Visual Studio extension as well as a Standalone File diff tool. 

Code Difference Comparison Tool not only allows you to compare but also merge various source code files. It compares tools for Windows which then is easily integrated into Visual Studio allowing you to focus on your current tasks. 

Features of Code Difference Comparison Tool 

Visual Studio Integration

Visual Studio is an extension feature that allows you smooth integration. Integration with Visual Studio brings about the opportunity to perform all operations in a single project context by the Visual Studio editor. This helps in the simultaneous merging and development of content or text. 

Standalone Version

The standalone version of Code Compare supports you with your sources without any pre-installation and supplementary environment. This gives you higher application performance. The standalone version of the file difference tool also supports the most well-known programming languages like Java, PHP, Delphi, etc. 

Code Compare 

Code compare can be integrated easily into any version control system that aids external comparators. You can also set up code compare as a merge and comparison tool by taking the help of the command line. 

Text Comparison and Merging

This tool helps compare text, highlights the changes within lines, and shows colored blocks for inserted, modified, and erased text. You can also merge text with just point and click using the merging shortcuts. Collapsing of unchanged regions of text is also a pro feature of this tool liked by most people. 

Code Review Support

Code Review allows you to see comments while comparing source file revisions. It lets you judge added review comments from the particular file comparison document, highlighting the review comments of the coding section. This feature functions in combination with Review Assistant. 

Three-Way Comparison and Automatic Merging

This tool will also surprise you with its three-way comparison panes with vertical and horizontal layouts. As a merging tool for conflicting file revisions, it integrates with the version control system. The non-conflicting modifications are merged automatically while the merged conflicts are highlighted. 

Entire hierarchies comparison

The utility is compared with the advanced difference directories. It provides you with filtering options for including or excluding particular file types. 

Advanced diff directories compare utility. It enables instant access to individual files to compare documents. For better comparison result destination it has a display option.    

Files Support

A code compare tool is a promising tool as it makes it uncomplicated to compare two files and codes. This feature provides you with an option to compare text files of various formats including Text files, PDF, DOC, DOCX, XML, JSON, Source Code, or any other binary files.

Steps to use Code Difference Comparison Tool 

Below are some simple steps for comparing code or text in any code diff comparison tool, although some may take lengthier steps because of additional features. 

  1. • Firstly, open the code comparison tool.
  2. • Paste the first code or text file in the first column or master text box & paste the second code or text file i.e. with which you want to compare, in the second text box. 
  3. • Next, select diff view type you want, whether side-by-side or inline. 
  4. • Click on the submit button.  
  5. • In case of a difference between any lines of text files or the two codes, it will be highlighted.
  6. • Save options are provided in the tools, using which you can save files for further use.

Benefits of using the Code Difference Comparison Tool 

Saves time and efforts

This tool is advantageous as it saves time and effort. Reading two texts over and over to spot the differences can be a lot of time-consuming but using Code Difference Comparison Tool can reduce human efforts and act as a time saver. You simply have to copy and paste the texts and the report will be displayed within seconds. 

Claiming your right to a source code

You can use this tool to claim your rights to a source code if you doubt someone using your source code on their website without your consent. It will immediately spot the similarities if there are any and notify you if the source code has been partially or entirely copied or not.

Faultless Comparisons

Manually comparing the files can be inaccurate and also exhausting as humans tend to make errors. It is practically not possible for a person to compare each line of code and point out the similarities and differences line by line. While on the other hand, an automated comparison tool not only compares the files at a faster rate but also presents the statistical data for the difference and similarities in a clear format, without any chance for mistakes. 

Code Correction

In software development, even a minor alteration or switch in the code leads to the code not being assembled or an irreversible error. It often occurs when an unskilled person inspects the code by fault. To detect and rectify such alterations in the code, comparison tools can be utilized which will assist you to discover the precise location of the code change. 

Multiple Format Comparisons

Code Difference Comparison Tool is not restricted to a single format. You can compare PDF, XML, Word, HTML, and other code formats with the help of this single tool. It feeds you with an all-in-one comparison facility. 

Commenting Capability

Text comparison tools often come along with a comment facility using which you can put in your comments heeding significant differences between the two files. It acts as a helping tool for the developers for future projects to recall the changes made in the last versions without requiring them to look back at the comparison report in depth. 

Reporting Capability

Accurate reports are generated by using Code Difference Comparison Tool. These reports include statistical data of the comparison made in a graphical form with several perspectives of comparison such as similarity percentage, the total number of words or lines with their location, etc, displayed in the report. These reports make it easier for any person to quickly catch up with the piece of code that he wants to view and improve. 

Code Difference Comparison Tool can be used by:

Web Designers

It takes a considerable amount of time for an HTML text in the source code to attain perfection. But a slight mistake can ruin the hardship and result in false information appearing on the website page. A web designer invests a lot of time in perfecting a single webpage. 

It is unfair if their work is taken by someone else without giving credit to the original owner, that's when Code Difference Comparison Tool can come in handy. It shows the similarities between two codes or texts allowing you to judge if your work has been robbed or not. 


The programmer has to read the same content several times and they often come across the same type of code written slightly in a different way. This tool makes it easy for programmers to compare different codes with standard versions while only the similarities are highlighted. 

It is a fast way to get the comparison work done by finding errors in the code by comparing it with its original. On comparing with the standard version, it will highlight the errors and it can be wiped out on command. 


It is noticed that the majority of school and college projects are duplicated as many students copy projects from the internet or other peers. This tool can help the teachers to detect if given work had been plagiarised.  

As a teacher, it is expected that you will have information on all sites where source code can be attained. You can use this tool to examine the student's projects with these websites to confirm that it's 100% original or not. 


Like teachers, students too can benefit from this tool by making necessary adjustments. If they're making use of a certain source code from an already existing webpage while building their project it is important to modify it completely before submission. By comparing it using this tool you can ensure that the code is not comparable to its original. 

SEO Professionals

SEO professionals need to remain ahead of their competitors. To achieve the goal market strategies and website design plays crucial roles. Alongside Search engine optimization, SEO experts need to be attentive to the strategies adopted by their competitors. It is essential to check the source codes if even a slightly similar change is detected on any competitor's website. 

Web developer

Web developers put in a lot of their time and effort to build a website with the expected features by users. Copying the same content and pasting it on Nother website with slight modifications is considered thievery. 

Therefore, web developer needs to keep a close eye on their competitors, especially the ones that are doubtful of coping strategy. Whether it is source code or SEO processes for text files, it can be easily traced by users who have utilized the same. 

Websites Owner

Website owners are also dutiful owners of the code as they pay a certain amount to web designers and developers so their ideas become that of the site owner. It is the responsibility of the website owner to keep an eye on its competitors and check the code source online if there are any type of similarities detected on their competitor's websites. 


For a blogger, it is very crucial to plagiarise content. This tool helps you to compare your source code as well as text along with the suspicious text that you doubt has similarities with your content. Plagiarism can be risky as search engine crawlers index several website contents on their databases. 

Pages with content having higher chances of a better rating are conserved while the rest are rejected. This tool will help you in creating better and unique content and avoid plagiarism. 

Final Thoughts

Code Difference Comparison Tool provides an effortless way to highlight the dissimilarities between the two inputted texts. It's a user-friendly tool, one only has to input the texts into the two separate boxes provided and can view the output immediately. The modified section is highlighted and graphically displayed between the two text areas. You can also choose to view the difference between the two inputted texts in characters, words or lines. 

This is a data comparison tool that calculates and presents the difference between two separate content, displaying the modifications in a standard format that is understandable to both humans as well as machines. 

Code Difference Comparison Tool-related FQAs

Ques: Why should I use Code Difference Comparison Tool?

Ans: This tool is will help you to avoid plagiarism. You simply have to copy the two texts you want to compare and the tool will display to you what sections are plagiarised. If your content is found on other sites and plagiarised it will bring less traffic to your site that's when this tool can come in handy. 

Ques: What are the benefits of using a code difference comparison tool?

Ans: This tool ensures detailed copy through automated proofreading technology, without the necessity for manual proofreading and analyses. Code comparison tools let users detect every inconsistency between the two codes or text files, despite it being minor, in a matter of seconds.

Ques: Will my inputted documents be shared?

Ans: All the uploaded data onto our program is secured. Users' privacy is considered of the utmost importance. The uploaded data is encrypted and the text can only be viewed by the user who has uploaded the text.

Ques: Why do we need to compare the codes?

Ans:  Code comparison is important to understand the pattern of the codes and to obtain and reveal the similarities and dissimilarities between the two separate source codes.

Ques: Is it possible to share the comparison report with others?

Ans: The user can choose to share the comparison report with others. After downloading the report in PDF form the user can share it by clicking on the share button and copying the URL of the content. They can also affix the URL along with the email and mail it via different message-sending services.

Ques: What do comparison tool reports include?

Ans: The comparison tool report identifies the area of similarities between the two contents. The report comprises the percentage of similarities between the two files. A similarity score is generated to give the user an idea about the duplicated content.